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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT New Year's Evil (6th January 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 07, 2021 09:00 IST

Can Kyle O'Reilly dethrone Finn Balor to win his first singles gold in NXT?


08:44 (IST)7 JAN 2021

08:43 (IST)7 JAN 2021

And that's all from tonight's New Year's Evil! I hope you all enjoyed it - I know I did! Enjoy the rest of your nights, stay safe out there, try not to get depressed by the news, and I'll see you all next week! 

Until then... I'm outta here.

08:41 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Let's take a look at our match results.

NXT Champion Finn Balor defeated Kyle O'Reilly
Kushida and Shotzi Blackheart defeat Candice Larae and Johnny Gargano
Raquel Gonzalez defeats Rhea Ripley
Xia Li defeats... someone in a mask.
Santos Escobar defeats Gran Metalik
Karrion Kross defeats Damian Priest

08:39 (IST)7 JAN 2021

The rest of Undisputed ERA come out to check on their teammate... and Balor approaches the corner Kyle is sitting in. No handshake but you can tell there's a gesture of respect there. 

And that's our show.

08:36 (IST)7 JAN 2021

I don't know what that hold was called, but Balor gets the submission win!

RESULT: Finn Balor defeats Kyle O'Reilly

08:35 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Balor kicks a charging O'Reilly right in the liver.

08:35 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Kyle tries to slap a vicious back armbar on a bloody Finn, by the champ gets to the ropes.

08:34 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Dropkick turnbuckle by Finn, and the champ climbs to the top rope. O'Reilly kicks him down.

08:33 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Balor with a vicious crossface on O'Reilly , but the former NXT tag champ punches his way free

08:32 (IST)7 JAN 2021

O'Reilly just manages to avoid getting counted out by one second, and then manages to get a vicious ankle lock on the champ. However, Finn knocks him in the injured jaw to break the hold.

08:30 (IST)7 JAN 2021

08:29 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Balor with a stiff shot to O'Reilly's jaw, a reversal from their original bout. 

Kyle withstands the attacks and manages to get a reversal and starts to lay his own pressure on the champ.

08:28 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Our main event! And so far, this is as hard hitting and intense as their previous match.

Balor has been keeping the pressure on O'Reilly, especially with the submission moves. In fact, Kyle has to grab the bottom rope with his TEETH in order to break up a hold.

08:15 (IST)7 JAN 2021

William Regal announces that we'll soon be seeing the WOMEN's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

08:13 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Apparently NXT will be holding a live special on Valentine's Day.

08:11 (IST)7 JAN 2021

08:11 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Austin Theory climbs to the top rope to distract the ref, but Kushida knocks him down into the corner. Gargano charges at Kushida, but the Japanese superstar hip tosses him into Theory - and his forehead lands right onto Austin's crotch! That's two nut shots in one night!

Kushida rolls up Gargano and gets the win for his team!

RESULT: Kushida and Shotzi Blackheart defeat Candice Larae and Johnny Gargano

08:08 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Kushida and Larae find themselves alone in the ring and they nearly come to blows. Shotzi hits the ring and soon she and the Back to the Future superfan are double teaming their opponents.

08:05 (IST)7 JAN 2021

08:02 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Dexter Lumis is out now, in his fancy jacket and, as the host - and via one of his drawings - announces a match - Gargano and Larae vs Kushia and Shotzi in a mixed tag match!

08:01 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Shotzi hits the ring and begins to throw down with both Indi and Candice. Johnny comes into the ring to help out, but suddenly KUSHIDA IS HERE! He helps fight off the rest until it's him and Shotzi in the ring.,

08:00 (IST)7 JAN 2021

After Austin Theory and Indi Wrestling present the couple with a drawing of all four of them as the Fantastic Four. Then, Johnny announces that he and Theory will be entering the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. 

Shotzi Blackheart interrupts the proceedings with her tank. Theory storms up the ramp to confront her, and Shotzi fires a projectile from her tank right into Theory's junk.

07:56 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Johnny Gargano is back in the ring and discussing the "Gargano Curse" and namedrops Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns.

Candice presents him a plaque celebrating the ending of the "curse."

07:49 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:49 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:48 (IST)7 JAN 2021

The Garganos are on their way to the show with a police escort.

07:47 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Gonzalez chokeslams Ripley through the stage floor! The referee is counting... Gonzalez is on her feet! And she makes it up and Ripley doesn't! Raquel wins!

RESULT: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Rhea Ripley

07:45 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:45 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Ripley has Gonzalez in the inverted Cloverleaf... and even uses a steel chair to enhance it!

Still, it's Last Women Standing, so no submissions.

07:43 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Ripley smashes Kai in the head with a backstage locker door and then STUFFS HER IN THE LOCK! HIGH SCHOOL FLASHBACKS!

07:43 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Dakota Kai is out here with a kendo stick and blasts Ripley in the back!

Ripley manages to fight them BOTH off and she has SNAPPED

07:42 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Ripley dives onto Gonzalez through a table! DAAAAAAAAMN

07:40 (IST)7 JAN 2021

The two are backstage and Ripley manages to toss Gonzalez through the glass of a hallway door.

07:39 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Back from break and Gonzalez has Ripley up on the top stage and nails her with the steel step!

07:35 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:35 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:34 (IST)7 JAN 2021


07:33 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Following a chair shot to Ripley's guy after the former NXT Women's champion leaps at her from the steel steps, Rhea grabs a pair of handcuffs and attaches Raquel to the chain link fence.

07:30 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:29 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:28 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Bronson Reed is putting NXT on notice, you guys!

He also thinks Rhea Ripley will beat Raquel Gonzalez in this upcoming Last Woman Standing match.

07:26 (IST)7 JAN 2021

No Fight Pit match between Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa won't happen tonight as Timmy has a boo boo.

07:25 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Xia Li and BOA head to the top of the ramp and bow respectfully to a figure dressed as Bray Wyatt as Sister Abigail in a throne.

07:24 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Well, that was quick.

RESULT: Xia Li defeats... whoever that was.

07:23 (IST)7 JAN 2021

07:22 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Back from break and Xia Li and BOA are here. BOA is in a nice suit and it looks like Xia is ready for in-ring action, and she's taking on... I dunno who that is but she's wearing a lot of pink.

07:14 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Gran Metalik is sitting on the top turnbuckle, and Escobar nearly rips Metalik mask off.

It's enough time for a Legado Driver and a win.

RESULT: Santos Escobar defeats Gran Metalik

07:12 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Metalik springboards off the top but Escobar catches him with a jumping knee strike,

07:11 (IST)7 JAN 2021

Escobar has the upper hand, but Metalik dodges a charge from the champ, then hits him with a Sling Blade followed by a diving senton off the ropes to the arena floor.
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