WWE NXT Stand and Deliver Live Results (April 1, 2023) A former NXT faction unites, new NXT Champion, and more

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19:52 (GMT)1 APR 2023

19:50 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Full Results for NXT Stand & Deliver for 1 April 2023.
Chase University and Tyler Bate defeat the Schism by pin.
Indi Hartwell defeats Roxanne Perez, Zoey Stark, Lyra Valkyria, Gigi Dolin, and Tiffany Stratton by retrieving the title.
Gallus defeats the D'Angelo Family (Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo) and the Creeds by pin.
Wes Lee defeats Dragon Lee, Ilja Dragunov, JD McDonagh, and Axiom by pin.
Johnny Gargano defeats Grayson Waller by pin.
Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre defeat Kiana James and Fallon Henley by pin.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Bron Breakker by pin.

19:42 (GMT)1 APR 2023

19:42 (GMT)1 APR 2023

As Carmelo and Trick celebrate in the ring, Bron grabs the title from the ref. He hands it to Carmelo and the two shake hands in congratulations. 

19:38 (GMT)1 APR 2023

He locks Carmelo Hayes in the Steiner Recliner, and Hayes taps out. With the ref passed out, it doesn't matter. Trick then comes out and blasts Bron with the title. Bron kicks out of the pin attempt. Bron lifts him for the Gorilla Press Slam, but Carmelo counters it into a facebuster. He goes to the top and hits the leg drop for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Bron Breakker by pin.

19:36 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Melo hits a series of moves, including a Pump Kick that sends the Champ to the ring apron. Melo adds a rope-assisted suplex for a close call. Hayes goes to the top for a move but Bron runs up and lands a Hurricanrana to even the odds. The two exchange strikes and then some counters until Bron slams Carmelo. Melo then counters into a Crossface but Breakker ends it with a pin attempt. Bron then inadvertently spears Melo into the referee.

19:31 (GMT)1 APR 2023

After Bron has control, Melo gets in some offense, including some strikes in the corner and a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Melo locks in an armbar on the Champion. The two exchange chops until Bron hits a shoulder block and a sidewalk slam. Bron goes for another move but Trick Williams interferes, as usual, to pull Hayes down. The ref sees it and ejects Trick (as he should). Bron then hits a Tope Con Giro on both men followed by a top-rope Bulldog for a two-count.

19:25 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Both men do some posturing and taunting early on. Bron lands the first shot with a shoulder block. Melo goes for a move off the ropes but trips. He recovers and hits a jumping clothesline that is shrugged off by Bron. Bron then mocks Melo's simulation of taking a shot. Bron then hits a Frankensteiner and a standing moonsault for a near fall.

19:18 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Melo is introduced by Trick Williams. Melo then comes out dressed in Lakers' purple and yellow. He's from Boston and that is sacrilege!!

19:14 (GMT)1 APR 2023

19:07 (GMT)1 APR 2023

19:06 (GMT)1 APR 2023

James tries to grab the bag that Brooks Jensen is holding. Briggs and Henley tell him to not give her the bag. Fyre and Dawn take advantage and hit a Backstabber/Swanton combo for the win.
Result - Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre defeat Fallon Henley and Kiana James by pin. 

19:04 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Alba gets knocked off the top buckle, allowing Henley to hit a Blockbuster off the middle rope. Fyre tags in and the challengers hit a Gory Bomb/Sister Abigail combo but James breaks up the pin. The challengers go for a double suplex but James breaks it up. They hit a Doomsday Device dropkick for a near fall. Kiana goes for a suplex but Alba rakes her eyes. Isla tags in and hits a move for a near fall. 

19:02 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Fyre gets a near fall on Henley. Henley is dressed like Anna Jay. Both women fall after Henley decks Alba. She makes the tag to Kiana James. She hits a moonsault on the outside on both of the challengers. James hits a side suplex for a two-count. Henley tags in and hits an X Factor. She goes for another move but Isla Dawn pulls Henley's hair while the ref isn't looking.

18:53 (GMT)1 APR 2023

18:52 (GMT)1 APR 2023

18:51 (GMT)1 APR 2023

18:51 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Johnny and Candice celebrate up the entrance ramp until they are joined by Dexter Lumis and new NXT Women's Champion Indi Hartwell. After that segment, Pretty Deadly rubs the loss in Tony D'Angelo and Stacks' faces. Stacks keeps saying that he let the family down but Tony D says it's a team effort. Looks like a match for Tuesday.

18:48 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Gargano tries to stand Waller up but Waller hits him with a low blow. He hits his rolling cutter in the ring but Gargano kicks out. The Aussie gets a chair and blasts Johnny with it several times. He trash-talks Gargs but then Gargs hits Waller with a low blow and some chair shots. Gargano blasts Waller with a chair to the head and a chair around his neck. He taps him out with the GargaNo Escape.
Result - Johnny Gargano defeats Grayson Waller by submission.

18:44 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Grayson then clears off the announce table and puts Gargano on top of it with a chair on Gargano. Waller climbs the buckle but Gargano tosses a chair in Waller's face. He powerbombs Waller through the table. The table didn't give right away. Ouch.

18:43 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Gargano hits One Final Beat but Waller kicks out. He locks in GargaNo Escape submission but Waller thumbs Gargano in the eyes. Waller lands a jumping Unprettier on Gargano. Waller puts the trashcan on Gargano's head and hits a Coast to Coast kick for a near fall.

18:40 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Waller takes control of the action after some chair shots to Gargano's ribs. He then hits a side suplex on a chair for a near fall. He then hits Gargano with a Kendo stick before trolling Candice ringside. He pounds on Johnny in front of Candice. Gargano recovers and gives the Kendo Stick to Candice and she blasts Waller with it several times. 

18:38 (GMT)1 APR 2023

18:37 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Gargano sets up a table on the outside. He goes for another suplex, but Waller stops him. Gargano attempts another slingshot spear but Waller blasts him with a knee. Grayson then trolls HBK by "tuning up the band" for a superkick, but Gargs catches it. Waller recovers and goes for a sliding punch on the outside, but Grayson hits a steel chair instead. Gargano hits a Canadian Destroyer off the apron. Gargano puts Waller on the table but he rolls off. Waller hits his rolling cutter before power-bombing Gargano through the table.

18:33 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Gargano tosses some weapons into the ring before hitting a slingshot spear. He sets up a trash can in the corner before clotheslining Waller over the top rope. He goes for another suicide dive but Waller hits him with a trashcan lid. He then gets a chair and hits Gargano in the ribs with it. Grayson sets up a few chairs on the outside for something. Waller attempts to suplex Johnny onto the chairs, but the action spills back inside the ring. After some counters, Waller sends Gargano onto the trashcan in the corner. Gargano recovers and both men go through the chairs after a suplex.

18:30 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Before Gargano takes off his vest, Waller tries to hit him with a chair. Gargano expected it, hitting Waller with a superkick. Gargano hits a suicide dive on Waller before tossing Waller over the table and into Booker T. Waller walks down Vic Joseph before Gargano hits him with a strike.

18:27 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Candice LeRae is in the front row with Baby Wrestling, and Waller makes sure to get a shot of them on his IG Live.

18:26 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Before the unsanctioned match, Grayson Waller is of course live on Instagram before his entrance. He yells at Shawn Michaels before he makes his entrance.

18:22 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Pretty Deadly shows up in front of Carmelo Hayes' locker room. Trick Williams comes out because Elton and Kit were too loud. Trick says that today they're gonna be "wrestling with an alligator" and some other weird stuff before complimenting Elton's jacket. Trick and Elton are wearing the same jacket.

18:17 (GMT)1 APR 2023

18:17 (GMT)1 APR 2023

18:16 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Dragon and Wes neutralize Ilja with chops and kicks. Ilja drops Wes with a kick but Dragon hits a jumping knee. Ilja recovers and hits a clothesline on Dragon Lee. Ilja goes for his finisher but Wes Lee sets up the Cardiac Kick on Ilja to retain his title.
Result - Wes Lee defeats Dragon Lee, Ilja Dragunov, JD McDonagh, and Axiom by pin.

18:14 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Lee tries to hit a Hurricanrana on Dragon Lee but he catches him and hits a Last Ride Powerbomb for a two-count. McDonagh hits a standing moonsault on top of Dragon Lee, but Axiom breaks up the pin. Axiom hits a Springboard DDT off the ropes for a very close call. Dragon Lee hits a running Hurricanrana over the top on JD. Ilja recovers and hits a superplex on Axiom. He follows it up with his jumping elbow, but the Lees break up the pin.

18:11 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Wes goes for his finisher but Axiom hit the Golden Ratio instead. JD goes for a move but Dragon Lee hits a snap German Suplex. Ilja recovers and hits a slam on Dragon Lee. Wes breaks up the pin and hits a flip kick on Ilja for a near fall. 

18:10 (GMT)1 APR 2023

JD and Ilja bash heads. Dragon Lee recovers and gets a choke on JD but the pin is broken up. Ilja slams Axiom on top of Dragon and JD but Wes hits a corkscrew Plancha to break up the pin.

18:09 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Dragon Lee goes to the top but Wes Lee stops him. Wes climbs to the top. Axiom does the same but gets pushed down. Wes gets stuck in the ropes but gets stomped on by Dragon. JD, Axiom, and Ilja are back in the ring. Axiom hits a double Northern Lights suplex on JD and Ilja. He and Ilja trade submission attempts until JD kicks him. Axiom recovers and hits JD with a jumping kick. Axiom then locks in a submission on Ilja until Ilja grabs JD to lock in a choke.

18:06 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Ilja and JD are left to fight but Ilja backs up so that Dragon and Axiom can kick JD at the same time. Ilja is in the middle and chops Lee, kicks Dragon Lee, and German suplexes all three men. The Mad Russsian drops Wes on top of Dragon in the corner. He hits a Senton on Wes off the top. He goes up top for another move but JD pushes him off. Axiom hits a corner moonsault on top of JD and Ilja.

18:03 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Wes knocks Axiom off the top buckle. JD takes advantage of the distraction to blast Wes in the back of the head. Dragon Lee returns to the ring but JD knocks him down. McDonagh hits a moonsault on the outside on Ilja and Axiom. He hits a Spanish Fly on Dragon and the Devil Inside on Wes but Ilja breaks up the pin.

18:01 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Dragon hits a Tope Con Giro on Wes and Axiom on the outside. The Lees then square off in the ring. The Champ gets the upper hand early on, landing a dropkick on Dragon's back. Ilja comes in and gets blasted with a jumping knee. Wes goes for a Tope on JD, but JD moves away. 

17:59 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Ilja and JD stare each other down, and Wes lets them walk up to each other. Dragon Lee stops it by chopping both men. Ilja chops Axiom into oblivion before locking eyes with JD McDonagh. Dragon Lee breaks it up again, landing a Hurricanrana on JD. Dragon hits basement kicks on both Ilja and JD before getting singled out with Axiom. 

17:53 (GMT)1 APR 2023

17:51 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Up next is the Fatal Five Way for the North American Championship. Wes Lee has his hands full. Don't blink folks.

17:47 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Pretty Deadly appear in front of Bron Breakker's locker room to recap what's already happened. The gag when recapping that Gallus are still the tag team champions. They are also a bit shocked that Indi Hartwell is the new NXT Women's Champion. They say they're going to talk to Bron but are afraid of him, so they don't.

17:43 (GMT)1 APR 2023

17:42 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Julius and Mark set up a triple-decker Doomsday Device that looked extremely dangerous. Brutus barely hits Stacks on top, thankfully, but the landing is ugly. Julius and Stacks re-enter the ring, but Tony D stops Julius. He slams Julius, and Stacks hits a flying crossbody. The pin is broken up by Gallus. Wolfgang breaks up another pin from Stacks. Stacks pins Wolfie, but Joe Coffey makes his return to NXT by breaking up the pin. He drops D'Angelo after Tony D pushes Stacks out of the way of Joe's path. Stacks gets tossed back in the ring, and Gallus hits their finisher for the win.
Result - Gallus defeats The D'Angelo Family and The Creeds by pin.

17:39 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Gallus takes over and drops Brutus. Wolfie gets a pin attempt on D'Angelo. As usual, Julius gets a huge spot where he suplexes everyone in sight. Stacks comes in and stomps on Mark and then on Wolfgang. He hits a crossbody off the top on Julius for a near fall. 

17:36 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Julius and Tony bump fists in a show of respect, but Mark Coffey just decks Tony D. Julius and Stacks come in, and both knock over Mark. Julius drops Stacks a few times. Tony D and Stacks clear the ring. Gallus and D'Angelos fight outside, but the Creeds hit stereo moonsaults on the outside. They hit a tandem slam on the outside before wasting time by standing by Daniel Cormier near the ring.

17:32 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Tony D'Angelo comes out with some "backup" during his entrance. Triple Threat Tag Team match is next.

17:29 (GMT)1 APR 2023

17:28 (GMT)1 APR 2023

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