WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2024 Live Results: Huge title change, new stars incoming, main event redemption, and more!

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Find out what happened live on WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2024


18:52 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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18:51 (GMT)6 APR 2024

JOE GACY defeats SHAWN SPEARS by pin.
OBA FEMI defeats JOSH BRIGGS and DIJAK by pin.

18:46 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Trick celebrates his win atop the ropes as Carmelo gathers himself on the outside of the ring. And that's it for Stand & Deliver!!

18:44 (GMT)6 APR 2024

The two play tug of war with it but Trick wins out. He blasts Melo with the chair several times. The ref grabs it but Hayes kicks Trick in the nads with the ref's back turned. Melo taunts Trick but Trick slaps him in the face. Melo hits the knee with a running knee after Trick moves out of the way. Melo goes to the top and hits Nothing But Net. A second ref comes out to count the fall but Trick kicks out. Melo is enraged that he didn't put Trick away. He grabs the chair again and the ref grabs the chair. Trick hits a running knee to pick up the win.
Result - Trick Williams defeats Carmelo Hayes by pin.

18:42 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Hayes stalks Trick by waiting behind his former friend with his wrist tape. Trick goes for a splash but the ref gets hit instead. Melo then chop blocks Trick. Melo grabs a chair from under the ring!

18:41 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Trick misses a kick but Melo does not. They land in front of the announcer's table. Melo hits a springboard clothesline that lands right next to the table. Melo lands a Frog Splash for a two-count. Trick fights back with a clothesline but he runs into a Codebreaker by Melo for two.

18:38 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Melo hits a Basement Dropkick to Trick's ribs. Trick lands a pop-up Uppercut. The two trade back elbows before falling while both attempting dropkicks at the same time. The battle rages with both men on their knees. Melo goes for a low blow kick but Trick stops it. He hits a few scissor kicks and a Flapjack. Melo counters with his spinning pancake. After a few counters, Trick hits a neckbreaker and a big boot for two.

18:35 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Hayes lands a jumping clothesline. While the ref checks on Trick, Melo starts to untie one of the buckle pads. Melo kicks Trick down and he hits the exposed metal as he falls. Hayes continues to work on Trick's mid-section.

18:33 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Trick pulls Melo out of the ring. The fight spills into the crowd and the ref gives chase. The fight falls in front of Trick's dad and brother and Melo slaps off the hat Trick's dad is wearing.

18:31 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Melo mocks Trick right off the bat. He slaps the back of his head after rolling through some counters. A slap to the face follows. That's three, Melo. You only get three!!!

18:30 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Vic reminds everyone that this is the first time two Black men have main-evented Stand & Deliver.

18:28 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Time for Booker to confuse everyone by stopping his heel commentator schtick to simp on Trick Williams.

18:22 (GMT)6 APR 2024

We also got a quick segment backstage with Lyra Valkyria. She was icing her face as Tatum Paxley ran in to check on her. Lyra was angry and said it wasn't the time.

18:22 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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18:21 (GMT)6 APR 2024

A quick video package for Je'von Evans rolls before the main event between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. Noam Dar and Meta-Four hit the ring before the main event to announce that Stand & Deliver broke the all-time record for attendance at 16,545.

18:20 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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18:18 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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18:18 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Is this the first of many tables to be destroyed this weekend????

18:16 (GMT)6 APR 2024

The Don refused help from The Family on multiple occasions.

18:14 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Ilja's mouth was busted open during the match. After the hard-fought bout, Ilja and Tony shake hands. 

18:13 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Ilja falls into a powerbomb while going for a move off the top. Tony D stomps on Ilja's hand and then Curb Stomps him with Ilja's mouth on the middle rope. He hits a Uranage for a close call. The two trade slaps until Tony D gets a near fall with a roll-up. Ilja hits Torpedo Moscow. He climbs to the top and hits a Super H-Bomb off the top while looking like he messed his pants.
Result - Ilja Dragunov defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.

18:10 (GMT)6 APR 2024

He places Tony D on the Spanish Announce table and Ilja climbs on the ringside barricade. He hits an H-Bomb to break the table. Ilja sends Tony D back into the ring. He hits a Senton off the top for a near fall. It took some time, but the crowd is chanting 'This is Awesome."

18:09 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Ilja hits a kick to Tony's head but Tony stops his momentum with a Lariat. Tony D hits a German Suplex as Ilja bashes on his fingers. Tony D hits a huge throw off the top rope, sending Ilja out of the ring on the opposite side of the ring. They both clear off the announce tables, preparing for carnage. They trade shots in front of the Spanish Announce table. D'Angelo goes for a powerbomb but Ilja hits an H-Bomb.

18:06 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Ilja lands a bunch of chops in the corner before reigning down forearms to the back of Tony D's head in front of the Family. He does the same in Stacks' face, egging Stacks on to do something about it. The Don tells him to stand down. D'Angelo headbutts The Champ before rushing him with a Thesz Press. Ilja hits two kicks but they don't faze Tony D. He hits a suplex and another belly-to-belly.

18:04 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Ilja blasts The Don with a clothesline for a near fall. He goes for a Sunset Flip Bomb off the top but instead power bombs The Don halfway across the ring. Ilja goes for the H-Bomb but D'Angelo kicks up to prevent it. Stacks hands The Don some brass knucks but D'Angelo hands them back to Stacks. Ilja stomps on Stacks' hands.

18:02 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Ilja lands a few chops on Tony D but he hits the steel ring post with a final chop. D'Angelo slams the Champ into the post back-first. Ilja drops Tony D on his back on the outside. They re-enter the ring and Dragunov hits a series of German Suplexes. Ilja hits his pop-up Enzuguiri followed by a running knee for a two count.

17:59 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Both men crash and fall to the outside of the ring!

17:59 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Ijla goes for a move but buckles under the pressure of his 'injured' hand. D'Angelo takes advantage with a Superman Punch. Ilja goes for a move through the ropes but can't complete it due to finger hurting. Tony D hits a Gutwrench Suplex.

17:57 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Both men spill to the outside twice in the early stages. They trade clotheslines and then strikes in the middle of the ring.

17:56 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Was she looking at Lyra or at Giulia in the crowd?!?!?!

17:56 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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17:52 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Before the NXT Championship match, a Sopranos-type video plays with a variation of the theme from the hit show.

17:49 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Roxanne Perez is the new NXT Women's Champion

17:48 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Perez used several submissions to work on Lyra's injured shoulder.

17:47 (GMT)6 APR 2024

After Roxanne celebrated her win, the camera panned to Giulia in the front row. Are we looking at a future title match???

17:42 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Lyra goes to the top for a splash but Roxy catches in a sub attempt. They trade pin attempts with Lyra hitting a German Suplex to send Roxy across the ring. Valkyria hoists Roxy on her shoulders for a move but Roxy transitions into a Poison Rana. She hits Pop Rox and then locks in a Crossface submission. Lyra taps and Roxanne Perez wins her title back!!
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Lyra Valkyria by submission.

17:40 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Lyra goes for a move between the ropes but is caught with a punch. Roxy hits a Suicide Dive into a Tornado DDT on the outside. The two trade a few strikes but Roxy hits Pop Rox. Lyra kicks out and Roxy is angry. Perez sends Lyra into the middle buckle and then the ring post. She tries to unhook a rope but Tatum Paxley emerges. Roxy kicks her off the apron. Perez is unable to stomp on Lyra's arm to cause further damage. Roxy sends Lyra into Paxley on the outside. Roxy wrenches Lyra's arm against the ring post. Roxy counters into an armbar but Lyra counters out. She hits a roundhouse for a near fall.

17:36 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Lyra lands a series of short strikes on Perez before hitting a Northern Lights Suplex Three Amigos. She goes for a Fisherman's Buster but stalls out due to her arm. Lyra hits the Fisherman's Buster for a near fall. The ladies trade slaps atop the buckle. Lyra goes for a Sunset Flip Bomb but Roxy holds onto the ropes. Lyra hits a running powerbomb for two. 

17:33 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Lyra finally busts out of the hold but Roxy sends her shoulder first into the middle buckle. Lyra gets a two-count and goes for a crossbody but Perez prevents it and almost locks in another arm submission. A double crossbody drops both women to the mat.

17:31 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Perez goes for the usual Shayna Baszler spot of stomping on the upturned elbow but Lyra counters it into a pin attempt. Roxy then hits the armbreaker made famous by Pentagon Jr. The crowd then starts to chant 'Break her arm!" Roxy switches it up with a shoulder stretch on the mat. 

17:28 (GMT)6 APR 2024

The two trade another flurry of moves trying to one-up each other. Lyra gets out of an armlock by sending Roxy to the outside. She dropkicks Roxy through the ropes but is really selling the arm injury. Back in the ring, Roxy gets control and immediately works on the injured arm of the champion.

17:26 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Roxy immediately targets Lyra's injured arm/shoulder. The ladies trade holds until Lyra almost ends it with a roundhouse kick.

17:25 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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17:24 (GMT)6 APR 2024

She's here!!!!

17:24 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Screenshot (196).png 1.36 MB

17:22 (GMT)6 APR 2024

The cameras caught Giulia sitting with William Regal in the crowd!!!!!!

17:22 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Another vignette with a quote from Nietzsche airs before the video package for Roxanne Perez vs. Lyra Valkyria. 

17:16 (GMT)6 APR 2024

Breaking News: NXT will crown a Women's North American Champion soon!!!!!!

17:16 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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17:13 (GMT)6 APR 2024

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