WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto 2016 results, LIVE Updates

Updated: 20 November 2016 08:57 IST - Published: November, 19 2016 12:31 PM IST

NXT Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Samoa Joe

A promo of events leading up to the championship match airs. It shows Samoa Joe's heel turn and subsequent assault on Shinsuke Nakamura. Well made promo ends with Samoa Joe making his entrance. Crowd chants "Joe" as he walks down to the ring.

Nakamura makes his entrance to an orchestra of violinists playing along to his theme. The orchestra surrounds the ring and some of the musicians go inside the ring as well, making the entrance with Nakamura. Amazing choreography!

Joe doesn't look pleased, at ringside and signals that the music was putting him to sleep. The announcer botches by calling Shinsuke Nakamura the "challenger".

Joe and Nakamura trade blows in the middle of the ring with some stiff strikes landing on each other. Nakamura ties Joe up against the ropes but the referee separates them. Nakamura drops a knee across Joe's face and drives his boot to Joe's throat, causing Joe to get out of the ring in order to recover.

Nakamura follows him outside and manages to kick Joe over the barricade. The brawl carries on in the crowd as Nakamura throws Joe back at ringside. The two men finally make it back into the ring.

Joe connects with an Enziguri kick on Nakamura and proceeds to stomp Nakamura's face with his boot. He then attempts a running move but runs straight into Nakamura's knee instead. Nakamura continues to mount offence but Joe gets back into it and eventually connects with an elbow drop.

A pinfall attempt sees Nakamura kick out in one.

Joe lands a series of kicks on to Nakamura. He then locks Nakamura into a leglock. Nakamura made it out of the hold but proceeds to get immediately beaten down by Joe.

Joe then proceeds to lock Nakamura's leg into a submission hold but Nakamura kicks him to escape the hold. Nakamura is then launched to the ringside, which is followed by Joe launching himself in a Running Suicide Dive on to a ringside Nakamura.

Big Boot by Joe on Nakamura connects as Joe looks to set Nakamura up for an impact move on to the steel steps. Joe takes Nakamura back into the ring and attempts a pinfall which Nakamura kicks out of.

Nakamura ends up connecting with a series of kicks, a head kick to Joe wipes him out and Nakamura further connects with a dropkick. Another couple of head kicks connect on to Joe who is now on the turnbuckle. Nakamura places Joe at the top of the turnbuckle and drives a knee to his ribs. Nakamura covers Joe for a pinfall but Joe kicks out in two.

Nakamura proceeds to put Joe in a headlock but Joe reverses it with a powerslam, an atomic bomb and a running Senton. Joe tries to go for a pin but Nakamura kicks out. Joe locks in a Boston Crab and transitions into a crossface. Nakamura screams in pain but refuses to give up. Nakamura turns around and attempts a pinfall on Joe which Joe kicks out of.

Joe scoop-slams Nakamura and covers him for a pin attempt. Nakamura kicks out in two.

A running Joe gets countered by Nakamura driving a boot to his chest but Joe connects with a dropkick that takes Nakamura ringside. Nakamura makes it back in after a head kick connects to the skull of Joe. Nakamura gets on to the top rope and launches himself on to Joe with a knee to the body. A pinfall attempt sees Joe kick out.

A punching match ensues in the middle of the ring. Nakamura ends up connecting with his own variant of the superman punch and knocks Joe out. Joe attempts a suplex but Nakamura reverses it into a German Suplex on Joe instead.

Joe moves out of the way as a running Nakamura damages his knee. Joe hoists Nakamura on the top rope, attempting a muscle buster but Nakamura reverses it and ends up landing a Kinshasa instead. Nakamura pins Joe but Joe kicks out in two!

Joe evades the potentially second Kinshasa by Nakamura and locks him in a Coquina clutch. Nakamura eventually powers out of it but Joe connects with a German Suplex, a Dragon Suplex and a Bridging X-plex (Chimera-Plex). Joe covers Nakamura for a pinfall but Nakamura kicks out.

Nakamura eventually punches Joe and knocks him to the side of the ring. Nakamura makes it out as well. Joe slams Nakamura on to the steel steps, tosses him back into the ring and connects with a Muscle Buster.

Samoa Joe covers Shinsuke Nakamura for the pin and wins!

Result: Samoa Joe defeats Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall and is the new NXT Champion!


NXT Women's Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James

Jim Ross is shown sitting as ringside as a video package airs of Asuka talking in Japanese and other women wrestlers of WWE talking about her domination over the Women's division.

The package further shows Micke James challenging Asuka. Mickie James then proceeds to make her entrance. Chants of 'Welcome back' break out. Asuka then makes her entrance, there seem to be a lot of fans in the arena wearing her masks.

The two women lock up in the middle of the ring. Their arms remain locked as they go for respective pinfall attempts. The two then shake hands, which was initiated by Asuka.

Mickie James then locks Asuka into a headlock before Asuka powers out and throws her into the ropes. Asuka then catches a hold of Mickie's hand but Mickie gets out of it and lands a sliding dropkick onto Asuka's face instead. Asuka retreats to the side of the ring as the crowd chants "You still got it" to a returning Mickie.

Mickie then holds the ropes for Asuka to get back into the ring, to which Asuka obliges and gets in.

Asuka then proceeds to hold Mickie into a wrist lock, but Mickie eventually reverses it. Asuka proceeds to lock Mickie's head with a scissors hold but Mickie powers out. Asuka then launches Mickie outside with a dropkick and then holds the ropes for Mickie to come back.

Mickie gets thrown out again and Asuka attempts to go for a high flying move but misses and gets tossed aside by Mickie instead. Mickie gets German Suplexed by Asuka on to the ringside. Asuka goes back to the ring and starts getting counted out but Mickie makes it back in.

Mickie then gets slammed inside the ring as she gets covered for a pinfall. Mickie kicks out in two as Asuka continues to wear her down.

Asuka ties Mickie on to the ropes and tries to launch herself onto Mickie who was hanging by the ropes but Mickie moved out of the way. Kicks by Asuka on Mickie but Mickie taunts her and eventually reverses, locking Asuka in a single leg Boston-crab, which she further modifies into a Muta lock. Asuka eventually makes it to the ropes to break up the submission.

The two women get into a back-and-forth that sees both getting the upper hand in quick succession. A punching match ensues in the middle of the ring, which ends up with Mickie slapping Asuka.

Mickie then drops Asuka repeatedly. She takes to the top rope and connects with a seated Senton. She then pins Asuka but Asuka kicks out.

Asuka then gets Mickie in an armbar but Mickie makes it to the ropes just in time. Mickie connects with a Mick-kick on Asuka and covers her for the pin but Asuka ends up putting a foot to the ropes to break the pinfall attempt. Mickie tries pinning her again but Asuka kicks out once more.

The two roll around in the ring briefly. Asuka ends up putting Mickie into a Chicken-wing Crossface which Mickie almost immediately taps out to.

Result: Asuka wins and retains her NXT Women's Championship via Submission

After the match, Mickie James extends her hand to Asuka but Asuka taunts her by raising the championship instead. 


Match: Two-out-of-Three Falls for the NXT Tag Team Championship 
The Revival (c) (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) vs. #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa)

A vignette of DIY airs and chronicles their struggles in the Tag Team classic. They mention this match being their last chance at redemption.

Scott Dawson and Johnny Gargano start things off. Dawson misses an elbow and gets rolled up by Gargano for a pin. Dawson kicks out in two and goes to his corner to consult Dash Wilder about the game plan.

Back in the middle of the ring, Dawson and Gargano lock horns. Dawson gets the upper hand by taking Gargano into the corner and continues to beat him down. Ciampa gets tagged in and #DIY land dropkicks on both their adversaries.

Dawson claws his way back into the match and proceeds to wear Ciampa down. He then tags Dash Wilder in. Wilder proceeds to beat Ciampa down, Ciampa briefly gets the upper hand but Wilder tags Dawson. Dawson bodyslams Ciampa and tags Wilder in who covers Ciampa for a nearfall!

Wilder and Ciampa then proceed to get into a punching back and forth before tagging both their partners in. Gargano takes out both members of The Revival first by himself and then with Ciampa.

The Revival eventually connect with a Shatter Machine and pin Gargano for the first fall of the match!

The match carries on as Dawson gets tagged in and proceeds to beat up Gargano. Nearfall as Gargano kicks out.

Wilder gets tagged in and proceeds to beat down Gargano some more with Dawson. Dawson gets tagged in again as another double team move proceeds to break Gargano down further. Dawson puts Gargano in a shatter machine as Gargano breaks out of it but Dawson counters.

Gargano ends up kicking Dawson in the face after Wilder and Dawson tried going for a double team move. Ciampa gets tagged in by Gargano but the referee didn't see it and tells Ciampa to go back out. Revival beat Gargano up and go for a nearfall but Gargano kicks out.

Ciampa finally gets tagged in and connects with a running knee onto Dawson. He continues to mount offence and goes for a pinfall but Dawson kicks out in two.

Ciampa drives a knee to Wilder at ringside who was attempting to interfere. German Suplexes connect in succession on Ciampa but he manages to counter with a knee and goes for a nearfall but Dawson kicks out.

Gargano gets tagged in and proceeds to immediately get destroyed by The Revival. They eventually make it back into the match and connect with a superkick and knee combo on Dawson, which results in the second pinfall going to #DIY! The score is now 1-1 and the next pinfall will decide which team wins.

Wilder and Ciampa are the legal men and they get into a punching match in the middle of the ring. Dawson gets tagged in and rolls up Ciampa after a reversal.

Ciampa gets caught by an uppercut on ringside. He manages to tag Gargano in who lands a flying DDT on Dawson. Pinfall attempt but Dawson kicks out in two. Dawson tags in Wilder and the two go for a DDT-into-pin double team move on Gargano but it gets broken up by an interfering Ciampa. Wilder tags Dawson back in as Gargano recovers in the ring.

Gargano and Dawson trade blows in the middle of the ring with Gargano eventually coming out on top. Gargano covers Dawson for a nearfall but Dawson kicks out. Dawson hits Gargano with the championship belt (tossed in earlier by Wilder) and locks in a leglock on to Gargano.

Gargano makes it to the ropes, forcing Dawson to break the hold. Dawson looks to be busted open and is bleeding from his forehead. A double team move goes wrong as Wilder accidentally superkicks Dawson instead of Gargano.

Gargano almost manages to pin Wilder after him and Ciampa landed a double team move but Dawson interferes and breaks it up. A pinfall attempt by Dawson gets broken up by the referee.

After a back and forth between the now legal Wilder and Gargano, Dawson attempts to interfere but is countered by Ciampa coming in from the other side. 

The Revival get locked into separate submission holds by both members of #DIY and tap out at the same time.

Result: #DIY defeat The Revival and win the NXT Tag Team Championships via submission (Two out of three falls)


Tag Team Match: Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering vs. TM-61 (Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic)

Before the match, Asuka is shown warming up backstage. A video package is shown celebrating the legacy of Dusty Rhodes and chronicling the tournament so far.

Authors of Pain make their entrance accompanied by Paul Ellering. TM-61 come out next and signal for Paul Ellering to be put into the cage that's hanging above the ring.

The cage is lowered and Paul Ellering steps in. It is then hoisted back above the ring. Nick Miller and Akam start things off and Nick gets the upper hand. TM-61 hit a combined dropkick on Rezar and then go for suicide dives. Nick Miller connects but Shane Thorne isn't so lucky and gets countered instead.

Shane Thorne takes out both members of The Authors of Pain by diving off of the scaffolding on the side of the ring.

Back inside the ring, Shane Thorne has been tagged in and gets beaten down by both members of TM-61. Akam tries going for a pinfall attempt but Shane Thorne kicks out. Paul Ellering continues to bark instructions from the cage. Akam then proceeds to put Thorne into a chokehold.

Akam tosses Thorne across the ring by his neck. Thorne kicks out of a pinfall attempt and dodges a charging Akam on to the turnbuckle. Akam tags Rezar in and Nick Miller gets tagged in after a brief back and forth.

Miller bodyslams Akam and slams Rezar down as well. He singlehandedly handles both members of The Authors of Pain. Paul Ellering watches on helplessly as Rezar kicks out of a pin attempt by Nick Miller.

Miller tags Thorne in. The two connected with a Thunder Valley on to Rezar. A pinfall attempt gets broken by an interfering Akam.

Miller takes Akam out at ringside. Paul Ellering tosses a chain from the cage to Rezar, which Rezar quickly collects while a distracted referee sorts the situation out at ringside. Thorne punches Rezar before he could use the chain though and the chain gets launched into the crowd instead.

Thorne goes for a pinfall attempt on Rezar but Rezar kicks out and tags in Akam. The two connect with a "Last chapter" on Thorne. Akam covers Rezar up for the pin and that's a wrap!

Result: The Authors of Pain defeated TM-61 for the win and are the winners of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic!

The trophy is presented by William Regal and Dustin Rhodes (AKA Goldust) and the Authors of Pain hoist it in the middle of the ring with Paul Ellering. Well deserved!


Match: Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger

Bobby Roode makes his entrance to a live choir singing his song. Truly Glorious! Tye Dillinger comes out next to quite an ovation himself. Both wrestlers stare each other down. "This is awesome" chants already!

Bobby Roode started things off by taunting Dillinger, but Dillinger responded by throwing a punch instead. After a brief back and forth, Dillinger threw Roode outside the ring, he then proceeded to bring him back and tossed him out on the other side instead.

Dillinger appears to have the upper hand so far, landing some chops on Roode's chest. Still ringside, Roode gets some of his own offence in before getting Irish whipped into the barricading and slammed down onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Roode is pleading with Tye Dillinger to go easy on him. Tye responds by doubling down instead. On to the corner now, Tye proceeds to repeatedly punch Roode. An attempt to throw Bobby Roode off the top rope fails as Roode reverses it to launch Dillinger outside instead.

Roode takes Dillinger out by picking him up and dropping him onto the barricading. Roode puts Dillinger back in the ring but lands an elbow onto his chest from ringside. Back in the ring, Roode continues to beat Dillinger down, with his chops to Dillinger's chest resulting in "Woo!" chants from the crowd.

Roode goes to the middle rope and lands a fist to the back of Dillinger's neck. The match's first pinfall attempt comes from Dillinger reversing one of Roode's moves and rolling him up. Roode kicks out.

Roode then goes on to connect with a neckbreaker and gets a pinfall attempt of his own, Dillinger kicks out. Roode proceeds to get to work by taunting Dillinger and landing a knee to the chest.

Roode takes to the corner but gets picked up by Tye Dillinger instead. Tye drops Roode on his knee and starts delivering a beatdown with a flurry of kicks and punches. Tye attempting to go for the Tye-breaker by removing his knee pad.

Roode wisely rolls out of the ring and looks like he doesn't want any of it. Dillinger goes after him and brings him back into the ring, only for Roode to turn things around and deliver a spinebuster instead.

The two men are both on the middle rope, Roode connects with a Superplex and goes for a pin attempt which Dillinger kicks out of.

Roode takes his own kneepad off and mocks Dillinger. Roode goes for a roll-up pin attempt but uses the ropes for leverage which the referee sees and breaks the pin instead. Dillinger takes advantage of a distracted Roode, who is arguing with the referee and rolls him up for a pin instead. Roode kicks out.

Dillinger connects with a Superkick and immediately goes for a pin attempt. Roode kicks out yet again. The two men get up and get into a back and forth, trading punch for punch in the middle of the ring.

Dillinger then locks in the sharpshooter on Roode, which Roode gets out of by getting to the ropes. Roll up attempts by both the men see both men kick out. Roode drives Dillinger into the ring post and connects with a DDT.

Bobby Roode goes for yet another pinfall attempt and this time Dillinger is unable to kick out of it.

Result: Bobby Roode defeated Tye Dillinger by Pinfall


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NXT TakeOver comes to us from the Great White North for the first time ever as we head to Toronto, Canada for Survivor Series weekend. The show has a stacked card headlined by Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe and Asuka vs Mickey James. It will also include the final of the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic.


Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger 
The Authors of Pain vs. TM61 (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final) 
The Revival vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano (2-out-of-3 Falls, NXT Tag Team Championship) 
Asuka vs. Mickie James (NXT Women's Championship) 
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe (NXT Championship)


Tye Dillinger to defeat Bobby Roode
TM61 to defeat Authors of Pain
The Revival to defeat Ciampa and Gargano
Asuka to defeat Mickey James
Shinsuke Nakamura to defeat Samoa Joe

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