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  • WWE NXT Vengeance Day Live Results (15th February, 2022): Breakker retains title despite interference.

WWE NXT Vengeance Day Live Results (15th February, 2022): Breakker retains title despite interference.

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 16, 2022 03:11 GMT

What will happen on NXT Vengeance Day?


03:11 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

03:10 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

03:10 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Thanks for following along with Sportskeeda for NXT Vengeance Day. See you next week for the start of the Women's Dusty Cup and Ciampa vs. Ziggler.

03:09 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Full Results for NXT Vengeance Day
Pete Dunne defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.
Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin/Jacy Jayne) defeats Persia Pirotta/Indi Hartwell by pin.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
The Creeds (Brutus/Julius) defeat MSK by pin.
Bron Breakker defeats Santos Escobar by pin.

03:07 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

03:06 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Ciampa shows up to take Ziggler out, leaving things equal in the ring. Escobar lands a Tornado DDT before going to the top. He goes for a Frog Splash but Bron moves. He goes for the Phantom Driver but Bron gets out of hit. He hits a thunderous Spear before hitting the Gorilla Press power slam for the win.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Santos Escobar by pin.

03:05 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Escobar continues to pound on Breakker until he wastes time telling Bron that this is his time. Breakker catches a punch and then gets his second wind. Mendoza tries to distract Breakker. Wilde does the same and gets tossed out of the ring. Elektra Lopez then gets on the apron, allowing Dolph Ziggler to blindside Breakker with a Superkick. It doesn't work as Bron kicks out at two.

03:02 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

03:02 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Santos then takes Breakker out of the ring and slams his nose into a part of the steel steps. He lands a few elbows to the back of Bron's head.

03:01 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Santos hits double knees to the back of Breakker. He gets a near fall.

02:59 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Escobar then tosses Bron into the steel steps and then back into the ring. He hits a few strikes and a neck breaker for a near fall.

02:58 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Santos goes outside the ring and Bron gives chase. He lands a thunderous clothesline. Wilde gets up on the apron to distract Bron and it works. Santos knocks him off the apron and lands the move that used to be known as the Arrow from the Depths of Hell in Lucha Underground.

02:57 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Of the three people staking a claim to be the next challenger (Ciampa, GUNTHER, Ziggler), the one I would want to see the most is GUNTHER. He would need to dethrone Bron, so I hope he isn't next. Breakker lands a delayed suplex before hitting a kip up.

02:55 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Santos is wearing trunks similar to those Eddie Guerrero wore 18 years ago when he won the WWE title. That's pretty cool. I thought he looked different with pants instead of trunks.

02:52 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Before he comes out to the ring, Bron Breakker gets to light the Vengeance Day Logo on fire. Man, he gets to do everything, like Roman and Charlotte.

02:52 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Ciampa vs. Ziggler is confirmed with next week along with Waller vs. Knight, the debut of Nikkita Lyons, and the start of the Women's Dusty Cup.

02:51 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Melo and Trick are walking backstage. Pete Dunne comes out of a room and congratulates Melo. He says nice win, for now. DUNNE VS. HAYES INCOMING!!

02:48 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

02:48 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

02:45 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Not gonna lie, here. I hope GUNTHER smacks the ever-lovin stuffing out of Sikoa.

02:44 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Mac Mitchell then interviews Dolph Ziggler regarding interactions with Tommaso Ciampa. Ziggs is wearing a Toxic Attraction shirt. He says next week, he kicks down the door to Ciampa's home. 

02:43 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Solo Sikoa interrupts their promo ending. He says he doesn't respect the mat because, on the island, you climb the ladder and smack the taste out of his mouth. He steps up to the apron but then backs off. 

02:42 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

After the Lyons' vignette, Imperium is in the ring. They congratulate the Creeds but say they only won an opportunity. GUNTHER says he'll be watching tonight's main event with a mind to challenge the winner.

02:41 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

We get the final vignette from Nikkita Lyons, who will debut next week. She says she is a whole lot of woman who's gonna do a whole lotta whooping. Hopefully, it's more whooping and less rapping. Yes, I am not a fan of rap :)

02:38 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Brutus Creed's head/face looks like it got smushed in a vice.

02:38 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

02:37 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Carter goes for a suicide dive but Julius catches him and drops him. He tosses Carter back in the ring and lands a sliding clothesline to pick up the win.
Result - The Creeds defeat MSK by pin.

02:36 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

02:36 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

They hit their assisted Shooting Star Press on the outside. Carter goes to the top and lands a Swanton. Lee tagged in before the move and lands a spinning splash for a near fall. Lee missed most of it and looks a bit hurt. He tags Carter in and then hit a slingshot Superkcik and Meteora for another near fall. All four men are sprawled out in the ring.

02:34 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

After the commercial break, Brutus lands some Donkey Kong punches. He misses with the last one and chases Lee into a turnbuckle. Lee goes for the tag but Brutus holds his leg. The fresh men from each team come into the ring. Wentz lands a few kicks and a snap German Suplex. He hits a kick to the chest and a sweep. He's on FIRRREEEEE!!!!!!

02:29 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

The Creeds start off with their usual tosses until MSK gets control. They land several kicks on Julius Creed. While Brutus complains to the ref, Lee lands a Torpe Con Giro with ease to Julius. Julius gets control back when he drops Lee on the top rope gut first. He then hits a shoulder block on Lee that sends Lee onto the announce table.

02:27 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Since they love being athletes so much, instead of Creed on the back on the singlets, they should have their names so people don't have to guess.

02:27 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Before they head to the ring, Bivens holds up a "Never Give Up" towel, a la John Cena. He turns it around to reveal the phrase "nah, you should." The Creeds need some better designs on their singlets.

02:24 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Before the Dusty Cup finals, we see Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai bonding over the destruction of random cups, glasses, and random other props. Io enjoys destroying the props. Zoey Stark comes by and asks what's going on, and Io says she likes KLR. The 2022 winners of the Women's Dusty Cup, folks. Unless there's a swerve (not the uber-talented former NXT star).

02:16 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

02:16 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

NXT must have borrowed the ref handbook from AEW. The ref should have immediately ejected Williams multiple times. To correct an earlier report, Williams pushed Hayes out of the way of the Cave-In outside the ring, not vice versa.

02:15 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Williams gest up on the apron again, but Grimes pushes Hayes into Trick. He hits a poisonrana on Hayes and then lands a Soccer Kick on Williams. Grimes then lands a flying crossbody off the top for a near fall. He goes for the Cave-In but Melo rolls outside. He pushes Trick into harms' way and Grimes lands the Cave-In on Trick. Melo then pushes Grimes into the announce table before tossing him back in the ring. He hits his "around-the-world" DDT before locking in a Bulldog Choke. Grimes goes for the rope but Trick pulls it away. He isn't kicked out even though the ref saw it. Hayes then lands the flying leg drop for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Cameron Grimes by pin. 

02:11 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Hayes rebounds with a faceblower and a springboard crossbody for a near fall. Melo goes for the "taking his shot" gesture but Grimes counters it with a kick and another close fall.

02:10 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

02:10 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

During the break, Williams interferes for a third time, punching Grimes. After he counters out, Grimes lands his spinning bodyslam to incapacitate both men. Grimes gets to his feet first, but once Hayes gets up as well, they trade shots. Cameron lands headscissors and some clotheslines before Hayes kicks him but Grimes lands a reversal Flatliner for a near fall.

02:04 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Trick distracts Grimes again, allowing Hayes to knock him down face-first onto the ring apron. Back in the ring, Hayes lands a reverse springboard leg drop.

02:03 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Everything is pretty even early on with some chain wrestling and hold-for-hold action. Trick distracts Grimes for a second, and Hayes takes advantage.

02:00 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

01:55 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

At least we don't have to watch a "performance" from Ollie Jay this week.

01:55 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo about how he spent the last six years building NXT, but that others think it was only a minor-league system. He says he sees it in their eyes. He calls out some other stars, especially Dolph Ziggler. 

01:50 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

01:50 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

01:49 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Persia and Indi say they still have a chance in the Women's Dusty Cup. Dexter Lumis then shows up and walks out with Indi. Indi doesn't care about the titles still, it seems. Duke Hudson then shows up to "sweep" Persia off her feet. 

01:48 (GMT)16 FEB 2022

Waller says that in Australia, restraining orders are only one way. The cops leave and Knight attacks Waller. He also waits for Sanga and hits him with a forearm before he can get in the ring. Knight then tosses Waller over the top rope into the hands of Sanga. It'll be Knight vs. Waller next week. Knight has such a command of the crowd and mic. Wow.
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