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  • WWE NXT Vengeance Day Live Results (Feb 4, 2023) New Tag Team Champions, Roxanne Perez and Bron Breakker retain titles, and more

WWE NXT Vengeance Day Live Results (Feb 4, 2023) New Tag Team Champions, Roxanne Perez and Bron Breakker retain titles, and more

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Check out all the live results from WWE NXT Vengeance Day!


09:23 (IST)5 FEB 2023

09:22 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Full Results for NXT Vengeance Day (4 February 2023).
Wes Lee defeats Dijak by pin.
Fallon Henley and Kiana James defeat Katana Chance and Kayden Carter by pin to become new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Apollo Crews 2 Falls to 0.
Gallus defeats the New Day, Pretty Deadly, and Chase University to become new NXT Tag Team Champions.
Roxanne Perez defeats Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin by pin.
Bron Breakker defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

09:20 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Bron climbs to the top of the cage with the title but Carmelo Hayes comes out in the entrance area. The two stare each other down to end the show.

09:18 (IST)5 FEB 2023

09:18 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Breakker hits the spear but waits to finish Waller. Waller flops around like a fish until Bron picks him up and yells in his face. Waller pushes him in the face until Bron hits a spear off the ropes for the win.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

09:16 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Bron goes for a spear but Waller evades it. Waller hits him with a low blow before hitting his rolling cutter for a two-count. He then eyes the top of the cage. He climbs to the top but Breakker gets up. He climbs up to chase him before landing a superplex.

09:14 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Grayson traps Bron in the ropes. He then hits a few punches and a shoulder block while the Champ is defenseless. Bron breaks out of the ropes and tosses Waller into the steel face-first. He Gorilla Press Slams him into the steel.

09:12 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Waller slows things down by sending Bron into the cage a few times. He goes for another move but Breakker catches him. Waller hits a flipping Unprettier for a near fall. He climbs to a top buckle but Bron lands a Frankensteiner for a two-count. The challenger lands a middle-rope elbow drop after hitting Bron with a knee.

09:08 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Bron catches Waller and hits a power slam and a Bulldog off the top. Waller tries to escape to the outside like he usually does but he finds the cage in the way. Luckily for him, he moves out of the way as Bron runs head-first into the cage.

09:06 (IST)5 FEB 2023

09:06 (IST)5 FEB 2023

09:05 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Bron drops Grayson with a thunderous clothesline. He then lands a delayed suplex and a standing moonsault. Waller decks Bron and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a one-count.

09:03 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Waller comes out with a few ladies holding his golden shoe on a pillow. Bron comes out and tries to get into the cage but Waller slams the door in his face. He punches him a few times but Bron recovers and whacks Waller in the face with the cage door. He then pushes Grayson into the cage to officially start the match.

08:50 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Gigi and Jacy get on the same page for a second to pull out a table on the outside. Roxy saves herself from going through the table. She hits Pop Rox on Gigi on the outside. Roxy puts Jacy back into the ring. She goes to the top but Jacy hits an Enzuguiri. Jayne tries to superplex Roxy but Roxy fights out. Gigi tries to hold Roxy's leg from the top but Roxy kicks her off and through the table. Roxy hits Super Pop Rox off the top buckle for the win.
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin by pin.

08:47 (IST)5 FEB 2023

All three women trade blows in the middle of the ring. Roxy hits both women as they rise but Gigi and Jacy both hit a Superkick on Roxy. They then headbutt each other with Gigi falling on top of Roxy for a pin. She kicks out.

08:46 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Jacy goes for a move but Roxy counters into Pop Rox. She doesn't hit it as Gigi interferes. Gigi drops Roxy with a Fishermen's Buster but Jacy breaks things up.

08:45 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Gigi and Jacy exchange strikes in the middle of the ring but Jacy drops Gigi with a forearm to the face. Roxy takes advantage with two pin attempts on Jacy.

08:44 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Roxy hits offense on both women and gets a near fall on both. Jayne catches Roxy and puts her in the Tree of Woe on top of Gigi. She hits a Cannonball on both women before landing a running knee on Roxy. Gigi breaks up the pin.

08:42 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Roxy and Gigi fight on the ring apron but Gigi lands an STO. She goes for a pin but Jacy breaks it up. Jacy goes for a pin but Gigi breaks it up. The two argue in the middle of the ring with the crowd clearly cheering Gigi and booing Jacy. Jayne and Dolin exchange pin attempts until Roxy drops both with a flying crossbody. 

08:40 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Perez locks in a Crossface but Jacy counters it into a pin for two. Jacy lands a few chops and goes for a move by the ropes but Gigi pulls her out to ask her why she keeps eating kicks from Jacy. Roxy goes for a move through the ropes but Gigi pulls Jacy in front of the danger. Gigi then lands several knees before sending Roxy head-first into the barricade.

08:38 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Jacy goes for a Pump Kick but Roxy evades it and rolls her up. Gigi comes in and Roxy jumps up and lands a Thesz Press. Toxic goes for a High Low but Roxy moves out of the way. Jacy almost kicks Gigi again but pulls back. Roxy hits a double wrist drag before hitting a Suicide Dive on Gigi. Jacy goes to the apron but hits Gigi with the Cannonball instead of Roxy. Roxy sends Jacy ack into the ring. She hits a moonsault for two.

08:36 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Roxy fights both women off initially until Jacy and Gigi team up. 

08:26 (IST)5 FEB 2023

08:23 (IST)5 FEB 2023

08:22 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Xavier decks Mark and goes to the top but Wolfgang comes in an catches him. Gallus then hits the Double Tap on Xavier Woods to become the new NXT Tag Team Champs.
Result - Gallus defeats the New Day, Pretty Deadly, and Chase U to become new NXT Tag Team Champions.

08:21 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Chase hits a flying crossbody for a near fall before locking in a Figure Four Leglock. Wolfgang breaks it up with a Senton off the top. Gallus then hits Double Tap on Chase but he kicks out. Kofi comes back in the ring and goes for the trust fall but Pretty Deadly catches him. Xavier and Mark are left in the ring. 

08:19 (IST)5 FEB 2023

This leaves Chase alone in the ring with Gallus. He fights back, sending Wolfgang to the outside. He hits Mark Coffey with a side leg sweep before hitting the Chase U Stomp.

08:18 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Duke goes on a run of offense, hitting a German Suplex on Wilson. He hits another move on Mark Coffey before kipping up. He goes for a Superkick but Gallus distracts him and chases him to the outside. They put Duke through the announce table.

08:17 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Gallus tries to put Chase through the announce table but Duke Hudson breaks it up. Pretty Deadly attacks him and attempts to send him into the announce table but are not successful. Pretty Deadly reassemble the table to make it all better.

08:15 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Everything breaks down on the outside, leaving Chase and Kofi in the ring. Chase tosses Kofi down on top of the guys nearby. He stays on the buckle but Kit Wilson punches him. Chase fights back and suplexes both of them onto the crowd below.

08:13 (IST)5 FEB 2023

After a few minutes of control, Kofi tags in and goes on a roll. He hits the SOS but Kit breaks up the pin. New Day hits a tandem stomp move for a near fall broken up by everyone else in the match.

08:09 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Kit yells at everyone to stop slapping him in the chest. He willingly makes the tag to Xavier Woods. Woflie tags back in but Elton tags himself in.

08:08 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Kofi and Elton Prince start off but Kofi slaps Elton. Xavier tags in and does the same. Prince gets tossed out as does Kit, but Elton saves Kit. Kofi kicks Kit off Elton's shoulders. Back in the ring, Duke Hudon makes a blind tag. He then tags Andre Chase in He hits an Atomic Drop on Elton. Mark Coffey makes a blind tag before tagging Wolfgang in.

08:04 (IST)5 FEB 2023

This is going to be nuts.

08:00 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Pretty Deadly comes out dressed like Elvis. They are great.

07:59 (IST)5 FEB 2023

07:55 (IST)5 FEB 2023

After the match, Trick and Melo leave but Dabba Kato helps Crews up. They hug, but Kato then clotheslines his former ally. He then chokeslams Crews on top of a chair.

07:52 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Trick tells Hayes what he did but Hayes ends up going into the buckle. Trick realizes his mistake and tries to hit Crews with a chair, but Dabba Kato emerges from the crowd to pull Trick down. Hayes takes advantage with a legdrop off the top rope to win 2 falls to 0.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Apollo Crews 2 Falls to none.

07:50 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Crews goes to the top but both men fall off the top and land on the ringside mats. The ref begins to count both men out but the both break the count. Both men go for a jumping move but Crews lands his knee. He then hits an Angle Slam but Melo counters with a facebuster. Crews hits a Death Valley Driver. As both men lie in the ring, Trick unhooks one of the buckle pads.

07:48 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Hayes adds the Fadeaway leg drop for a near fall. Crews manages to fight back with what looked like a flipping DDT.

07:47 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Hayes is in control during the early stages of the second fall, but Crews fights back with a few German Suplexes and a standing moonsault for a near fall.

07:45 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Crews taps to the Crossface.
Hayes 1, Crews 0.

07:44 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Apollo lands a deadlift suplex from the outside for a near fall. The whole way through, Trick is on his knees praying on the steel chair. The two trade moves with Hayes getting a near fall. He hits a cutter for another close call before locking in a Crossface.

07:42 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Hayes has control over Crews for a few minutes until Crews fights back with a back body drop. The former US Champ hits a few strikes, followed by a Pump Kick and a jumping clothesline. He hits a splash in the corner and an Enzuguiri.

07:36 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Apollo hits a springboard Senton for a near fall. As he goes for the pin, Trick pulls a chair out from under the ring. Crews notices, but Trick sits in it. Crews then hits a delayed suplex for a near fall.

07:35 (IST)5 FEB 2023

The action spills to the outside and Williams gets in Apollo's face. Hayes tries to take advantage of it but Crews moves out of the way. Crews then hits a moonsault off the apron.

07:34 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Hayes goes for the match's first big move off the top, but Crews catches him with a dropkick. He sends Hayes chest-first into the top buckle.

07:32 (IST)5 FEB 2023

Hayes slaps Crews in the face but Crews returns the favor.

07:31 (IST)5 FEB 2023

A lot of jockeying for position with holds and counters.

07:20 (IST)5 FEB 2023

We get a quick promo from Drew Gulak where he tells Hank Walker how to beat smaller guys, by grounding them. He also says that Hank needs to get some proper ring attire because he looks like he's there to fix his sink.
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