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  • WWE NXT Worlds Collide Live Results (September 4, 2022) Bron Breakker defeats Tyler Bate to unify NXT and NXT UK titles

WWE NXT Worlds Collide Live Results (September 4, 2022) Bron Breakker defeats Tyler Bate to unify NXT and NXT UK titles

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 05, 2022 03:47 IST

What will happen at NXT Worlds Collide?


03:47 (IST)5 SEP 2022

03:46 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Full Results for NXT: Worlds Collide (4 September 2022).
Carmelo Hayes defeats Ricochet by pin.
Pretty Deadly defeats Gallus, the Creeds, and Briggs and Jensen by pin.
Mandy Rose defeats Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport by pin.
Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeat Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. by pin.
Bron Breakker defeats Tyler Bate by pin.

03:44 (IST)5 SEP 2022

After the match, the ref tries to give Bron both titles. Bate stops him and grabs the titles. He puts them on Bron's shoulders and the two hug. The two shake hands and Bron holds the belts as the show ends. Pretty good follow-up to Clash at the Castle. Melo vs. Ricochet and Gunther vs. Sheamus have been the best matches/outcomes of the weekend.

03:42 (IST)5 SEP 2022

03:42 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Tyler crawls out of the ring and goes to the top buckle. Bron grabs him by the neck and hits his Gorilla Press slam for a near fall as Bate breaks the count by getting a foot on the rope. Bron pulls down his singlet straps. He goes for a spear but Bate hits Bop and Bang. He goes for the Tyler Driver again but Bron counters out. He hits a Spear as Bate goes for another handstand clothesline, winning the match.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Tyler Bate by pin to unify NXT and NXT UK titles.

03:39 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Bate hoists Bron on his shoulders to get out of the armbar. He does the airplane spin before dropping Bron for a near fall. He hits his springboard clothesline for another pin attempt. Bate then goes for the Tyler Driver 97 but Breakker counters out. He finally hits it for another near fall.

03:37 (IST)5 SEP 2022

The two exchange strikes on their knees but both stand up. Bate goes for Bop but Breakker grabs his arm and locks in an armbar. 

03:36 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Bron climbs a buckle again but Bate impedes his action. Bron decks him a few times but Bate sets up for an Exploder suplex. He pushes Bate off the buckle and hits a Bulldog off the top for a two-count. He immediately pulls Bate up and lands a powerbomb for another near fall.

03:34 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Bron goes to the top turnbuckle but Bate stops his progress. He goes for a superplex but Bron pushes him off the buckle. Bate runs back up and tosses Bron with a T-Bone followed by the Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Bron lifts Bate for a suplex, but Bate counters it into a roll-up for two. Bron goes for another Hurricanrana but Bate catches it and hits a power bomb for a two count.

03:32 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Bate locks Bron in an armbar and works it until Bron hits a Hurricanrana. He adds a delayed suplex and a standing moonsault for a two-count. Bron is sent out of the ring, allowing Bate to hit a flying splash. He sends Bron back into the ring but whiffs on a standing Shooting Star Press. Bron catches Bate and hits a snap powerslam. Both men fall out of the ring as Bron hits a mini-spear on Bate.

03:28 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Bate plays with Bron, evading several moves. Seemed like a cartoon mouse outpacing a cartoon cat. Tyler definitely has the technical advantage.

03:27 (IST)5 SEP 2022

The men trade moves early on. Bate goes for the Tyler Driver 97 early on but Bron rolls out of it. They knock each other over with shoulder blocks before both men kip up and smile. 

03:25 (IST)5 SEP 2022

During the intros, the crowd seems to be behind Tyler Bate. Surprising. A "Tyler Two Belts" chant overtakes the beginning of the match. Interesting fact - both men have faced Gunther.

03:24 (IST)5 SEP 2022

03:14 (IST)5 SEP 2022

After the win, we go backstage to see the Dyad with a table of smiley face buttons. Grayson Waller walks by and they try to get him to take one. He says he'll leave it for someone who needs it. As he walks out, Mac Mitchell grabs him and he recounts how his mother talked about how ashamed she was about his actions against Apollo Crews. In the background, someone in a red hoodie takes one of the buttons. As Waller is getting serious, he pulls the same old schtick of not caring about what she thinks and that he is the only person he needs. The best ones can be a face and a heel in the same promo.

03:12 (IST)5 SEP 2022

03:11 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Nikki tosses Katana out of the ring. Kayden goes to the top but Doudrop meets her. As that happens, Toxic Attraction comes out. Nikki A.S.H. goes out to fight them off, allowing Katana and Kayden to hit their 450-splash stomp move for the win.
Result - Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeat Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop by pin.

03:09 (IST)5 SEP 2022

After neutralizing Chance, she makes the tag to Kayden. She hits some kicks and a splash on A.S.H. for a near fall. Nikki hits a Tornado DDT to even things out again. Carter looks to make the tag to Chance, but she isn't on the apron. Doudrop and A.S.H. hit a tandem move for a near fall. Carter hits a superkick on Doudrop and tags Chance in. She hits a stomp off the top for a two-count. The Champs line Nikki up for their finisher but Nikki pushes Kayden into the corner, dropping Katana. The challengers hit the A.S.H. Drop for a near fall as Kayden breaks it up.

03:06 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Kayden tags in but Doudrop drops her on top of Katana. She then hits a Senton on both women for a near fall. The challengers neutralize Katana, trapping her in the ring apron. Chance counters and tries to tag Kayden, but Doudrop pushes Kayden off the apron before dropping Chance. 

03:02 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Kayden and Nikki start for their teams. Kayden tags Katana in and she barely gets one. Nikki tags Doudrop in and it looks like a woman vs. a girl due to the size difference. Doudrop drops Katana after some evasive moves. She then mocks the dancing of the lil ladies by shaking her moneymaker. The crowd actually likes it rather than blindly rooting for the Champions.

02:58 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Wes Lee who will face JD McDonagh on Tuesday. He says that McDonagh's interview from last week was weird and that he'll "get weird" if need be. Up next is Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. taking on team Lil Ladies, aka Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

02:52 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Mandy wakes up and lands strikes in the corner on Blair. She sends Blair to the corner and she hits a missile dropkick on Meiko. Mandy goes for a move on Blair but whiffs. Rose hits her knee on both Meiko and Davenport to pick up the predicted win.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport by pin to become Undisputed NXT Women's Champion.

02:50 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Meiko lands strikes on both women in opposite corners. Blair and Mandy try to suplex Meiko but Meiko counters into a double DDT on both. She hits a handstand knee strike on Rose but Blair moves and throws Meiko out of the ring. Blair goes for a suplex on Mandy but Meiko hits the knees on both women. She gets a near fall on Blair and then hits a move on Mandy. Blair breaks up the pin with a double stomp off the top. She hits Meiko with a knee to the face for a near fall.

02:47 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Satomura fights back and hits a spinning kick for a near fall. Rose turns the tide and hits a Spinebuster. Davenport breaks up the pin and gets a near fall of her own off a Northern Lights Suplex on Mandy. Blair goes to the top but Rose cuts her off and hits a Superplex. Meiko hits a Frog Splash on Davenport but Mandy breaks up the pin.

02:45 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Meiko and Blair make it to the ring to continue their rivalry. Meiko takes control and tries to lock Blair in a submission, but Blair counters out of it. She goes to the top but Rose pulls her off and poses on the apron. Meiko mocks her and waits for her to get in the ring. After some back and forth, Rose drops Meiko with a clothesline. 

02:42 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Davenport hits a Hurricanrana and dropkick to Mandy's back for a two-count. Meiko pulls Mandy out of the ring. Davenport attempts a Soccer Kick on the apron but Meiko catches it and slams her into the steel steps. Mandy fights back but gets double-stomped by Blair.

02:40 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Blair and Mandy team up on Meiko once the bell rings. The alliance doesn't last long as they both try to pin Meiko. All three exchange pinning combos. Mandy fights back with a cartwheel and a dropkick to Meiko. It leaves her in the ropes and Blair kicks her and slams her on the outside. It leaves Blair and Mandy. 

02:36 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Wade references AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" as Mandy Rose comes to the ring.

02:35 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Mady Rose gets the biggest entrance, driving up the arena and having a valet take her car. She's wearing red, white, and blue gear.

02:30 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Tony D'Angelo is talking with Stacks Lorenzo about "cutting bait" with Legado. Cameron Grimes walks by and the two talk. D'Angelo says he fired the Legados, but Grimes laughs. He walks off, saying he's not hungry.

02:25 (IST)5 SEP 2022

02:23 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Julius kicks Kit off the apron but Elton hits Julius. Julius slams Elton and stops Kit from hitting him with a chair. Kemp picks up the chair and blasts Julius with it. He hits a Uranage on Julius before waking up the ref. Elton Prince pins Julius, eliminating the meatheads.
Result - Pretty Deadly defeat the Creeds, Gallus, and Briggs and Jensen by pin to become Unified NXT Tag Team Champs.

02:21 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Julius tags in but Elton locks in a Sleeper Hold in the middle. As that is happening, Gallus and B & J brawl back out to the ring entrance. Julius holds Elton in a suplex and kneels and then hits it. He goes to the top and randomly flips off the top. He hits a backbreaker slam for a near fall. The carnage engulfs the ref. 

02:18 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Prince knees and kicks Brutus, preventing him from making a tag. He tags Kit back in. He hits a short DDT for a near fall.

02:17 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Gallus goes nuts after the loss, causing security to escort them from the ring area. Brutus and Kit remain. Kit hits some Euro uppercuts before tagging in Elton. They hit a tandem gutbuster for a near fall.

02:16 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Prince goes to tag Kit but Brutus pulls him off the ring apron. He tags in from the wrong corner and sends Prince out of the ring. So the tag rope doesn't mean anything?? Julius tags in and Brutus hits a Cannonball Doomsday Device to eliminate Gallus. The Creeds eliminate Gallus by pin.

02:14 (IST)5 SEP 2022

After they throw the Creeds out of the ring, PD and Gallus are left to battle each other. They try to exit the ring, but Joe Coffey stands on the apron to prevent them. Prince gets a near fall and Mark gets one of his own. 

02:13 (IST)5 SEP 2022

PD and Gallus join forces to attack the Meatheads. 

02:12 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Jensen rushes in and hits Wolfgang with a Famouser but Briggs sends Mark out of the ring. Jensen goes to the top but is pushed off by Mark. They hit their finisher on Jensen to eliminate B & J. Gallus eliminates Briggs and Jensen by pin.

02:11 (IST)5 SEP 2022

PD hits crossing flying forearms to take the Creeds out. B & J then hit a Con Giro. Gallus is up next as Wolfie tosses Mark Coffey over the top onto everyone. Brutus goes for a Cannonball off the top but Wolfie stops him and hits a superplex.

02:09 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Briggs tags in Jensen and Briggs hits Julius with a big boot. Kit Wilson tags in but Julius stands up. Kit rushes to tag Wolfgang in. Julius tags in Bruts and his squished face. Jensen tags in but Legend pulls his leg. That causes Fallon Henley to brawl with Lash. All hell breaks loose.

02:08 (IST)5 SEP 2022

For convenience's sake, Briggs and Jensen will be known as B & J and Pretty Deadly as PD. Gallus will be Gallus and Creeds will have name. Julius starts with Briggs. He hits a few German Suplexes before Briggs fights back with some clubbing blows.

02:02 (IST)5 SEP 2022

The cameras show and "earlier today" moment with Roderick Strong apparently getting jumped in the parking lot. He's "stable, but unconscious." 

01:57 (IST)5 SEP 2022

01:57 (IST)5 SEP 2022

01:56 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Sorry, it was a Shooting Star Press attempt by Ricochet, not a 630 Splash.

01:55 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Hayes goes to the top but Ric pulls him down. He hits a superkick and a Poisonrana. For the third time, Trick interferes, trying to hit RIcochet with the title belt. Ricochet goes to the top and goes for his 630, but Melo moves. Ricochet lands on his feet and Melo rolls him up for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Ricochet by pin.

01:53 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Melo goes to the top but Ric meets him and hits a superplex. The two then trade shots back and forth. Ricochet hits a brainbuster and then Go To Kick. Melo wakes up and hits a Codebreaker for a near fall. Melo takes his time after his pinfall, allowing Ricochet to roll him up for a close call.

01:49 (IST)5 SEP 2022

Ricochet takes control with some kicks to the chest and an enzuguiri of his own. Ric goes for Go To Kick but Melo counters. He goes for another springboard move but Ricochet hits the Recoil. He pins the Champ but Williams pulls Melo's leg under the rope. That's twice he interfered for those keeping count. Ricochet is rightfully pissed and he drops Williams with a basement dropkick to the outside of the ring. Melo takes advantage and hits a few moves for another near fall.
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