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WWE RAW Live Results (19th September, 2022):

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 20, 2022 08:34 IST

Will Seth "Freakin" Rollins be the one to end Bobby Lashley's incredible US Championship reign?


08:34 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Thanks for following along with us, folks! Be sure to join us tomorrow night for NXT!

08:34 (IST)20 SEP 2022

08:30 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Damage CTRL lays out, not just Bliss, but Asuka and RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair. Bayley grabs a microphone, claiming she's in control, and she'll get her hands on the championship at Extreme Rules. 

08:28 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Bianca knocks Bayley's feet off the ropes when she goes for a pin, leading to her, Asuka, and Damage CTRL laying one another out. As Bliss spikes Bayley with the DDT, she goes for Twisted Bliss. 

Kai distracts the ref, allowing Iyo Sky to send her to the mat so Bayley can connect with the Rose Plant. 

Bayley defeats Alexa Bliss via pinfall. 

08:27 (IST)20 SEP 2022

08:26 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Bliss with a Code Red from the top rope! 1-2-no! Bayley just manages to kick out!

08:26 (IST)20 SEP 2022

These long-time rivals trade pinfalls back and forth, transitioning with some impressive speed. They finally get to their feet, and Bliss counters the Bayley-to-Belly attempt with another pinfall attempt. Bayley finally hits it, planting Bliss in the middle of the ring for two.

08:22 (IST)20 SEP 2022

As Bayley and Bliss bounce off each other with competing clotheslines, the lights go dark for a split second. 

08:19 (IST)20 SEP 2022

A disgusting rear clothesline to the back of the neck nearly ends the match, but Bliss is able to kick out and roll to the floor. She's struggling to get any offense in against the leader of Damage CTRL as Bayley places her on the announce desk. Bliss shakes Bayley off and hits a Molley Go Round! 

08:16 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Bayley is in control of the match early on, pun intended, as she hammers Alexa Bliss into the mat. 

08:13 (IST)20 SEP 2022

08:13 (IST)20 SEP 2022

08:06 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Backstage, Judgment Day is celebrating their victory tonight. Dom says he wants to go party with Damian Priest, because he's heard the stories about him, and he's got a new mommy in Rhea now. 

Balor notices AJ Styles and asks why they haven't spoken in a while. Styles makes it simple, he turned on him. "Hey, I never turned on you! We're boys!" Balor forces a hug, and says the offer is still on the table. 

08:03 (IST)20 SEP 2022

08:03 (IST)20 SEP 2022

08:01 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:58 (IST)20 SEP 2022

As Miz is taunting Lumis, a knife appears under the ring. Lumis is cutting a hole into the canvas! Miz vows that the next time he sees Lumis, he's kicking his ass. He doesn't notice the hole, or Lumis appearing out of it. By the time he does, it's too late, as Lumis is attempting to drag him under. 

Tommaso Ciampa saves Miz and grabs a microphone, cracking it over the skull of Lumis. 

07:56 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Miz is out in the ring with Tommaso Ciampa and wants to know one thing. Why? Why him?

07:55 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Before MizTV, we see Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle being held back by security. Rollins says to name the time and place, and Riddle responds with four simple words. "Extreme Rules, Fight Pit!"

07:50 (IST)20 SEP 2022

From daddy drama to stalking, we've taken a time machine back to the 2000s with Jerry Springer. It's time for MizTV with special guest Dexter Lumis!

07:49 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:47 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:47 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:47 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Rey sets Finn up for the 619 but is pulled to the floor by Priest. Riddle kicks Priest into the table and follows with a dive. As Rey goes for it again, he connects on Balor. However, Seth Rollins tries to attack Riddle, distracting Rey in the process. 

Balor hits the sling blade and tags in Priest. South of Heaven connects. Balor follows with Coup de Grace for the win. 

Judgment Day defeats Rey Mysterio & Matt Riddle via pinfall. 

07:44 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Riddle surprises Priest with a Bro 2 Sleep, leading to Balor and Mysterio getting the tags. Mysterio escapes a sunset flip for a basement dropkick and moves up top for a diving senton. 

07:42 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Balor rocks Riddle with a Scissor Kick, but again he can't secure the victory. 

07:41 (IST)20 SEP 2022

With the ref distracted, Rhea Ripley drives Matt Riddle to the floor with a back suplex. Back in the ring, a backbreaker/leg drop combo earns Damian Priest a two-count. 

07:37 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Riddle goes up top for the Floating Bro. Balor avoids it, tagging in Priest. The heavy of Judgment Day hits him on the jaw with a nasty right hand. As Riddle escapes to the ropes, he's distracted by Balor, allowing Priest to hit South of Heaven on the apron. 

07:36 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Balor goes for the Three Amigos as the crowd boos him out the building. He hits the first two suplexes, but after the shimmy, his third is countered. Mysterio hits a suplex of his own and tags in Matt Riddle. The Original Bro rocks him with a ripcord knee and leaves both members of JD in opposite corners for a series of running strikes.

07:34 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Judgment Day take turns terrorizing Rey Mysterio while Dominik and Rhea Ripley laugh on the floor. 

07:33 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:32 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Finn Balor and Matt Riddle are starting this one off, and the Original Bro is dominating Balor. After a trio of gutwrench suplexes, Riddle drops Rey Mysterio on top of the former 2-time NXT Champion with a leg drop. Balor gets to his corner and tags out to Damian Priest. Mysterio avoids a powerslam but bounces off the ropes right into a decapitating lariat.

07:31 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:26 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Judgment Day comes out to talk about Dominik Mysterio. They address just how important he is to them, how much they love him, and how proud they are of him for stepping away from his father. As Dom tries to speak, the San Jose crowd shuts him down. Soon, they're cut off by their opponents for tonight, Rey Mysterio and Matt Riddle. 

07:13 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:12 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Backstage, Rey Mysterio speaks to the camera hoping to connect with his son once again. As far as Judgment Day, he bears no sympathy for them. Neither does his tag partner, Matt Riddle.

07:08 (IST)20 SEP 2022

07:08 (IST)20 SEP 2022

The Profits go for another double-team maneuver on Ridge, but Butch snaps the fingers of Montez. Ridge spikes Dawkins after a roundhouse from Butch, earning them a big win. 

The Brawling Brutes defeat The Street Profits via pinfall.

07:06 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Profits hit a blockbuster/powerbomb combination for a two-count on Butch.

07:04 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Butch hits a blind tag, and Ridge pops Dawkins up for a leaping kick from Butch. The Brutes follow with an assisted swinging powerslam for a near fall. 

07:03 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Ford spikes Butch with a DDT, leading Ridge and Dawkins back in the fight. Dawkins leaps over Ridge with ease, bouncing off the ropes for a big back elbow. The Annointment plants Ridge for a two-count.

06:57 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Ford and Ridge are back in the ring, and Tez is nearly decleated with a clothesline. Butch follows with a double knee drop and a basement dropkick. 

06:56 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Ridge quickly gets to Butch, who is overtaken by Ford. THe Profits seem to have this match in control. After a double-back suplex, Dawkins goes for a pin, but Butch tears at his ear to break the hold. He then goes after the joints, breaking Dawkins to his knees in pain while focusing on the fingers. 

06:54 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Angelo Dawkins and Ridge Holland start this impromptu bout off. The powerhouses of the tag team bounce off one another with shoulder tackles, but Dawkins' athletic ability gives him an edge. He leapfrogs Ridge and hits a dropkick before tagging in Montez Ford for a crossbody. 

06:52 (IST)20 SEP 2022

06:50 (IST)20 SEP 2022

The Brawling Brutes have invaded Monday Night RAW. Butch and Ridge Holland vow to run the entire tag division after they win the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles on SmackDown later this week. That includes Monday nights, which leads to the Street Profits interrupting. In no time, we've got a tag match set up.

06:37 (IST)20 SEP 2022

06:37 (IST)20 SEP 2022

06:33 (IST)20 SEP 2022

Theory looks to use his MITB briefcase on Owens. Unfortunately for him, Johnny Gargano steals it, allowing Owens to spike him with the Pop-up Powerbomb. 

Kevin Owens defeats Austin Theory via pinfall.
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