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WWE RAW Live Results: (24th October, 2022): Nikki Cross returns, Karl Anderson wrestles former WWE Universal Champion

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 25, 2022 03:13 GMT

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of WWE RAW!


03:12 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

03:10 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

03:08 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Thanks for joining us for our coverage of WWE RAW. We'll be back on Wednesday night for AEW Dynamite.

03:01 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

A mysterious figure comes out and takes the referee out. Belair hits the KOD in the ring but the referee is out. It's Nikki Cross!!! She plants Bianca Belair and another official hits the ring. Belair is out. Bayley wins but she doesn't know anything about it!

Bayley def. Bianca Belair

Cross is back and now attacks Bayley! She looks unhinged. This is epic. Nikki continues to club Bayley with right hands as we go off air.

02:56 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Bianca heads to the top rope and Io Sky gets on the apron and distracts te champion. Bayley then hits a Bayley-To-Bayley from the top rope. Somehow the champion kicks out.

02:56 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Bayley grabs Bianca Belair by the hair again and pulls her out of the ring. Bayley slams the champion into the barricade. Belair fights back and rolls Bayley into the ring. Both Superstars exchange strikes and Belair hits a spinebuster for a nearfall.

02:51 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

02:50 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Bayley heads to the middle rope and goes for an elbow drop but Belair gets the knees up. The champion follows it up with another springboard moonsault. Bayley rolls out to ringside and slams Belair's arm against the barricade.

02:49 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Bayley grabs the champion by the hair but she hits a bodyslam. Belair then goes for a moonsault but Bayley gets the knees up. Bayley goes for her finisher but the champion rolls her up for another 2-count.

02:48 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Belair has taken back control of this match. She hits a vertical suplex but the champ is favouring her left arm. Belair explodes with a series of dropkicks followed by a series of right hands in the coner.

02:45 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Back from the commercial break and Bayley is in control. She suplexes Belair out to ringside, just ahead of the commentator's desk. Bayley rolls Belair back in the ring and covers her but only gets 2.

02:39 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Bianca Belair vs Bayley (WWE RAW main event)

The former champion, Bayley, has made an incredible start to this match. She's in total control early on and is working over Belair's left arm. Belair with an explosion of powerb, hitting a bodyslam out of nowhere. The champion follows it up with a shoulder charge. Bayley with a roll-up and that almost gets the champ! 2 count!

02:36 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

02:35 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Brock Lesnar's next WWE appearance date has been announced. 'The Beast Incarnate' will be on RAW next week!

02:33 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Bianca Belair will face Bayley next in the main event.

02:31 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

02:30 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

02:26 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

The Miz is backstage with Johnny Gargano. Gargano tells the Miz that if he doesn't reveal the truth, he will

02:21 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Bianca Belair is backstage for an interview ahead of facing Bayley. She says that she will take out Dakota and Io tonight if she needs to during her match tonight adding that she's tired of Bayley taking out all her friends.

02:20 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

02:19 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

JBL has had enough. He wipes out Gargano from behind as he's about to get into the ring. Corbin capitalizes and hits the End of Days for the win.

Baron Corbin def. Johnny Gargano

02:18 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

The match spills out to ringside. Corbin charges at Gargano who sidesteps him. This sends Baron Corbin crashing into the steel steps. Gargano gets onto the announcer's table and puts on JBL's hat and dances around with it on. He then takes out Corbin with a DDT to the floor.

02:14 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Back from the break, Gargano tries to fight back but Corbin sends him crashing into the turnbuckle. Corbin gets a little overconfident and Gargano hits back with a bulldog followed by a Spear through the middle rope. That gets him a 2-count.

02:08 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Johnny Gargano sends Corbin crashing out to ringside and boots him in the face. He then leaps off the apron but Corbin catches him in mid air and slams him into the announcer's table.

02:07 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

JBL is on fire on commentary today. He says Gargano is talented but in the Attitude Era, someone like Gargano would be carrying his bags for him.

02:07 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Baron Corbin vs Johnny Gargano

A strong start from Gargano. He sends Corbin crashing out of the ring and catches him with a tope suicida. Gargano rolls Corbin back in the ring and goes for a springboard from the apron but Corbin catches him with a forearm smash. Corbin takes control of the match and hits a nasty clothesline in the corner.

02:01 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

JBL addresses the fans at RAW and blames them for creating an atmosphere where mediocrity is the norm. He then runs down Johnny Gargano before saying that fans will witness the greatness of Baron Corbin. JBL hypes up Corbin and implores the fans to welcome the modern day wrestling god.

01:55 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

JBL is in the ring. We'll get Gargano vs Corbin after the commercial break.

01:54 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

The OC are backstage. Gallows says he's good with women and will handle the situation with Rhea Ripley.

01:52 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Back from the break, Gable locks in an ankle lock on Elias. He then heads to the top rope looking for a moonsault and Elias catches him with a knee strike on the way down. Gable someow kicks out. Elias rolls out to ringside and Otis charges at him. Elias sidesteps and Otis crashes face-first into the ring post.

Elias then finishes off Gable and that's a big win for Elias.

Elias def. Chad Gable

Otis wipes out Elias from behind after the bell. Riddle runs down to make the save. He takes out Gable with a Bro 2 Sleep before taking out Otis.

01:44 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Elias hits a vertical suplex for a 2-count. He runs the ropes but as the ref's back is turned, Otis pulls down the top rope and sends Elias crashing out of the ring.

01:43 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Elias vs Gable

This is Elias' first match on RAW in over a year. Elias is immediately wrestled to the mat by Gable and forced to grab at the bottom rope. Gable takes Elias down once again but Elias has a side-headlock locked in. Gable goes for an armdrag but Elias counters into a headlock.

01:36 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

01:35 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Elias will be in action next. This will be his first match on RAW in more than a year.

01:34 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Omos vs 4 local competitors (Handicap match)

Omos is right at it and tosses the first guy around. He the takes two men down with shoulder charges before chokeslamming the fourth. They try to swarm Omos but boots one away before planting another face-first into the mat! Omos tosses one of them face-first into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a big boot.

MVP implores Omos to finish the match quickly and he obliges, hitting a massive powerbomb before stacking two of the competitors up and pinning them.

Omos wins

01:31 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

MVP addresses what went down on SmackDown when Omos came face to face with Braun Strowman. MVP says Omos tossed Strowman out of the ring like a child and if Omos could do that to Strowman, asks what chance the 4 men in the ring had today.

01:29 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Omos is  in action next and he will be in a 4 on 1 handicap match.

01:20 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Johnny Gargano is backstage and confronted by WWE Hall of Famer JBL and Corbin. JBL tells Gargano to show some respect. Gargano takes a shot at Baron Corbin and JBL says that Corbi will see Gargano inside the ring.

01:18 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Seth Rollins attacks Ali after the match and beats him down at ringside. He tells Ali that the latter doesn't belong with him in the ring and walks away. Ali doesn't give up and ambushes Rollins as he's walking up the ramp and sends Rollins face-first into the stage.

01:17 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Theory hits back with a Ushi Goroshi for a nearfall. Rollins is shouting out advice from the commentator's desk and Theory goes to finish Ali off. Ali breaks free and hits a backstabber before heading to the top rope. Seth Rollins runs into the ring and distracts the referee as Theory kicks the rope, making Ali lose his footing. Theory then hits the A-Town Down for the win.

Theory def. Mustafa Ali

01:14 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Back from commercial, Ali wipes out Theory at ringside with a 450 Splash from the top rope. The match goes back into the ring and Ali is all over Theory. He hits his patented rolling neck breaker but only gets 2-count. Ali plants Theory with a DDT and Rollins is getting nervous on the commentator's table. Ali heads to the top rope but Riddle rolls out of the way of his 450 Splash. 

01:07 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Ali hits back with a legdrop and this sends Theory rolling out to ringside for some respite. Ali goes to follow him out but Theory was baiting him in. Theory wipes out Ali's legs from under him and sends him crashing into the announce table.

01:05 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Theory vs Mustafa Ali

Theory and Ali lock up early on. Theory has the power advantage here and takes Ali down with a shoulder charge. Theory trashtalks Ali before the duo lock up again. Theory drives his knee into the back of Ali's head and follows it with a knee strike across the gut.

01:03 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Seth Rollins has made his way down to ringside for the match following his bust up last week on RAW with Ali.

01:00 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

'Mr. Money In The Bank' Theory will be in action next against Mustafa Ali.

00:59 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Matt Riddle is backstage with Elias. Riddle says that he wants to perform with Riddle. Elias says he has a long history of being interrupted during his performances and he hated it. He says that he knows his brother Ezequiel was close to Riddle and would let Riddle interrupt last week slide. Gable and Otis interrupt and make fun of Riddle and Elias' "band". Elias wants a match and Gable volunteers Otis.

00:54 (GMT)25 OCT 2022

Candice LeRae is backstage with Cathy Kelley talking about her journey from NXT to RAW. LeRae talks about Bianca Belair having helped her on her journey but is interrupted by Bayley, Io Sky and Dakota. LeRae doesn't back down and points out that Bayley isn't RAW Women's Champion. Damage CTRL then assault LeRae.
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