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WWE RAW Live Results (28th November, 2022): Becky Lynch returns to RAW, Former Champion in Anything Goes match, 3 more Superstars return

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 29, 2022 04:01 GMT

Check out all the action from WWE RAW including an Anything Goes match.


04:01 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

04:00 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Jey Uso goes for another superkick. KO blocks it and hits a superkick of his own. KO goes for a pop up powerbomb but Jey counters and hits ANOTHER superkick. Solo takes KO down as the ref is distracted. KO dodges the Frog Splash and hits a Stunner and that's enough for KO to pick up the win. What a performance from the former WWE Universal Champion!

Kevin Owens def. Jey Uso

03:58 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

KO goes fo the stunner. It's blocked and Jey hits another superkick. KO KICKS OUT AGAIN!!

03:58 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Jey hits a superkick out of nowhere and both men are down. KO looks stunned as he makes his way back to his feet. Jey with another superkick and this one hit the spot. KO still kicks out at the last second!!!

03:56 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Back from the break and KO is back in this. He hits a Frog Splash but Jey kicks out at two and a half. KO seems to be favouring his back at the moment as Sami encourages Jey Uso from ringside. 

03:47 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Jey Uso is in control of the match as Sami encourages him from ringside. Jey stomps a mudhole into KO. Ownes hits back with a clothesline and follows it up with a cannonball in the corner.

03:45 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Back from the break, KO goes for a Swanton Bomb but Jey got his knees up on time. Jey follows it up with a backbreaker for a 2-count.

03:41 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Kevin Owens vs Jey Uso
Jey Uso and KO go back and forth as this match begins. Jey is forced to roll out to ringside and KO sends him crashing into the barricade. KO and Solo Sikoa stare each other down. As KO heads back in the ring, Jey catches him with a boot to the head, sending him crashing out to the floor again.

03:30 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Cathy Kelly catches up backstage with Bianca, Asuka and Alexa Bliss. Bianca says she's feeling good and is happy to put the feud with Damage CTRL behind her. Alexa doesn't have much to add but she looks perturbed.

03:22 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Jey Uso's backstage with The Bloodline and we see him warming up for his match against KO.

03:21 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Candice LeRae catches Dakota Kai with a neckbreaker off the middle rope. That move came out of nowhere and it gets Candice the win.

Candice LeRae def. Dakota Kai

03:20 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Candice LeRae goes for a Lionsault but no one's home. Kai and LeRae now tee off on each other. Kai nails a Scorpion Kick but can't get the win. LeRae's still alive in this one but she's in a tough spot.

03:18 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Candice LeRae hits a suplex but can't put Kai away. She leaps off the middle rope but gets caught with a Superkick. Dakota follows it up with the running kick in the corner. She goes for the PK but gets rolled up for 2. Candice responds with kicks of her own.

03:12 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

03:12 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Dakota Kai goes for a suplex on the apron but Candice blocks it and breaks free. She catches Dakota with a Flatliner on the apron and heads to the top rope. She hits a dropkick but only gets a 2-count.

03:09 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Dakota Kai vs Candice LeRae

Candice returns to action against Dakota Kai. Dakota seems to be feeling the effects of the WarGames match but she still starts the match strong. Dakota is feeling her left elbow but has still taken control of the match. She tosses LeRae out of the ring and talks trash.

03:05 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

03:04 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

03:04 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Lumis is handing out money to fans as he's walking back up the ramp. Miz attacks him from behind and snatches money away from a young fan. Johnny Gargano then takes out The Miz with a superkick. He grabs the money and gives it back to the young fan.

03:00 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Lumis then sets Miz up on a table and hits an elbow drop through it. Back in the ring, Miz takes off the turnbuckle cover. He then sidesteps Lumis as he goes crashing into the exposed turnbuckle. He still can't put Lumis away. Lumis locks in a vicegrip on The Miz who quickly taps out.

Dexter Lumis def. The Miz

02:57 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

We're back from the break and The Miz just can't string any offence together. Lumis hits a powerbomb. Miz crawls out of the ring and into the WWE Universe. Lumis calmly follows the A-Lister but Miz manages briefly get the upper hand until Lumis sends him face-first into a monitor.

02:51 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Dexter Lumis vs The Miz

Lumis takes The Miz down with a clothesline at ringside before rolling him back into the ring. Miz hits a DDT but can't get a quick win like he wanted. Lumis taks charge of the match after this, sending Miz's head crashing into the LED display on the side of the ring. Lumis drags Miz over to the announcer's table. Miz tries to his a Skull Crushing Finale but Lumis tosses him into the barricade.

02:47 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Dexter Lumis is set to make his in-ring RAW debut next against The Miz in an Anything Goes match. If Lumis wins, he gets a WWE contract.

02:47 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Byron Saxton catches up with The Miz backstage ahead of his match against Dexter Lumis. The Miz claims he's too injured to compete. Adam Pearce shows up and refuses to believe Miz's excuses. Miz promises to end Lumis' hopes of being a WWE Superstar and says Pearce will hear from his lawyer.

02:39 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

02:36 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins then congratulates Theory for his win before calling him a kid. Theory looks enraged. Rollins asks Theory if he wants to fight and wants to do it tonight. He tells Theory to take his best shot. Theory says he's ready to fight but on his own time.

02:34 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Theory says that at Survivor Series, he made Seth Rollins look like someone from the past. Rollins says that Monday nights belong to him.

02:32 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Theory says that everyone has been jealous of him since he got on RAW. Seth Rollins' music hits anhd he gets a huge pop from the WWE Universe.

02:31 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Theory says he was called stupid after his failed cash in. He then lifts the title and asks who looks stupid now. He says that he has arrived and calls himself the face of WWE RAW.

02:30 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

02:29 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Austin Theory is out  next!

02:22 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Montez takes out Otis as Dawkins hits Gable with a right hand. Montez heads to the top rope and hits the Frog Splash for the win.

Street Profits def. Alpha Academy

02:20 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Back from the break, things are breaking down here. Dawkins tags in and is all over Gable and he takes Otis down with a right. Dawkins then hits a flying shoulder tackle before taking Gable down with a neckbreaker. Otis breaks up the count. Gable hits a Dragon Screw followed by a German Suplex. Montez breaks up the count.

02:14 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Angelo Dawkins and Gable tag in. Dawkins is in control and tags in Ford. Montez takes Gable down with a clothesline and sends him crashing out of the ring. Montez then wipes out both Gable and Otis with a dive over the top rope.

02:12 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Street Profits vs Alpha Academy

 Chad Gable and Montez Ford start things off. Gable takes Ford down and has him trapped in an arm wrench. Otis tags in and clubs Montez across the back of the head. 

02:09 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Riddle and Elias are backstage.  Riddle wants to go after the tag titles. The Bloodline walk up and accept the challenge, any time , any place.

02:01 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

The Steet Profits are out next and will face Alpha Academy next.

02:00 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Candice LeRae is back on RAW. She tells Cathy Kelly backstage that she will take out Dakota Kai tonight.

01:56 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

KO says he's done with Sami Uso but he isn't done with Jey Uso. He challenges Jey to a match later tonight. Jey accepts the challenge.

01:55 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

KO says that he loves seeing that the WWE Universe can see how talented Sami is, something he has known for years. KO says Sami will never be accepted as a true member of the family. Jey steps in and says that if he has a problem with Sami, he now has a problem with him.

01:54 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Kevin Owens says that he understands why Sami did what he did at Survivor Series. KO says that he's done the same thing to Sami a number of times in the past. KO says that for 20 years, their career have been linked but after Saturday he doesn't want to fight or ride with Sami, he's just done. Sami responds that he's okay not being in the same room as KO again because he has a family now.

01:52 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Sami wants Jey to know they are on the same page and offers him a handshake. Jey smiles and accepts the handshake, hugging Sami in the middle of the ring. Jimmy joins the hug. They try to get Solo to get in on the hug but Kevin Owens' music hits.

01:50 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Jimmy Uso takes the mic and says that Kevin Owens must be angry backstage after how things went down. Sami responds that Jimmy has always accepted him. He then turns to Jey and says the last six months haven't been easy but the way he accepted Sami into their family at Surivor Series, that was Ucey.

01:48 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

The Bloodline are out next and walk down to the ring. Jey Uso says for the first time ever, The Bloodline are united.

01:45 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

The Street Profits are back on RAW! Byron Saxton catches up with the duo backstage but is interrupted by Gable and Otis. Gable says he wats a match with them tonight and wants to put them back on the shelf.

01:42 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

The OC are about to hit Priest with a Magic Killer but Dominik stops it. AJ hits Damian Priest with a Phenomenal forearm. Balor takes AJ out. Mia comes from behind and bodyslams Balor. She then goes for Dominik but Rhea comes in and hits the RIptide. That puts Mia away!  A huge win for Judgement Day to kick off RAW!

Judgement Day def. The OC

01:40 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Both men tag out. Mia and Rhea are legal. Mia comes in hot and is all over Rhea Ripley. She boots Rhea in the corner and follows it up with a modified canonball. She flies through the ropes and takes Rhea down again at ringside.

01:39 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

AJ Styles tags in and turns the tide for The OC. Things break down here as Gallows his a spinebuster to Priest into the announcer's table. AJ takes Balor down and goes for the pin but Rhea breaks it up. Balor rolls up AJ for a nearfall and takes him down with a slingblade.

01:36 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Dominik tags in first and he cuts Anderson off. Dominik hits the Three Amigos but Anderson kicks out. Balor tags back in and has Anderson in a headlock.

01:35 (GMT)29 NOV 2022

Judgement Day have taken back control of this match. They have Anderson isolated but can't put the big man away. Rhea Ripley tags in and hammers him in the corner. Balor tags back in and goes after Anderson. Anderson tries to break out of a headlock. He takes Balor down with a neckbreaker. This is his chance to make the tag.
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