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WWE RAW Live Results (29th August, 2022)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 30, 2022 03:00 GMT

What will happen on WWE RAW?


03:00 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

03:00 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss arrive and chase Bayley out. Kai hits a backbreaker on Rodriguez. Aliyah rolls up Kai for the shock three-count.

Winners and new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions: Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah

Bliss, Belair and Asuka congratulate the new champions. Bayley argues with her Clash at the Castle opponents as the show goes off the air. That's all for RAW tonight. I am Pranav Unnikrishnan, and we will see you for the next show. 

02:56 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

We return to see Kai and Sky take the fight to Rodriguez. Sky covers Rodriguez for a two-count. Kai tags in and hits a mini hurricanrana. Kai talks trash to Rodriguez and kicks her. Sky tags in, but gets dumped onto Kai by Rodriguez. Rodriguez fights both women. Rodriguez hits a second-rope splash for a two-count. Rodriguez goes for a powerbomb, but Sky reverses into a pinning combination for a two-count. 

Sky punches away at Rodriguez. Rodriguez hits a huge clothesline. Kai distracts the referee and Bayley saves Sky by tripping Rodriguez. Sky hits a picture-perfect moonsault for a two-count. Bayley argues with the referee. 

02:53 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

02:52 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

02:48 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky (WWE Women's Tag Team Championship tournament final)

The bell rings and we are underway. Aliyah and Sky start. Sky scores the first knockdown. A couple of pinfall attempts are exchanged. Rodriguez tags in and hits a big boot for a two-count. Sky stomps on Rodriguez as Bayley laughs at ringside. Kai tags in and scores a two-count. Rodriguez tackles Kai and tags Aliyah in, who hits an assisted crossbody for a two-count. Rodriguez tags in. Aliyah is taken out by her opponents. Sky kicks Aliyah across the steps. Rodriguez barely beats the count as we head to a commercial break.

02:41 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

We are ready and we are set to crown new Women's Tag Team Champions. 

02:38 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Am I watching House of the Dragon, because all I have seen on my screen is a blue fire-breathing reptile

02:36 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

02:29 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

02:29 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

The Miz leaves the arena in a car. Dexter Lumis is seen sitting behind. Oh Miz, this is why you should check your mirrors. 

02:28 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Excellent storytelling there. Can't wait to see Owens and Zayn beat The Usos for the tag titles in the future. 

02:26 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

We return from a commercial break to see Jey and Owens on the top rope. Jey calls for a superplex, but Owens cuts him off. Owens punches Jey and sends him crashing into the mat. Owens climbs to the top and is greeted with a huge slap. Jey punches away at Owens. Owens headbutts Jey and elbows him back down. Owens hits a swanton bomb for a close two-count.

Owens goes for the Stunner, but switches to a kick. Jey superkicks Owens. Jey nails the Uso Splash, but Owens kicks out at two. Jey tries again, but Owens scouts it and scores a two-count. Owens knocks Jimmy off the apron and hits a frog splash for a close two-count. Owens argues with Zayn at ringside. Jey wipes Owens out with a suicide dive. Jey orders Zayn to draw the DQ, Zayn hesitates and chooses not to do it. The Usos argue with him. Owens hits the Stunner and scores the pin.

Winner: Kevin Owens 

02:18 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

02:15 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso (w/The Bloodline)

The bell rings and the two men lock up. Owens chops Jey repeatedly and stomps on him. Owens does a crotch chop. Owens cuts off Jey's offense and sends him outside the ring. Jey bounces Owens' head onto the post, but Owens sends him into the steps. Owens uncorks a right hand and unloads on him in the corner. Jey whips Owens into the corner. Jey punches away at Owens and slaps him. 

Jey whips Owens into the corner again. Jey misses a splash in the corner. Owens hits the cannonball. Owens exits the ring and calls for a powerbomb. Jimmy's distraction sees Jey nail a superkick. Jey plants Owens onto the steel steps.

02:10 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

02:09 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Owens challenges Jey to a fight. A referee comes down to the ring and makes the match official. 

02:09 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Zayn says Owens doesn't know what he is talking about. Zayn says Jimmy Uso likes him and does a great handshake with him. Zayn says Reigns likes him too. Jey Uso says they will drop Owens if he doesn't walk away. Owens calmly walks into the ring. Owens says Jey and Paul Heyman are the only reason Reigns is still champion. Owens says Jey's head is stuck up his cousin's butt. Zayn tries to calm Owens and Jey down. 

02:06 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Owens says The Bloodline doesn't run RAW. Owens says he is glad they are here, because Reigns owes him one. Jey and Zayn argue as Owens smiles. Zayn says Reigns doesn't owe anyone anything. Owens says Zayn has never looked more stupid as he does running with The Usos. Owens says Zayn is one of the greatest performers of all time. Owens says he is sad to see Zayn becoming a clown. Owens calls Zayn his brother. 

02:03 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Jey Uso says The Bloodline is on RAW (duh). Jimmy Uso hails Roman Reigns for his two-year reign as champion. Jimmy says there will be a huge celebration on Friday. Sami Zayn cuts Jey off and launches into his monologue. The Usos continue to hype their cousin up before Kevin Owens interrupts them. 

01:58 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

The Bloodline arrive in the building.

01:57 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:56 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:51 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:51 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Edge and Kurt Angle recreate their 'you suck segment' backstage. The final placard says 'you still suck'. Angle realizes it after Edge is long gone. 

01:49 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Miz sees Dexter Lumis in the crowd and panics. Miz tells Ciampa to get up and fight Lumis, but when Ciampa looks, Lumis is gone. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock and gets the tapout.

Winner by submission: Bobby Lashley

01:48 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Miz gets caught after diving from the top rope and gets planted. Lashley hits a clothesline and a huge suplex. Lashley splashes Miz in the corner. Lashley hits a side spinebuster. Lashley calls for the Spear, but Ciampa pulls Miz out of the ring. Lashley confronts Ciampa outside the ring. Miz tries to hit Lashley with a foreign object, but the referee catches him. Ciampa hits another cheap shot and Miz hits a DDT for a two-count. 

01:45 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

We return to see Lashley in full control. Lashley plants Miz yet again. Ciampa tries to get Miz to focus. Lashley tries to slam Miz into the ring post, but Ciampa covers it. Miz kicks Lashley in the face and slams his head into the announce table. Miz sends Lashley into the steel steps. Ciampa lands a cheap shot and Miz hits a big boot for a two-count. Miz hits a couple of kicks and a clothesline in the corner. Miz says his balls are massive. 


01:41 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:40 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz (w/Ciampa)

Lashley drops Miz with a shoulder block. Lashley unloads with elbows. Lashley blocks a kick from Miz and hurts him again. Lashley takes Miz's shirt off and hoists him for a Dominator Suplex. Lashley hits it and sends him to the outside. Miz gets spooked by Ciampa after thinking he was Dexter Lumis. Lashley knocks Miz down and stares a hole through Ciampa as we head to a commercial break. 

01:35 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. He will take on The Miz.

01:35 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Are we about to get TV-14 soon? One can only hope.

01:34 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Rollins calls Riddle a b***h. Riddle drops three F-bombs. NICEEEEEE!

01:32 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:31 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:28 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Riddle says he will be in WWE for a long time. Rollins says he will put Riddle on the shelf next to Cody Rhodes. Rollins says he will move on to the world championship scene. Rollins says he will steal the show by stomping Riddle's head to the mat. Riddle says there is only one man in Rollins' marriage, and that is Becky Lynch. 

01:27 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Corey Graves welcomes Riddle and Seth Rollins. Both of them talk over each other. Rollins cuts Graves' next question off and calls Riddle a thorn in his side. Rollins says Riddle isn't on his level. Riddle says Rollins is scared of him. Rollins says this is about him and Riddle. Rollins says nobody likes Riddle. Rollins says he will end him for the entire roster. 

01:20 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:20 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

01:19 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Otis stares Angle down and exits the ring. Otis talks trash to Angle and Dawkins wipes him out. Dawkins tags in and hits a team move on Gable. Ford tags in and hits the Frog Splash for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

Ford and Dawkins celebrate and ask Angle to join them. Angle accepts and shares a drink with the Profits. Angle spits the drink out and tries to compose himself. Angle brings out some milk and drinks it with the Profits. 

01:16 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

We return to see Ford and Gable down. Dawkins and Otis are tagged in. Otis grounds Dawkins with a spinning elbow. Otis plants Dawkins with a slam for a two-count. Gable tags in, but their move is cut out by Dawkins. Dawkins hits the Silencer for a two-count. Ford tags in and climbs to the top rope. Gable hits a suplex and reverses Ford's crossbody into a pinning combination for a two-count. Gable hits a suplex for a two-count. 

Otis tags in and punishes Ford. Ford is slammed and nearly pinned, but Dawkins saves his teammate. Otis and Dawkins clothesline each other. Gable talks trash to Angle and Ford. Gable applies the Ankle Lock on Ford. Ford gets to his feet and applies the Ankle Lock on Gable. Otis breaks up the submission attempt.  

01:07 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Dawkins tries to take the win, but only gets a two-count. Dawkins uncorks a right hand. Gable escapes Dawkins and attacks his knee. Gable repeatedly targets Dawkins' knee. Otis tags in and grounds Dawkins. Gable tags in and kicks Dawkins. Dawkins fights back and tags Ford in. Ford hits a crossbody and a rebound lariat for a two-count on Gable. Ford goes to the top rope, and Otis' distraction allows Gable to nail a huge superplex.  

01:04 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Alpha Academy vs. The Street Profits

Ford and Otis start the match. Ford chops Otis in the chest. Otis plants Ford with a huge slam. Gable tags in and chops Ford twice. Ford dropkicks Gable in the chest. Dawkins tags in and drops Gable for a two-count. Dawkins shoulder-blocks Gable and the two engage in a great exchange. Dawkins dropkicks Otis and sends him out of the ring. Dawkins wipes out both men with a dive to the outside. 

00:58 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

00:57 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

00:57 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

00:57 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Montez Ford says if you mess with Kurt, you get hurt. Ford says the Academy is in the right place at the wrong time. Ford says they are looking for a fight and they want the smoke. Gable tells everyone to shut up. Gable says they will accept their challenge under one condition, and that is Angle joining them if they win. Angle accepts the challenge. 

00:55 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

Chad Gable thanks the crowd to loud boos. Gable says Angle is his hero. Gable says Angle's story resonated with him. Gable hails Angle for winning an Olympic Gold Medal. Angle corrects him and says he won it with a broken freakin' neck. Gable reveals they are looking for a new member, but there is no talent in Angle's hometown. Gable asks the crowd to show him respect. 

Gable offers Angle a free membership into his academy. Angle says he will pass and throws the shirt away. Gable can't believe it, and Angle says it's true, it's damn true before Gable shushes him. Angle tells Gable to shush, and Gable gets offended. The two exchange shushes before Gable snaps. Gable asks Otis to show Angle what happens when someone turns them down. The Street Profits hit the ring and stare Alpha Academy down. 

00:47 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

00:46 (GMT)30 AUG 2022

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