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WWE RAW Live Results (30th January, 2023): Cody Rhodes vs Finn Balor

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 31, 2023 04:04 GMT

What happened on RAW after the Royal Rumble?


04:04 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

04:02 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

04:02 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:59 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

The Judgment Day gets torn apart by Edge and Beth Phoenix while Cody Rhodes battles on! Dominik, Priest, and Rhea Ripley are out on the floor! 

Balor takes advantage of the chaos and hits the shotgun dropkick in the corner. He moves up top, looking for the Coup de Grace. Edge distracts him long enough for Cody to avoid it. Cross Rhodes! And another Cross Rhodes! One more for good measure, and there's no way Balor can get up from that!

Cody Rhodes defeats Finn Balor via pinfall. 

03:56 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Cody and Balor hammer one another with forearms, and Cody catches Balor with a perfect Cody Cutter! It's not enough, though, as Balor kicks out just in time! Balor reverses the Cross Rhodes and hits the Sling Blade but is rocked with a superkick. 

03:53 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:52 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

A picture-perfect snap powerslam, much like his brother Dustin's, plants Balor. Cody sets up for the Cody Cutter but it's countered into the Nightmare on Helms Street (spinning inverted face lock elbow drop)! 

03:51 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Balor drags Cody across the mat by his arm, repeatedly stomping on the pec. Cody catches his leg when he goes to the apron, twisting him with a Dragon Screw before sending Balor to the floor with a Disaster Kick! Rhodes tosses Balor inside before getting rid of Dominik and Damian Priest!

03:49 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Finn takes Cody to the floor and stomps on that recently repaired pectoral muscle. "How does it feel, Nightmare" screams Ripley!

03:48 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:45 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Cody picks Finn up for a delayed release suplex, and the Prince has to roll to the floor to talk strategy with his cohorts. 

03:44 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

The creator of Bullet Club vs one of its most controversial members! Finn Balor vs Cody Rhodes is up next!

03:38 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:36 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:34 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Angelo Dawkins, Damian Priest, Montez Ford, and Elias are the final four competitors in the EC qualifiers. Dawkins faces Priest next week while Ford battles Elias. 

03:31 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Carmella is met by Asuka backstage. When she tries to taunt the Empress of Tomorrow, blue mist begins leaking from her teeth. What's going on with Asuka?

03:29 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:29 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Chelsea Green's last run with WWE ended with her on the SmackDown brand in 2020, with her showing up on RAW in late 2019 to lose to Charlotte Flair. So it's been a little over three years since she's been on the Red Brand.

03:26 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:25 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Bronson Reed joins Johnny Gargano, Seth Rollins, and Austin Theory at Elimination Chamber! Which two WWE Superstars will qualify? 

03:25 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Bronson Reed flattens Ziggler with the Tsunami, making quick work of the former World Champion.

Bronson Reed defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. 

03:24 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Ziggler is dominated early by Reed but catches the former NXT NA Champion with a DDT. A Zig-Zag connects as well, but Reed kicks out at two.

03:22 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

The final qualifier of the night is up next! Bronson Reed faces Dolph Ziggler!

03:19 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Adam Pearce makes two major announcements. First, that steel cage match between Bayley and Becky Lynch will take place next week. As far as Bianca Belair's RAW Women's Championship challenger at WrestleMania, we'll find that out at Elimination Chamber. Four of the competitors, the four runner-ups in the Royal Rumble match, have already qualified. 

Raquel Rodriguez
Liv Morgan
Nikki Cross

03:14 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:11 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:11 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

03:10 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Becky challenges Bayley to a match, but Bayley declines. The Man then walks to the back and drags a battered Dakota Kai to the stage with a steel chair. She forces Bayley to accept the match and leaves Dakota alone when she gets what she wants. She tells Bayley that she may need to check on Iyo, though.

03:08 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Becky claims that Bayley didn't want to have it proven to the world that she's just not as good as The Man. Bayley responds, stating that Becky is overrated. She's just not good enough to be in the ring with Bayley, and isn't even good enough for Seth "Freakin" Rollins. 

"The only reason he married you is because he knocked you up!"

03:06 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Bayley is out next to brag about the beatdown Becky Lynch received at the hands of Damage CTRL last week. Originally set for a steel cage match, the trio left Lynch in a heap. Surprisingly, Becky is here this week and berates Bayley for robbing the WWE Universe of a steel cage match!

03:02 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

02:57 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

02:56 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

02:54 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

A military press into a powerslam! Boogs flattens The Miz in just a few minutes!

Rick Boogs defeats The Miz via pinfall.

02:54 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

"I'm in a suit! I'm in a suit!" Miz is pleading with Boogs as he's being tossed around like a ragdoll! 

02:53 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Adam Pearce comes out to give Miz some bad news. He's wrestling tonight against the returning Rick Boogs!

02:50 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

The Miz is out next to air his grievances, upset that he was the first wrestler eliminated on Saturday.

02:47 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

02:46 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

02:45 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Dave Batista sits down with WWE to talk about his upcoming film, Knock at the Cabin directed by M. Night Shyamalan! Batista states this will be an entirely different Animal that the WWE Universe is used to. 

02:43 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Lashley storms the ring but is held back by MVP...that is until Theory puts his foot in his mouth. "That's right, listen to your daddy!" MVP steps aside and Lashley goes for the throat of the US Champion. Theory eventually pulls MVP into harm's way, with P eating a spear while Theory escapes to the floor.

02:42 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

02:42 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

MVP calls back to when he was tossed off the top of a chamber by The Undertaker and claims that Lashley is more dangerous than The Deadman. Theory scoffs at the statement and mocks Lashley, stating that MVP's meal ticket is about to get torn to shreds by Brock Lesnar. 

02:39 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Austin Theory says that he should rebrand this segment, and taunts MVP over his relationship with Bobby Lashley. Theory then dives into the Elimination Chamber, reminding MVP and everyone in the WWE Universe that he was F-5'd off the chamber and came back to have the greatest year of his career. 

02:34 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Next up is the MVP VIP Lounge with WWE United States Champion Austin Theory!

02:27 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

JBL attempts to get in Gargano's face, but is threatened by Dexter Lumis who axes the cowboy hat with a hatchet! Back in the ring, Gargano counters the End of Days with a roll-up for the win!

Johnny Gargano defeats Baron Corbin via pinfall.

02:26 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Gargano catches Corbin with the slingshot spear for a two-count! He stuns Corbin with a superkick counter when Corbin moves for his floor running clothesline. A second one floors the big man. A step-up enziguri rocks Corbin, but he responds with a fantastic Deep Six! A near fall, but how much longer can Gargano last?

02:23 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

Somehow Gargano's still in this match after that hellacious chokeslam into the barricade, but he's in a bad way. Corbin cranks on the former NXT Champion's head and smashes him with repeated elbows. 

02:21 (GMT)31 JAN 2023

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