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WWE RAW Live Results (August 22, 2022): Edge vs Damian Priest

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 23, 2022 03:08 GMT

Edge wrestles in front of his hometown on RAW for the first time in over ten years!


03:08 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Thanks for following along with us, folks! We'll see you tomorrow for NXT!

03:08 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

03:03 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

03:03 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

03:03 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

03:03 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

03:01 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Finn Balor hits the Coup de Grace on Edge, and the group looks to finish the job. That is until Edge's wife and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix makes the save. Beth grabs a chair, forcing Judgment Day to roll to the floor and retreat. With a way to finally even the odds, can Edge and Beth Phoenix end Judgment Day?

02:59 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

After the referee gets taken out, Priest grabs two steel chairs. He sets up for the conchairto, but Edge rolls to the floor and avoids the attack. Edge then snaps a leg off of one of the chairs, using it for a crossface. Priest grabs hold of the leg and cracks Edge on the skull. 

Referee Charles Robinson rolls in for the count, and Edge kicks out yet again! Edge slips out of a Razor's Edge and spikes Priest with a Canadian Destroyer! After that, a spear cuts Priest in half, giving Edge his first victory in Toronto in over ten years! 

Edge defeats Damian Priest via pinfall. 

After the match, Edge places a chair under Priest's face. He grabs the other chair for the conchairto, but Rhea Ripley runs in for a low blow to save her stable mate. 

02:56 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Priest kicks out of the Edgecution, and spikes Edge with the Reckoning. However, he's not finished with Edge yet. Instead, he sets up for the spear, mocking the Hall of Famer's corner motion. Edge catches him with a South of Heaven, planting Priest for a two-count. 

02:54 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:54 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Damian Priest drives Edge through the announcer's desk with a Razor's Edge powerbomb! Back in the ring, though, Edge is able to kick out. Priest turns up the pressure, hammering his former mentor's face with his forearms. Priest drags Edge up the turnbuckle, but Edge is able to counter with an avalanche hurricanrana, sending Priest flying to the other corner! 

Edge runs in for the spear, only to be hit with a rolling kick. Priest opts for an Unprettier instead of The Reckoning. Edge barely manages to kick out. 

02:48 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:47 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Back in the ring, Edge and Priest trade boots, leveling one another and resetting the match, all things considered. Edge follows with a flapjack and a clothesline before catching Priest in the ropes with a rolling neckbreaker. 

02:46 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:43 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Priest goes low and follows with a shot to the jaw that drops the WWE Hall of Famer. Edge avoids a collision in the turnbuckle, and baits the big man to the floor for a clothesline. Priest loses his advantage as quickly as he gains it. After that, Edge powerbombs Priest onto the barricade, sending him tumbling into the timekeeper's area. 

02:41 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Damian Priest was the first wrestler Edge recruited into Judgment Day earlier this year. Tonight, we see if Frankenstein falls to Frankenstein's monster. 

Edge seems to have the upper hand early on, ducking and dodging the Archer of Infamy's offense, repeatedly sending him to the floor. 

02:38 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:35 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:34 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

It's time for the main event, folks! It's Damian Priest promising to retire Edge in Toronto!

02:34 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:34 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

This week, Edge and Trish Stratus returned to their hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Next week, we'll see Kurt Angle in Pittsburgh, PA. 

02:30 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:28 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:27 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:24 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:24 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Theory gives Gargano two options. Stand with him, or go away. He then teases their old no-look high-five. Instead of joining in, though, Gargano rocks Theory with a superkick. 

02:23 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:23 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Theory says that a lot's changed since he's seen Gargano. He's become the youngest ever US Champion, he's wrestled at WrestleMania, and he's already on his way to becoming WWE Champion. All the things Gargano's dreamed of, Theory's already accomplished. 

However, Theory says he couldn't have done any of this without his support. In NXT, Gargano took Theory under his wing. On RAW, though, things can be different. Theory can be Gargano's mentor!

02:20 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

For those unaware, Mr. MITB Theory used to be in a group with Gargano called "The Way" in NXT. The group also featured Gargano's wife Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. 

02:20 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Johnny Gargano says that he's missed us, and introduces himself to the fans who are unfamiliar in his work. The first-ever NXT Triple Crown Champion, the first three-time NXT North American Champion, and one of the greatest NXT Superstars to grace the brand. He says he wasn't sure if he wanted to keep doing this, but he looks back to when he was sitting with his six-month-old, "Baby Wrestling." He looked back to a time of becoming an Intercontinental Champion, a WWE Champion, and wrestling at WrestleMania. 

What kind of father would he be if he didn't prove to his son that you could achieve your dreams if you try hard enough? Gargano says he's here in Toronto to bet on himself, and Johnny Wrestling is back in WWE. Before he could go on, Theory interrupts. 

02:16 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:16 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:14 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Johnny Gargano's back!! It's Rebel Heart in Toronto!!

02:12 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:10 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:09 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

02:07 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Bobby tags in, and catches both Ciampa and Miz for a flat liner/DDT combination! The champion sets up for the spear, but Ciampa is able to roll to the floor and avoid disaster. Lashley drives Ciampa into the ring post and sets up for another spear. This time, Miz saves his protege. Unfortunately for the A-Lister, that earns him a clothesline from Bobby, but it also gives Ciampa a chance to hit Willow's Bell on the big man for a two-count.

Bobby blocks the Fairy Tale Ending and cuts Ciampa in half with the spear. 1-2-no! Miz breaks up the pin. As AJ and Miz fight to the floor, both men are attacked by mystery men. One is taken off of AJ just before they can do any damage. However, Miz isn't so lucky, and is dragged away by Dexter Lumis!

No Contest

After the match, Ciampa's hit with a Phenomenal Forearm and a spear for good measure.

02:00 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Ciampa takes Styles to the floor and slings him into the barricade, leaving the Phenomenal One in a rough spot. Ciampa applauds himself while Miz tears his shirt like Hulk Hogan. 

01:59 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

01:59 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

During the break, Miz and Ciampa take over. The duo tears AJ Styles to pieces while he's completely cut off from Bobby Lashley. 

01:55 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

01:54 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

AJ and Bobby are just dominating their opponents. AJ sends Miz to the floor, and the US Champion launches Ciampa with a military press over the ropes into his confidant's arms. 

01:53 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

AJ Styles and US Champion Bobby Lashley are in a tag match against Ciampa and The Miz. After blasting Ciampa with a standing dropkick, AJ hands him off to Lashley in mid-air for a stalling suplex. Lashley holds Ciampa long enough for AJ to walk to The Miz, talk some trash, and get back to his own corner. What incredible strength. 

01:47 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

01:46 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

01:43 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Aliyah sends Bayley to the floor and follows with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Back inside, though, it's not long before Bayley drops her with the Rose Plant. 

Bayley defeats Aliyah via pinfall. 

01:40 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Bayley traps Aliyah in a chin lock after a suplex, easily keeping the young star at bay. A sliding clothesline nearly takes Aliyah's head off, but it's not enough for a three-count.

01:38 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

01:38 (GMT)23 AUG 2022

Aliyah catches Bayley with a jackknife cover and a victory roll. Bayley kicks out both times and is turned overhead with a hip toss. Aliyah follows with a crossbody in the corner and a hurricanrana for another pinning attempt. Bayley finally gets her hands on her opponent, driving her into the corner and stomping her out. 
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