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WWE RAW Live Results (February 13, 2023): Brock Lesnar DESTROYED, Triple threat main-event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 14, 2023 04:01 GMT

Check out what happened live during WWE RAW.


04:01 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

04:00 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

04:00 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

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03:59 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Thanks for tuning in to Sportskeeda's live coverage of WWE RAW! Join us again for NXT on Tuesday night.

03:58 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

03:57 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

03:57 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

03:57 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Bianca grabs hold of Io Shirai and launches her over the ropes and into the women brawling at ringside. Becky is back in. Becky nails Bayley with a Manhandle Slam. Bianca immediately hits Becky Lynch with a KOD and pins Bayley! 1-2-3! What a main event!

Bianca Belair wins

03:54 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Dakota tries to help Bayley but the champ grabs her. Io catches her with a boot and Bayley rolls her up. Nearfall! The rest of the women in the Elimination Chamber now come out to take out Io and Dakota. Chaos at ringside.

03:53 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Becky with the Manhandle Slam! COVER! Io Shirai pulls Becky out of the ring and sends her face-first into the ringpost! 

03:52 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Bayley stacks Bianca and Becky and goes for a double elbow drop. Bianca rolls out of the way and breaks the cover. The EST picks up steam and takes down Bayley before hitting the 10-count punches to Becky. She then acrobatically dodges Bayley and hits her with a suplex. The champ goes for a moonsault but Bayley gets her knees up.

03:51 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

We're back from the commercial break. Damage CTRL are out at ringside now. Lynch sends the champ face-first into the turnbuckle. Lynch heads to the top rope but Belair cuts her off. Bayley is back in and powerbombs Belair while she has Becky in a suplex position. Bayley can't get the 3-count.

03:46 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Becky launches herself off the top rope and takes out Bayley, who had a submission hold locked in on the champion. Belair may have hurt her knee on that but seems to be okay. Becky hits a double DDT and covers Belair for a 2-count.

03:44 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Bayley chokes Bianca Belair against the middle rope. Becky Lynch is still out at ringside. Bayley goes for a ring hand but Belair blocks and hits back. The champ gets taken down with a belly-to-back suplex. Kickout!

03:43 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Bayley dumps Lynch out of the ring and hits the champ with an elbow strike. Ground and pound from Bayley as she tries to impose herself on this match.

03:42 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch vs Bayley

It's been quite a frantic start to this match. Bayley rolls out of the ring as Becky and Bianca go after eacg other. Becky makes a pin attempt but Bayley breaks it up.

03:40 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

03:37 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

All three competitors are in the ring. The match starts after the break!

03:36 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

03:26 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

03:26 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Judgement Day are backstage. Finn says that they beat Edge and Beth up again and it's freaking him out a little because he thinks they enjoy it. Priest says that at Elimination Chamber he's going to win the US title before predicting that Rhea will walk of of WrestleMania as SmackDown Women's Champion. 

03:19 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Adam Pearce is backstage with Chelsea Green. Green wants to be a part of the triple threat match later on tonight. She says she won't leave Pearce's office till she gets her way.

03:18 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Rick Boogs vs The Miz

Miz takes the mic and says the match isn't happening. The ref doesn't pay any attention and calls for the bell. Boogs takes down Miz and starts hitting curls with him. Miz now with a gorilla press and he slams The Miz down onto the mat. That's it! Boogs makes short work of The Miz.

Rick Boogs def. The Miz

03:12 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Theory jumps Seth Rollins from behind and takes him out with the A-Town Down. Both Rollins and Miz have been laid out. Miz needs to recover quick. He faces Rick Boogs NEXT!

03:10 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Rollins hits Miz with a wooden chair and looks for the Stomp. Austin Theory shows up at ringside and pulls Rollins out. Rollins takes Theory out and then hits The Miz with a Stomp.

03:09 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Rollins calls The Miz stupid and this ticks Miz off. Rollins asks the fans if Miz is stupid and they agree. Miz retorts and says he has main-evented WrestleMania, something Seth Rollins might never do.

03:08 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Rollins points at the WrestleMania sign and says Logan Paul doesn't give a damn about pro wrestling in the same way he does and other wrestlers do. He says Logan Paul is only interested in lining his own pockets and adds that all Logan Paul wants is attention. Rollins then finishes off by saying that what Logan Paul actually needs is getting his teeth kicked in.

03:05 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Rollins makes his way down to the ring. Miz makes fun of Rollins' boots before trying to get the former Universal Champion to comment on his 'feud' with Logan Paul.

03:01 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Up next it's Miz Tv. This week's guest is Seth Rollins.

02:53 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Reed takes Ali down in the middle of the ring and heads to the top rope. The 330 pound WWE star hits a Tsunami but Ali never had a realistic chance of kicking out of that.

Bronson Reed def. Mustafa Ali

02:50 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Ali dives off the apron but Reed catches him and tossed him into a row of chairs in the ring keeper's area.

02:50 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Bronson Reed vs Mustafa Ali

Reed is outclassing Ali in size and strength but Ali has been using his speed well early on. Reed dumps him over the top rope and he shows off his own agility, diving over the top rope and taking Ali out.

02:42 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Bronson Reed walks up to Gable, smiles, and walks away.

02:42 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Otis is backstage eating a hot dog but Gable stops him. He chucks it away and it hits Mansour. Maxine says that they are looking for a new face for their campaign and says she will be in touch with Otis.

02:40 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Carmella leaps off the middle rope. Raquell catches her but Asuka takes Raquel down with a boot to the head. Asuka turns on Nikki Cross and Carmella and takes them both out. She follows it up with a submission hold on Liv and forces her to tap out. Asuka dominates her own team and the opponents! The Empress is back to her fearsome and unpredictable best.

Asuka, Nikki Cross and Carmella win

02:38 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

We're back from the bread. Carmella has Natalya in a body lock. Natalya manages to maneuver out of it and hits a bodyslam. Nattie tags out. Liv and Nikki Cross tag in. Liv takes Nikki down and hits a running knee in the corner. Liv follows it up with a dropkick from the middle rope.

02:34 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Liv Morgan, Natalya and Raquel Rodriguez vs Asuka, Nikki Cross and Carmella

These six women will enter the Chamber this weekend. Carmella and Raquel start things off. Natalya tags in soon. Natalya immediately locks in the Sharpshooter but Nikki Cross wisely breaks it up.

02:32 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

We have 6-woman tag-team action next!

02:31 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

02:26 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

02:25 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

02:24 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Cody hits the Cross Rhodes to pick up the win. He didn't break into much of a sweat there.

Cody Rhodes def. Baron Corbin

02:23 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Baron Corbin vs Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is all over Baron Corbin as the match starts. They brawl at ringside, and Cody sends Corbin into the steel steps. Corbin rolls back into the ring to buy some time.

02:22 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Cody and Baron Corbin fight their way down to the ring and thye match is official.

02:21 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Baron Corbin is backstage with Cathy Kelly. He says he was the last man to bet Roman and adds that if Brock hadn't blindsided him at the Royal Rumble he would have won it and punched his ticket to Mania. Corbin starts running Cody Rhodes down and Cody attacks him from behind.

02:14 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Carmella is backstage. Nikki Cross walks up and says she was playing hide and seek with her new friend. Their teammate turns out to be the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka.

02:13 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

02:12 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Cody Rhodes adds one more thing. He doesn't want to see Sami on RAW next Monday because he would rather meet Sami at WrestleMania.

02:11 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Cody Rhodes comments on his own journey to main eventing WrestleMania. He says he needs to finish his own story while Sami needs to finish his.

02:08 (GMT)14 FEB 2023

Cody Rhodes says he doesn't have time for BS. He says what's more important was what Sami believed. Sami replies that Roman is actually as good as he is and the Bloodline always managing to help Roman pick up the win.
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