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  • WWE RAW Live Results (January 16, 2023): Cody Rhodes confirmed for Royal Rumble, Uncle Howdy makes another appearance

WWE RAW Live Results (January 16, 2023): Cody Rhodes confirmed for Royal Rumble, Uncle Howdy makes another appearance

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 17, 2023 04:04 GMT

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04:04 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

04:02 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

04:01 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

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04:00 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Lashley is distracted by Omos as Theory hits Lashley with the title. Omos now grabs Theory by the throat. Rollins takes out Omos with a stomp and dives at Theory. Rollins is on fire. He's back in the ring but MVP distracts him. Rollins hits MVP with a superkick but Lashley cuts him in half with a Spear. Lashley pins Rollins! It will be Lashley vs Theory for the title!

Bobby Lashley wins

03:58 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Omos takes out Rollins at ringside as Corbin rolls into the ring. Lashley breaks Corbin in half with a Spear and pins him.

Baron Corbin is eliminated

03:57 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Balor heads to the top rope and hits a Coupe de Grace. Before Balor can get to his feet, Rollins hits him with a Stomp and pins him.

Finn Balor is eliminated

03:56 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Lashley hits a double Flatliner to Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Rollins kicks out. Lashley with an elbow strike to Balor followed by a stalling  suplex. The fans erupt as Lashley goes for the Hurt Lock. MVP and Omos are out and Lashley has to take his eyes off the prize. Corbin hits Lashley with a clothesline. Balor takes Corbin down with a Slingblade. He then hits Lashley with a dropkick. 

03:54 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

It's Corbin going after Balor now. Rollins joins the fray and eats a series of right hands. Rollins hits back with a series of right hands but gets set packing out of the ring. Lashley has his sights on Corbin and the two big men trade strikes. Lashely with a clothesline in the corner followed by a series of shoulder chargers. He follows it up by sending Corbin crashing out of the ring.

03:49 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Seth Rollins hits Dolph Ziggler with a Pedigree and pins him.

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated

03:47 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Rollins and Ziggler face off in the ring and they both go after Corbin and Balor. Lashley pulls Corbin out and sends him into the steel steps. Ziggler tries to roll up Rollins and fails. Instead, he takes out Lashley and Corbin with a dive. Balor follows it up with a dive of his own to ringside.

03:46 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Balor and Rollins are going back and forth in the ring. Rollins then takes out Balor with a dive. Rollins takes a swig of water and spits it at Theory who's on the commentary desk. Ziggler and Rollins now go after Baron Corbin.

03:43 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

The Miz goes for a cover but Rollins hits him with a Curb Stomp and pins him.

The Miz is eliminated

03:40 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Finn Balor tries to roll The Miz up but is met with a series of kicks. Miz then takes Ziggler down and locks in a Figure 4.

03:39 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Lashley goes for a Spear on Rollins but crashes into the ringpost. Miz capitalizes with a Skull Crushing Finale but can't get the three-count. Miz then lays into Dolph Ziggler with a series of kicks and follows with one to Corbin. He then stacks up Ziggler for a 2-count and hits a big boot. Miz is dominating here!

03:38 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Rollins heads to the top rope but Corbin stops him. Balor and Corbin go for a double superplex and Lashley helps take everyone down.

03:37 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

We're back from the break and it's Ziggler and Balor inside the ring. Lashley is looking for a Spear on Corbin at ringside but JBL attacks him from behind. The Miz launches Ziggler into the time keeper's area.

03:34 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler vs Bobby Lashley vs Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor

Theory joins us as the match begins. It's a chaotic start to the match but we cut off to a commercial break almost immediately.

03:29 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

03:21 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Rollins says that after he wins the Rumble, he'll go to WrestleMania and kick Roman Reigns' ass.

03:20 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Seth Rollins is backstage with Byron Saxton ahead of the six-man main event to determine the #1 contender for the US title. Seth says he had his eyes set on the Royal Rumble but now has his sights set on winning back the US title.

03:19 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Bronson Reed with a terrifying powerbomb at ringside. Tozawa goes neck first into the barricade. Reed now heads to the apron and leaps off it, flattening Tozawa. Reed now heads to the top rope and hits Tozawa with a big splash. There was no way Tozawa was kicking out of that one.

Bronson Reed def. Akira Tozawa

03:16 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Akira Tozawa vs Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed is dominating this match in the opening stages. He bodyslams Tozawa and follows it up with by literally flattening Tozawa after charging at him.

03:13 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Bronson Reed will be in action next in his first match since his return to WWE a few weeks ago. He takes on Akira Tozawa.

03:09 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Bianca says she also wants Alexa tonight and both women square off on the entrance ramp. They brawl into the fans and it's all Bianca now as she lays down rights and lefts. The champ sets up two chairs and goes for a KOD but Uncle Howdy appears and distracts the champ. Bliss takes advantage of the situation and takes Bianca out.

03:06 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Alexa says that Bianca fears her because she doesn't know what to expect from her. Bianca cuts her off and asks her if she wants to enter the Rumble match or go one on one with her at the Rumble PPV. Bliss asks the champ what the catch is and she Bianca just says the choice is in Bliss' hands. Bliss accepts the title match!

03:05 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Belair now calls out Alexa Bliss and wants to see if she has the guts to face her in the ring and say the things she said last week. Bliss' music hits and she definitely has the guts to say it to the champ's face.

03:04 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Bianca Belair is back on RAW and she says that she's still the RAW Women's Champion despite being attacked by Alexa Bliss. We get EST chants from the fans.

03:01 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

03:01 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

02:53 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Dakota tries to get involved from ringside but Candice stops her. Io takes out Candice with a dropkick. Mia Yim takes advantage and hits the Eat The Feet and gets the win.

Mia Yim def. Io Sky

02:52 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Sky wants to hit a hurricanrana but Mia Yim blocks it and hits a running neckbreaker. Both Superstars are down. Yim blocks multiple strikes and takes Sky down with a faceplant. She then hits a running dropkick.

02:51 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

02:51 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Io Sky vs Mia Yim

It's been back and forth for the opening moments off this match. Neither Superstar has managed to take control. Sky counters a boot and grounds Yim, locking in a crossface.

02:50 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Up next, it's Mia Yim versus Io Sky. Dakota Kai and Candice are at ringside for this.

02:38 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

02:38 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Gable and Dominik brawl at ringside as Priest takes Otis down from the middle rope. Gable with a suplex to Priest. Dominik tries to roll Gable up but gets caught in an ankle lock. Gable is busy trying to get the win Rhea Ripley distracts the referee. Priest hits him with the South of Heaven. Dominik now pins Gable for the win. Good team work by Judgement Day.

Judgement Day def. Gable and Otis

02:37 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Otis with a bodyslam to Damian Priest but only gets a two-count. Priest boots him in the face as Dominik tags back in. Otis takes out both men. Otis nails Priest with a Caterpillar!

02:35 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

We're back from the break and Priest is back to dominating this match. Gable takes him down out of nowhere and leaps off the top rope. Both men tag out. It's Dom and Otis who are legal.

02:30 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Priest sends Gable crashing out of the ring. He lands hard as we cut to commercial.

02:29 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Damian Priest and Dominik vs Alpha Academy

Dominik and Gable start things off but Dom tags out in seconds. Gable has a bodylock hold locked in but Priest sends him crashing out to ringside. Gable is back in and locks in the hold again. Great wrestling by Gable but his drop toehold can't take Priest down. Gable locks in an ankle lock but Priest immediately grabs the top rope.

02:27 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

We have tag-team action up next. It's Damian Priest and Dominik taking on Alpha Academy.

02:19 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

02:17 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Back in the ring, Elias hits Omos with three kicks and heads to the top rope. Omos grabs Elias by the neck and slams him into the mat. It's all over.

Omos def. Elias

Omos has also been declared for the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble.

02:16 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Elias vs Omos

MVP's client turns out to be Omos. Not a surprise. Omos is all over Elias as the match begins and spills out to ringside. Elias wants to charge at Omos but MVP blocks him. Elias grabs his guitar but Omos grabs it and destroys it.

02:07 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Dolph Ziggler is backstage getting ready for the main event. Ali is still upset with him and Dolph says he has no time today. Ali responds by striking Dolph across the back of the head.

02:05 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Becky says that Bayley needs to face her without Dakota and Io by her side and challenges her to a steel cage match next week. Bayley is a little hesitant but she agrees to it. This will be one fantastic match.

02:04 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Becky says that she works hard every day to be where she's at while Bayley just complains and whines when things don't go her way.

02:02 (GMT)17 JAN 2023

Becky says Bayley peaked in 2015. Bayley says she ran NXT in 2015 while Becky ran to the main roster and stole her spot. She says she was robbed of her spot on RAW, SmackDown and at WrestleMania.
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