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WWE RAW Live Results (June 3rd, 2024): Judgment Day dominate as multiple world champions taken out

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 04, 2024 03:10 GMT

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03:10 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Thanks for following us, folks! We'll see you tomorrow night for WWE NXT!

Full Results:
Ludwig Kaiser defeats Sheamus via pinfall.
Finn Balor defeats Dragon Lee via pinfall. 
Bron Breakker defeats Ricochet via pinfall.
Kiana James defeats Natalya via pinfall. 
Braun Strowman defeats Carlito via pinfall. 
Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill defeat Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler via DQ. 
Final Testament defeat New Day via pinfall. 
Damian Priest defeats Rey Mysterio via pinfall.

03:06 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Well, you know what they say. If you clear the table, you're going through it.

03:06 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Drew has only one thing on his mind, and it's not CM Punk!

03:06 (GMT)4 JUN 2024


03:05 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

If the 619 can't do it, what can?!

03:05 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

The man can still fly like it's the 90s!

02:59 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

As Priest attempts to celebrate, he's laid out by Drew McIntyre! The Scottish Warrior spikes him with the Future Shock DDT and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship. He sets up for the Claymore on Priest, only to be stopped by The Judgment Day, who he eliminates one by one. 
McIntyre clears off the announcer's desk, but Priest sends him crashing through it with the South of Heaven chokeslam! 

02:58 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Carlito tries to interfere but is taken down by Dragon Lee. The Judgment Day joins in, taking out Lee, only to be flattened by a corkscrew plancha from Rey.

Back inside the ring, Priest catches Rey for a destructive high-angle South of Heaven chokeslam!

Damian Priest defeats Rey Mysterio via pinfall. 

02:56 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Priest takes Rey up for an avalanche Razor's Edge, but Rey escapes. He follows with an avalanche hurricanrana, and sends Priest into the ropes for the 619!! 1-2-no, Priest STILL kicks out!!

02:54 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Rey spikes Priest with a DDT. He goes for a springboard splash, but Priest catches him out of mid-air and drops him on the ring post before leveling him with a JBL-esque clothesline that nearly takes Rey's mask off. 

02:53 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Mysterio finally gets the better of Priest as he sends the champ face-first into the turnbuckle. Priest catches him on the apron for an attempt at a chokeslam, but Rey turns it into a leaping enziguiri. He moves up top for the seated senton and follows with a springboard crossbody! 1-2-no! Priest kicks out!

02:50 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Back from the break, Priest is still on top of the WWE Hall of Famer. The World Champion promises that he's gonna put Rey down for good. He rocks Mysterio with a nasty right hand, sending him to the floor. As he tells Mysterio to stay down, the multi-time world champion gets back in the ring. 

02:46 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Damian Priest hoofs Mysterio with a nasty boot and follows with a Broken Arrow, incredibly early, for a two-count. Mysterio sends Priest to the floor for a springboard moonsault. Rey brings Priest back in the ring, but the World Heavyweight Champion catches him mid-move and drops him with a spinning flatliner.

02:41 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

"They have beaten everyone? Well they haven't beaten us!"

02:40 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

The Final Testament may have closed the book here

02:35 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

The Unholy Union are interviewed backstage, frustrated that the tag champs are "handing out title matches." Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are upset that Shayna and Zoey claim to have beaten everyone, as they haven't beaten The Unholy Union!

02:34 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

After the match, Kross screams at Xavier. "Stop listening to him, Woods! I tried to tell you!"

02:34 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Akam is stunned by a superkick, and when Xavier Woods tries to go for a tag, Karrion Kross distracts Kofi Kingston! Woods is flattened by Akam, and AOP flatten him with their neckbreaker/powerbomb combination.

Final Testament/AOP defeats The New Day via pinfall. 

02:32 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Xavier Woods starts off with Rezar, and the big man dominates the former King of the Ring. Akam tags in and hits a running kitchen sink knee strike that turns Woods inside out. Woods is in a lot of trouble here...Didn't Karrion Kross threaten Kofi Kingston? Why are they focusing on Woods?

02:30 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

What's gotten into IYO SKY?!

02:30 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

After a slight stumble over his own tongue, Jey Uso reveals he's going for the Money in the Bank!

02:25 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Lyra mentions Money in the Bank, but before she can continue, she's attacked by IYO SKY, the woman she eliminated from the Queen of the Ring Tournament! IYO's gone mad!

02:24 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Backstage, Lyra Valkyria is asked about Becky Lynch's situation. She says she knows Becky will be back when she's ready, and when she does, Liv Morgan won't be champion for much longer. 

02:23 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Well, he did stumble over himself a bit. "I'm gonna climb to the ladder...uh...climb to the TOP of the ladder!"

02:22 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Main Event Jey Uso is out next, and he cuts a promo with the crowd. He thanks the fans for YEETing with him all this time. He says he's got a plan this summer, and it's to become Mr. Money in the Bank!

02:21 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

This is gonna be a slobber knocker!

02:16 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

In Stereo!

02:16 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Damian Priest is interviewed backstage ahead of his main event match with Rey Mysterio. He says he hopes this is the last time he has to deal with Mysterio (They're both tied against one another, 2-2. This is the tiebreaker.). 

When asked about Liv Morgan, he brushes the question aside. At this point, Drew McIntyre walks into the frame to confront the man he'll be facing at Clash at the Castle a week from Friday. Drew tells him this is the height of his career, so he should enjoy it while it lasts. Come Clash, it all ends. 

02:14 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

After the match, Shayna and Zoey join The Unholy Union in assaulting the champs. 

02:13 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Zoey and Shayna go for their finish, the alley-oop into a knee strike. Jade pulls Shayna to the floor, but the Queen of Spades gets the better of her. Back in the ring, Bianca plants Zoey with the K.O.D., only for the Unholy Union to interrupt!

Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair defeat Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler via DQ. 

02:11 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Back from the break, Jade Cargill and Shayna Baszler are on the mat. We're told that Shayna took control during the break, but Cargill planted her with a fallaway slam as we came back. 

Bianca and Zoey tag in, and the EST of WWE takes on the challengers in a 2-on-1 affair. She hammers Zoey in the corner and drops Shayna with a backbreaker. Zoey is hit with a handspring moonsault, but Zoey responds with a superkick after Shayna distracts Bianca.

02:06 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Shayna Baszler and her NXT rival Bianca Belair kick things off. Bianca tags out to Jade, leading to some impressive tag team moves. As Bianca tags back in, Zoey rocks her with a springboard dropkick. 

Jade gets back in and dominates Zoey Stark. Shayna tries to stop a stalling suplex but is cut off by Bianca Belair. The champions plant the challengers with tandem stalling suplexes!

02:05 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

They want a tag title match TONIGHT, and GM Adam Pearce approves! It's time for a WWE Women's Tag Team Title match!

02:01 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

A killer entrance if there ever was one

02:01 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Next up are the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions! Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair come out in gear, ready to call out their challengers, Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler. 

02:00 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

What was that about?!

01:53 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

The Judgment Day jumps Braun, and at first, it looks like he's dominating them 4-on-1. Dom falls to the floor but is saved by Liv Morgan, who stands between Dom and Braun. 

This distraction allows JD and the rest of the group to take out Braun. Finn and Carlito hold him down while JD hammers his right knee with a steel chair!

01:52 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Carlito surprises Braun with an immediate and aggressive offense, but Bron shakes it off and trucks him, sending him crashing to the mat. Braun hammers Carlito down with a clubbing blow to the chest and launches him across the ring with a ball throw. Judgment Day attempts to run down and interfere, but Braun sends them packing before hitting a reverse chokeslam on Carlito for the win.

Braun Strowman defeats Carlito via pinfall.

01:49 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Next up is Braun Strowman and Carlito. Does Carlito realistically stand a chance here? Well, he did defeat John Cena before, so maybe.  

01:45 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

New Day is backstage being interviewed ahead of their match with AOP later tonight. Karrion Kross interrupts, and Kofi Kingston tells him his boys will be learning "The Hard Way" tonight, the way that Kross claims he enjoys his lessons. As Kofi walks off, Kross holds up Woods, telling him, "After tonight, you won't ever have to follow him around again." 

What does that mean?

01:42 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

The One Percent impresses in her debut!

01:42 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Kiana drives Nattie into the corner and follows with a series of stomps. Nattie responds with the discus clothesline and slams Kiana face-first into the mat.
Kiana escapes a back suplex but is dumped with a release German. Kiana avoids the Sharpshooter and plants Natalya with the 401K, a running spin-out facebuster.

Kiana James defeats Natalya via pinfall. 

01:39 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

Kiana James makes her RAW debut next. The former NXT Tag Champion was drafted on the second day of the WWE Draft and has been seen several times backstage talking to The Miz and Adam Pearce. She now faces Natalya, a tough match-up for her first on the main roster. 

01:35 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

We see slow motion and the Patistrator as Pat McAfee shows the stress Dirty Dom was under when Liv Morgan attempted to seduce him earlier on. Please, WWE, keep the Patistrator. 

01:33 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

After the match, Bron continues the assault. It looks like he's going to try and end Ricochet's career with the steel steps, but he's stopped by Ilja Dragunov!! The Mad Dragon has seen enough!!

01:32 (GMT)4 JUN 2024


01:28 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

The WWE Speed Champion goes to the top, once again looking for a big finish. Breakker chases him to the top rope for an avalanche Frankensteiner! He follows with the BEST SPEAR IN THE BUSINESS!

Bron Breakker defeats Ricochet via pinfall. 

01:26 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

We return from the commercial to see Bron staring at Samantha Irvin after laying out her fiance. Ricochet gets some revenge, countering a military press slam with a DDT. He hits a springboard moonsault for a two-count. This is the best anyone's looked against Bron since he came up! Bron avoids the dive, and as he goes for a spear, he's rocked with a superkick! Ricochet hit the Recoil as well, but it's not enough. 

01:23 (GMT)4 JUN 2024

In a rare circumstance, a current champion is the underdog against a rookie!
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