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WWE RAW Results August 13th 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 14, 2018 08:54 IST

What will happen on the go-home show of RAW?


08:54 (IST)14 AUG 2018

***Spoiler warning; the following contains spoilers for tonight's episode of RAW.
Here's what happened on tonght's episode of RAW:

Ember Moon def. Alexa Bliss via DQ
Baron Corbin def. Tyler Breeze
Braun Strowman & Finn Balor def. Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens
The B Team def. The Revival & The Destroyers of Worlds
Brock Lesnar attacked Roman Reigns
Titus Worldwide & Bobby Roode def. The Author's of Pain & Mojo Rawley
Ruby Riott def. Sasha Banks
Seth Rollins announced that Dean Ambrose will be in his corner at SummerSlam

08:46 (IST)14 AUG 2018

SummerSlam just got interesting! With that explosive revelation, RAW comes to a close and this is Jojo, signing off. 

08:44 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Drew and Dolph face Rollins and Ambrose in the ring and Ambrose takes out Dolph before Seth hit a superkick on Drew and Ambrose hit him with the Dirty Deeds.

08:43 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Seth said he waited to show up intentionally until Dolph signed the contract because he was afraid Dolph might refuse after what he had to say. Seth announces that Dean Ambrose will be in his corner at SummerSlam and Ambrose makes his return after several months.

08:38 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Drew and Dolph kept yapping about how awesome they are and says they don't care about the WWE Universe or the company. The audience chants Burn in Down and Seth finally makes his entrance.

08:37 (IST)14 AUG 2018

08:34 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Kurt Angle was in the ring and announced that Roman Reigns was cleared by the medical team after tonight's attack but calls Lesnar the worst champion ever. Dolph and Drew interrupt him and asks Angle to cancel the match already. Angle introduces Seth twice but no one shows up.

08:27 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Backstage, Seth was still nowhere to be seen and Corbin said the IC title match for SummerSlam wil be cancelled if he didn't reach the arena in time.

08:25 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Bayley took out Morgan but the damage was done and Banks took the pinfall in the ring.

Ruby Riott def. Sasha Banks

08:23 (IST)14 AUG 2018

We returned to see Banks still in trouble but she hit back with some big chops and hit an arm drag. Banks hit a big suicide dive but Liv Morgan interfered and hit Banks while the official was distracted.

08:18 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Sasha rolled up Riott a couple of times but no falls occur. Riott resumes her assault on Banks' arm as we head to another commercial break.

08:17 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riott

Riott took control early but Sasha catches her in a hold. Riott went for a rollup but Sasha reversed it into the Banks Statement. Banks missed the baseball slide and Riott sent her into the steel steps. 

08:16 (IST)14 AUG 2018

08:15 (IST)14 AUG 2018

08:05 (IST)14 AUG 2018

 The B Team will face the Revival in a title match at the SummerSlam kickoff show

07:57 (IST)14 AUG 2018

The Author's of Pain & Mojo Rawley vs. Titus Worldwide & Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode took out Mojo with an elbow from up high but Rezar broke the following pin. Roode hit the Glorious DDT for the quick win while the announce team spent most of the match talking about that happened with Roman Reigns.

Titus Worldwide & Bobby Roode def. The Author's of Pain & Mojo Rawley

07:47 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:46 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Reigns was stirring and sat up as Brock was on his way out but he saw Roman get up and went back for an F5, taking out Reigns one final time.

07:45 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:45 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:45 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:44 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Brock took out Reigns and held on the Kimura lock while Roman passed out completely.

07:43 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Lesnar came out on cue and reigns was effectively blind. The plot twist came sooner than I expected.

07:42 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Roman says Heyman is drowning and there's no saving him. Paul brings up stories from when he was 15 or 16  and riding with Reigns' father and uncle. Paul speaks in Samoan, reminding him of his father's words and asks Reigns to give him an answer at SummerSlam but then maces him in the face!

07:39 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Heyman apologizes and proceeds to make his case for Roman letting him manage him. I smell a plot twist at SummerSlam, given that Roman agrees.

07:38 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Reigns says he already beat Lesnar once as Saudi Arabia and that he would've won sooner if it wasn't for Heyman.

07:37 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Roman Reigns came out and said some generic things about beating Brock at SummerSlam. Paul Heyman came out and said he will help Roman win by giving him some secret tips. He wants to be on Reigns' corner on Sunday and assures Reigns that he will win if he agrees.

07:25 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:24 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Hardy hit a superplex on Dawson to the outside and they add to the dog-pile. The Revival and Wyatt returned to the ring and Bray took the Shatter Machine but Axle broke the pin and stole the victory, retaining their titles

The B Team def. The Revival & The Destroyers of Worlds

07:20 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Bray was tagged in as we came back and took out the Revival and Axle stepped in. Dash hit a suicide dive and Bray caught him and threw him on the apron as Bo hit his real life brother Bray with a suicide dive.

07:15 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Hardy hit a flying elbow and Dawson got the tag as the Revival hit Matt with a double team move. Dawson was in control as he tagged in Wilder and we headed for a commercial break.

07:13 (IST)14 AUG 2018

The B Team (c) vs. The Destroyers of Worlds vs. The Revial - RAW Tag Team Title Match

Wilder and Bo kicked us off and Dawson was tagged in immediately as they hit a double team move. Hardy and Wilder were legal as Bo left the ring and Hardy was in control

07:07 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:04 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Backstage, the B Team discuss their chances of winning against the Destroyers of Worlds ad Bo thinks they might be in trouble. Axle is confident though and they leave the lockers hyped for the match.

07:03 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:01 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Bobby Lashley steps to the to face Ricky Roberts and while Lashley was getting ready, Ricky breaks a guitar on the back of his head. Lashley wipes out Ricky with a huge slam.

07:01 (IST)14 AUG 2018

07:01 (IST)14 AUG 2018

06:58 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Elias takes the opportunity to plug his merchandise and asks Rciky to defeat Bobby Lashley in the WWE ring to prove he can be like Elias too.

06:55 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Local country musician Ricky Roberts introduced us to his favorite musician, Elias.

06:51 (IST)14 AUG 2018

06:50 (IST)14 AUG 2018

06:49 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Backstage, Kurt was trying to reach Seth for the SummerSlam title match contract signing and Dolph and Drew want to take a look at the contract.

06:49 (IST)14 AUG 2018

06:49 (IST)14 AUG 2018

06:48 (IST)14 AUG 2018

06:47 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Corbin came in as Balor was celebrating and hit him with the End of Days. 

06:47 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Finn threw Mahal outside and made the tag. Braun wipes out Jinder and Sunil and KO on the outside. Back in the ring, Strowman hit the running powerbomb and got the three count over the Maharaja

Braun Strowman & Finn Balor def. Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens

06:42 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Jinder had a hold locked in on Finn and KO was tagged in again and hit an elbow drop. KO mocked Stowman and tagged in Jinder who stopped Finn from making the tag.

06:37 (IST)14 AUG 2018

Balor is tagged in and Braun picks him up an drops him on Mahal. Finn hit a drop kick and KO pulled Finn by the leg as Braun ran after him. KO joined Jinder and Balor hit them both with a suicide dive.
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