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  • WWE RAW Results, Live Commentary, Updates & Highlights, January 28th 2019; Rollins makes decision on whom he will face at WM35

WWE RAW Results, Live Commentary, Updates & Highlights, January 28th 2019; Rollins makes decision on whom he will face at WM35

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 29, 2019 09:34 IST

Raw after Royal Rumble is here! What surprises does WWE have in store on the Road to WrestleMania?


09:34 (IST)29 JAN 2019

That's it for today's RAW. This is Nishant, bidding you goodbye until next time!

These are the results from today's show: 

- Seth Rollins defeats Dean Ambrose
- Nia Jax and Tamina defeat Mickie James and Alexa Bliss
- Baron Corbin defeats Kurt Angle
- The Revival defeat Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
- Riott Squad defeats Natalya and Dana Brooke
- Ronda Rousey defeats Bayley
- Braun Strowman defeats Drew McIntyre (By DQ)

09:32 (IST)29 JAN 2019

09:31 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Rollins shouts at Lesnar and asks him if that's all he got. Lesnar lands another F5 on Rollins, to end the show. 

09:31 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Lesnar lays down the Universal title in the ring and then lands a fifth F5 on Rollins, as boos ring out in the stadium. 

09:30 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Lesnar then lands another F5 on Rollins! We may not even learn who Rollins wants to face at WrestleMania 35. Lesnar lands another F5 on the Royal Rumble champion. Then, another F5! Four F5s!!

09:29 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Seth Rollins now arrives at the ring and goes face-to-face with Lesnar. Lesnar smiles at him and then lands a few kicks on Lesnar, before Lesnar is F5'd by the Universal Champion. 

09:27 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Heyman says that the last thing that anyone wants to do in the planet is to fight Brock Lesnar. 

09:26 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Paul Heyman says that choosing Daniel Bryan as his opponent should be the easiest decision for Seth Rollins. 

09:25 (IST)29 JAN 2019

09:24 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Seth Rollins is announced to enter the ring by the ring announcer, but Universal champion Brock Lesnar's music hits!

09:24 (IST)29 JAN 2019

09:18 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Corbin and McIntyre then chokeslam Strowman into the steps, as Strowman lays on the floor. 

09:18 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Corbin's head is then driven into the steps by Strowman, but McIntyre then lands a Claymore Kick on Strowman. 

09:16 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Strowman picks up the stairs to his McIntyre, but he's attacked by Baron Corbin from behind and then hit with the chair. Strowman then punches the chair and drives Corbin into the barricade and then the steps! He then drives McIntyre into the barricade, and then shoulder slams Corbin. 

09:15 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Back from the break, McIntyre has Strowman in the sleeper hold; Strowman counters with a sideslam. Strowman lands a huge punch on McIntyre and then a huge club to the chest. McIntyre is then clotheslined to the outside. McIntyre counters and pushes Strowman into the ring post; Strowman then throws McIntyre back to the outside. 

09:12 (IST)29 JAN 2019

09:10 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Strowman follows McIntyre to the outside, but some smart thinking by McIntyre puts Strowman head first into the barricade on the outside. 

09:09 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Next, we have a singles match between Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman. McIntyre lands a few chops and then a big boot. Strowman shoulder barges McIntyre to the floor. 

09:02 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Backstage, Braun Strowman congratulates Seth Rollins on his victory at Royal Rumble and tells him that he earned it last night.

09:01 (IST)29 JAN 2019

09:01 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Rousey tells Lynch that she's been main eventing for a decade and that Lynch was in the pre-show last WrestleMania while she stole the show at WM35. 

09:00 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Lynch promises Rousey that she will take her title at WM35. Rousey gets on the mic and is welcomed to a barrage of boos. Rousey tells Lynch that she can break her face and that she can kill her without breaking a sweat. 

08:58 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Lynch tells Ronda how she told her that they would face off once again. Lynch says that she's on RAW to prove to Rousey that she isn't the baddest woman in the planet. Lynch then announces that she wants to face Rousey at WrestleMania 35!

08:56 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:55 (IST)29 JAN 2019

The 2019 Women's Royal Rumble winner limps to the ring as the two see eye-to-eye. 

08:54 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Bayley and Rousey shake hands, and then Becky Lynch's music hits! The Man is on RAW!

08:53 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Bayley puts Rousey to the second rope, but wriggles free, and then brings Bayley down and puts her in an armbar, and Bayley taps out.

Ronda Rousey defeats Bayley

08:52 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Back from the break, Bayley is in control of the match as she lands a kick to Rousey on the outside. She goes for the pinfall but Rousey kicks out at 2. The former champ then goes to the top rope and lands an elbow, and then puts Rousey in a submission. Rousey reaches the rope and breaks the submission hold. 

08:47 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Bayley then lands a Bayley To Belly on the outside which lands Rousey onto the barricade. 

08:46 (IST)29 JAN 2019

... but Rousey counters, and disrupts the submission, as both women roll out of the ring. 

08:46 (IST)29 JAN 2019

She then lands an elbow on Bayley's face but Bayley just about kicks out. Bayley counters and puts Rousey in a knee bar!

08:45 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Rousey somehow gets some energy and lands a clothesline and then a few takedowns, but seems like she's hurting a lot.

08:43 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Back from the break, Bayley has the match in control, continuing to work on Rousey's knee. 

08:40 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:39 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Bayley goes after Rousey immediately but Rousey counters and puts Bayley in the armbar by the ring ropes. Bayley then lands a neckbreaker on the champ, but Rousey just kicks out. 

Rousey tweaks her knee and Bayley goes to work on it. 

08:36 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Rousey and Bayley will face off in singles competition for the RAW Women's title. 

08:35 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:35 (IST)29 JAN 2019

She then calls out Becky Lynch but before she can continue, Bayley interrupts her. It looks like Bayley is going to challenge Ronda Rousey in tonight's Open Challenge. 

08:34 (IST)29 JAN 2019

RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey is in the ring, and she's receiving a ton of boos as the crowd chants for Becky Lynch. Rousey talks about her match against Sasha Banks and how her match last night was her best. 

08:28 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:26 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Logan is tagged in, who uses her power to lift Brooke, and a double team works in favour of the Riott Squad. Brooke tags in Natalya who goes to work with a kick to the back; Natalya then puts Morgan in the sharpshooter, but a distraction helps Morgan to break the submission, and then a roll-up cover by Morgan on Natalya results in a three count for the Riott Squad.

Riott Squad defeats Natalya and Dana Brooke

08:24 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Next, we have another qualifying match between the tag team of Dana Brooke and Natalya, and The Riott Squad. Morgan and Brooke face off. Brooke lands a kick to Morgan's head, and then a clothesline on the outside. 

Before the match, a cocky Brooke told her tag team partner that she's better than her. 

08:22 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:17 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Road Dogg and Jeff Jarrett now sing the "With My Baby Tonight" match but Elias is not impressed. He hits Road Dogg and then Jarrett and Elias go at it! Jarrett lands quite a few punches on Elias. Jarrett is smashed with a guitar by Elias once again. 

08:15 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:14 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:14 (IST)29 JAN 2019

... and now it's Road Dogg's turn to make an appearance! Road Dogg is also annoyed about Elias not playing for the fans and just for himself. 

08:12 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Elias is in the ring, and he isn't happy with the crowd. He says he writes songs for himself now and not the crowd. He seems to have turned heel, but before he can play his guitar, Jeff Jarrett interrupts him once again! Like last night!

08:04 (IST)29 JAN 2019

08:03 (IST)29 JAN 2019

Backstage, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is asked if he can beat Seth Rollins. Bryan says he will not wait until WrestleMania and that he will end Rollins' WrestleMania hopes tonight on RAW. 
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