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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (8th February 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 09, 2021 09:32 IST

What will happen when Drew McIntyre and Sheamus come face to face on RAW this week?


09:32 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Well, that's it for tonight folks, yet another brilliant show from WWE. This show was absolutely stacked and paints a clear picture of what to expect going forward in WWE. 

The Elimination Chamber might be an amazing show. 

With that being said, thanks for joining us today, I've been Anirban. Join us again for AEW and NXT later in the week.

09:30 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:30 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Randy lines up Drew McIntyre for the RKO. He's getting ready for it, but McIntyre reverses and hits the Future Shock DDT. McIntyre stares Orton down and then avoids Sheamus' Brogue Kick. Sheamus hits Orton instead. 

The match ends without a definite conclusion, as Drew hits Sheamus with the Claymore. He is still standing tall. 

09:28 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:27 (IST)9 FEB 2021

McIntyre hits the Glasgow Kiss. But Orton goes for the Hanging DDT. 

09:27 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:27 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Orton hits the Superplex, and both men are hurt. Orton rolls into the cover, but McIntyre kicks out. 

09:26 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Orton and McIntyre battle in the corner on the top rope. 

09:26 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:26 (IST)9 FEB 2021

McIntyre is up and tries the Future Shock DDT, but Orton reverses with the Jackknife Cover. 

McIntyre hits a neckbreaker for a near-fall. 

09:25 (IST)9 FEB 2021

McIntyre tries to fight back and hits some clubbing blows on Orton. They exchange some big shots and Randy this McIntyre with the kick and then tosses him overhead. He hits another suplex over his head from the corner. 

09:23 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Randy Orton sends McIntyre spine-first into the table. He is in some trouble here. 

09:23 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:18 (IST)9 FEB 2021

McIntyre tried to hit the Hanging DDT on Orton, but before the match can continue, Sheamus causes a distraction by rushing out and Randy Orton takes advantage of the distraction and sends him into the post. 

09:18 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:17 (IST)9 FEB 2021

It's time for yet another edition of McIntyre and Randy Orton. The two have not stopped feuding since SummerSlam. 

09:10 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:06 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Shayna was so bust with Lana, that Naomi took the advantage and rolled up Shayna for the win.

Naomi defeats Shayna Baszler

09:06 (IST)9 FEB 2021

09:05 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Shayna charges at Noami, but Naomi avoids it. She hits a Hurricanrana on Baszler. She has some trouble as Baszler locks in the Kirafuda Clutch, but Naomi gets to the ropes. Baszler attacks Lana. 

09:03 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Naomi and Shayna Baszler are up next and Baszler is going after the left arm of Naomi. 

09:03 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Naomi vs Shayna Baszler

08:59 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:59 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:59 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:58 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Lana almost manages to push Nia into the tables. Lana is facing some issue as she is dropped but gets out of the way of the leg drop on the apron from Nia, and she's hurt.

Nia screams in anger and walks outside the ring. Lana charges at Jax and puts her through a table. That's it.

Lana defeats Nia Jax

08:56 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Nia Jax slams Lana into the turnbuckle, but Lana dodges the elbow and the charge by Nia Jax. She hits the Switch Kick on Nia. Nia mows her down. 

08:54 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Nia Jax cranks on the injured leg of Lana.

08:54 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Nia hits a huge powerbomb on Lana as things get underway. 

08:51 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:49 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Now, it's time for a match that has been a long-time coming, Nia Jax vs Lana in a Tables Match

08:38 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:37 (IST)9 FEB 2021

He sends the steps into Lee face-first. Lee is hurt as Lashley poses with his US title. 

08:36 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:36 (IST)9 FEB 2021

After the match, Bobby Lashley attacks Lee and hits him with a Spinebuster, hurting him. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock on Riddle, shaking him around, and hits Lee with a clothesline outside. He sends him into the post and takes apart the steps. 

08:34 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Lee gets Riddle up and slams him on the turnbuckle. Riddle hits the Final Flash, but Lee bounces off the ropes and hits the Spirit Bomb.

That's it.

Keith Lee defeats Riddle

08:33 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Riddle hits repeated Bro-Tons. He gets Lee up but Lee stops the Final Flash knee strike. He tries the Spirit Bomb but Riddle goes for the Triangle. 

08:32 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Lee hits Riddle with a German Suplex. Riddle fights back and goes for the Exploder, but Lee stops it. They reverse each other's moves and Riddle hits Lee with a flying knee, but Lee kicks out. He goes for the Floating Bro. He hits it. 

Riddle covers Keith Lee, but Lee powers out at 2. 

08:31 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:30 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Keith Lee tosses Riddle into the turnbuckle and continues to show his dominance in the ring. He grabs Riddle and hits a huge elbow on Riddle. 

08:29 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Riddle continues the attack on Keith Lee, but Lee charges out and throws down Riddle. 

08:28 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:27 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Keith Lee stops an arm triangle by Riddle simply by throwing him off. He tosses Riddle around with a gut wrench 

08:27 (IST)9 FEB 2021

08:26 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Keith Lee and Riddle are set to face each other in the ring now. 

08:24 (IST)9 FEB 2021

Bianca Belair is congratulated by Asuka backstage, and the Empress says that despite winning, Belair is not ready for Asuka. 

Belair says she's ready for Asuka, but Lacey Evans is not. She says that if Asuka can defeat Evans at Elimination Chamber, Bianca Belair might face Asuka at WrestleMania. 

08:21 (IST)9 FEB 2021

This is going to be a first-time-ever matchup on RAW.
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