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  • WWE Royal Rumble Live Results (28th January, 2023): Brock Lesnar eliminated in 3 minutes, Multiple Superstars return, Sami Zayn turns on Roman Regins!

WWE Royal Rumble Live Results (28th January, 2023): Brock Lesnar eliminated in 3 minutes, Multiple Superstars return, Sami Zayn turns on Roman Regins!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 29, 2023 05:41 GMT

Brock Lesnar stunned at the Royal Rumble, Two incredible Rumble matches as well as the first-ever Pitch Black match.


05:41 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:37 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:31 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:29 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:26 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:23 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:23 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Thanks for joining our live coverage of Royal Rumble 2023. What a night. And what a finish to the show! We'll be back on Monday for RAW. While you wait, check out these videos from our YouTube channel.

05:22 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:17 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman goes back to attacking Sami Zayn. Zayn is lying motionless in the middle of the ring. Is this the end of The Bloodline as we know it?

05:15 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Jey Uso ends up leaving the ring and walking away. He's in tears. He's walking away. Is Jey Uso leaving The Bloodline?

05:14 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

The Bloodline are all over Sami Zayn now. He's getting DESTROYED. Jey Uso looks like he's about to cry and Roman turns to him looking concerned.

05:13 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman Reigns says that KO doesn't care about him. He says that he loves Sami Zayn and if he wants to be a part of The Bloodline he has to go through with this. Sami looks very hesitant and Roman gets in his face. Sami looks like he's aboyut to retaliate for a second and in the end takes out Roman Reigns!

05:11 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman is about to smash Kevin Owens with a steel chair to really put an exclamation mark on this beatdown, as if that was needed but Sami Zayn stops him. Roman thinks for a second and now wants Sami Zayn to hit KO with the steel chair.

05:09 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Paul Heyman now hands two handcuffs to Roman Reigns. They handcuff Kevin Owens to the top rope. The Usos are hitting KO with many many many superkicks. This is nasty.

05:08 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

The Usos put KO in the  corner and put a chair across his neck. Solo Sikoa not hits him with a nasty running hip attack.

05:07 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

The Bloodline gather in the ring after the match. Jey Uso is about to officially welcome Sami into The Bloodline but Roman stops him. The Bloodline are DESTROYING Kevin Owens right now.

05:05 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

05:05 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman sends KO crashing into the steel steps once again. He now rolls KO back into the ring and hits another Spear. Roman now covers KO and that's it. 1-2-3!

Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens

05:03 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Sami tells KO to stay down. Roman goes for a Spear and sends KO crashing through the barricade. He rolls KO back into the ring but KO rolls ou of the other  side. Roman smashes KO's back into the steel steps. That was nasty.

05:02 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman wants Sami to hand him a chair. Sami hesitates but gives it to the champion in the end. KO has recovered and hits a Stunner. Nearfall! Roman recovers and hits a Superman Punch followed by a Spear! That's another nearfall! How is KO moving? He crawls out of the ring and is at Sami Zayn's feet now.

05:00 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman now nails Kevin Owens with a low blow!

05:00 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

KO goes for the Stunner but Roman pushes him into the referee. The ref is out. KO hits a pop-up powerbomb but the ref is down!

04:58 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Kevin owens is still on top and is unloading on the champion. He hits  Reigns with another Senton but misses a moonsault off the middle rope. Roman immediately hits a Spear but KO kicks out!

04:57 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman Reigns goes for a Spear but goes right into the ring post. KO heads to the top rope and nails a Swanton Bomb. It's a nearfall! Sami looks concerned from ringside.

04:55 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman Reigns looks for a Superman Punch but can't hit it. Second attempt. He nails it this time.

04:54 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Back to the match, KO is back on top. He knocks Reigns down with a clothesline. Irish Whip from the challenger and he sends Roman crashing out of the ring. Owens heads to the apron and hits a Frog Splash out to the floor. KO now rolls Roman back into the ring. He heads to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash. Nearfall!

04:52 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:51 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Reigns is back in his and has a chokehold locked in. KO is fighting out of it and is back on his feet.

04:49 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

The match spills to the outside. Owens sends Reigns into the barricade and hits a senton out at ringside. Back in the ring, it's still KO in firm control of this title bout.

04:48 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman and KO go back and forth as the match begins. Reigns turns KO inside out with a shoulder charge and Owens looks disappointed with himself. Owens now hits an elbow and takes down the champ, following it with a Senton. KO now with a crotch chop in Sami's direction.

04:46 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman Reigns (C) vs Kevin Owens [for the WWE Universal Champion]

The main event is set to get under way. Only Sami and Paul Heyman have accompanied Roman down to the ring. Sami Uso chants are filling the arena and the wise man doesn't look impressed.

04:42 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:40 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:40 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Roman Reigns is coming down to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn.

04:38 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:38 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Kevin Owens is out first and making his way down to the ring.

04:37 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:36 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:32 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:23 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:23 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:18 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Liv is blinded but she has Rhea in a precarious position. Rhea raises her her feet and pulls Liv out and off the apron and eliminates her! She goes from #1 to winning the match! INCREDIBLE!

Rhea Ripley wins!

04:17 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

We're down to the FINAL 3! Rhea, Asuka and Liv! All three women are on the apron. Asuka hits Liv in the face with the mist but Rhea eliminates her!

04:15 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

04:15 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Raquel tries to powerbomb Rhea Ripley out of the ring but both women end up on the apron. Rhea literally boots Raquel out and eliminates her. Asuka and Nikki Cross are on the apron and Liv Morgan knocks Cross off to eliminate her!

04:14 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

6 women left in the match!

04:13 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Mia Yim tries to eliminate Shotzi but she intially fends it off. Mia eventually gets the job done. Piper Niven comes up from behind and tosses Piper out of the ring. Both Mia Yim and Shotzi are out!

04:12 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

Asuka tries to lock in a Triangle on Raquel but locks in an armbar instead. Raquel powers up to her feet and tries to throw Asuka out of the ring. Raquel sends Sonya out to the appron and Asuka knocks her out to the floor and eliminates her!

04:10 (GMT)29 JAN 2023

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