Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn

Full NameRami Sebei

BornJuly 12, 1984

Height6 ft 1 in



Very few wrestlers have had the variety that Sami Zayn (current gimmick) had in his career. Before becoming the WWE Superstar that he is now, Sebei had been a part of wrestling promotions during his decade long stint in the independent circuit.

  1. NXT debut
  2. Sami Zayn Raw and Smackdown
  3. Sami Zayn Finishing Move

sami zayn

He made his pro wrestling debut in 2002 as El Generico in the International Wrestling Syndicate. He went on to win the IWS World Heavyweight Championship during his seven long years with the promotion.

In 2004, he started wrestling for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He went on to become one of the best tag-team performers in the PWG as he has held the PWG World Tag Team Championship five times with four different partners until his exit from the company in 2013.

He also performed actively on Chikara and Ring of Honour. He once again formed a tag team with his former ally Steen, to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship. He also held the ROH world Television Championship after defeating Christopher Daniels. He wrestled for several other promotions before signing with the WWE in 2013.

NXT debut

He made his NXT debut on January 9, 2013 and wrestled for the first time inside the WWE ring at a live event of the Yellow brand. He began performing under the ring name, “Sami Zayn”. Despite multiple unsuccessful attempts at becoming the number one contender for the NXT Championship, Zayn finally defeated Adrian Neville to lift the title in 2014.

sami zayn nxt debut

After 2 days, he lost his title to Kevin Owens and the two were involved in one of the best feuds of both their careers. He also made a cameo on RAW and won the crowd support against the likes of John Cena. Much to everyone’s disappointment, not only did Zayn lose the match that night but also suffered from a serious shoulder injury that forced him to take some time off the television.

 Following the injury, Zayn made a comeback in December and was immediately called up on the main roster. He entered at No. 20 at Royal Rumble, 2016 and eliminated Kevin Owens which reignited their past rivalry.

Sami Zayn Raw and Smackdown

He spent a lot of time on RAW feuding for the Intercontinental championship and the Universal Championship. Amidst the constant struggle to move up in the hierarchy of WWE Superstars, Zayn had a prolonged feud with Kevin Owens. Both were drafted to SmackDown after the Superstar shake-up where they continued to lay each other to waste.

However, at Hell in A Cell 2017, Zayn turned heel and saved Owens from Shane McMahon just when he was about to jump on Owens from the top of the cage. Although Shane was brutally injured after that leap, Zayn an Owens joined forces to demand their true status in the company.

sami zayn smackdown

The two then decided to rebel against the authority and even refrained from helping the blue brand when RAW decided to siege SmackDown ahead of the Survivor Series. These best friends turned foes turned best friends also tried winning Daniel Bryan’s confidence at multiple instances.

Ahead of WrestleMania 34, WWE has teased Zayn turning on Owens but the two continue to get together to demolish the SmackDown authorities week after week. Now, for how long will that alliance continue, is only a matter of time.

Sami Zayn Finishing Move

El Generico

  1. Brainbustaaa!!!!! (Super brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle)
  2. Spike brainbuster

As Sami Zayn

  1. Blue Thunder Bomb (Spin-out sitout powerbomb, with theatrics) - 2018-present
  2. Helluva Kick - 2013-present
  3. Reverse STO followed by a Koji clutch – NXT


As El Generico

  1. 450° splash
  2. Cradle DDT
  3. Diving splash
  4. Double pumphandle vertical suplex powerbomb
  5. Exploder suplex, sometimes into the turnbuckles
  6. Half and half suplex
  7. Multiple moonsault variations
  8. Springboard
  9. Olé Kick/Yakuza Kick (Running big boot to a cornered opponent)
  10. Plancha
  11. Sitout scoop slam piledriver
  12. Somersault corner-to-corner missile dropkick
  13. Spin-out powerbomb
  14. Suicide dive transitioned into a tornado DDT

As Sami Zayn

  1. Diving crossbody
  2. Dropkick, sometimes as a flapjack counter
  3. Exploder suplex into the turnbuckles
  4. Half and half suplex
  5. Leg lariat
  6. Multiple arm drag variations
  7. Sitout scoop slam piledriver
  8. Suicide dive transitioned into a tornado DDT
  9. Sunset flip powerbomb, sometimes while running
  10. Suicide somersault senton
  11. Wrist-lock transitioned into a springboard tornado DDT


  1. "¡Olé!" by The Bouncing Souls (Independent circuit)
  2. "3 Minute Record" by The Berettas (NXT; 2013)
  3. "Lower the Boom" by Fifth Floor (NXT; 2013–2014)
  4. "Worlds Apart" by CFO$ (NXT/WWE; May 29, 2014–present)
  5. "Fight" by CFO$ (WWE; November 7, 2017 – present; used while teaming up with Kevin Owens)


As El Generico

  1. "The Generic Luchador"
  2. "Pride of Tijuana"

As Sami Zayn

  1. "The Heart and Soul of NXT"
  2. "The Underdog from the Underground"
  3. "Battery Man"
  4. “The Guardian Angel”

People also ask

What is Sami Zayn's net worth?

Sami Zayn's net worth is approximately $400,000

What is Sami Zayn's real name?

Rami Sebei (born July 12, 1984) is a Canadian professional wrestler.

What nationality is Sami Zayn?


Are Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens brothers?

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn became something more than friends–the business of wrestling had transformed them into brothers.

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