Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa

Personal Information

Full Name Joseph 'Sefa' Fatu
Date of Birth March 18, 1993
Nationality American
Birth Place Sacramento, California
Height 6ft 3in
Weight 240 lbs
Current Team(s)
Theme Song Taking It All (ft. Stevie Stone)
Debut April 29, 2018
Nickname The Street Champion
Family The Usos (Brothers); Rikishi (Father)
Solo Sikoa: A Brief Biography

Joseph 'Sefa' Fatu is a professional wrestler who is known by his ring name Solo Sikoa. He belongs to the illustrious Anoa'i family and is the younger brother of Jimmy and Jey Uso. He currently performs on the SmackDown brand and is a member of The Bloodline alongside his brothers and his cousin Roman Reigns.

Solo Sikoa is currently working on the SmackDown roster

Early Life

Sikoa was born in 1993 on the 18th of March in California, United States. He is born into the storied Samoan family of WWE. Sikoa was a talented athlete who excelled in multiple sports during his college years. He began his athletic journey by playing American football at American River College, where he showcased his skills as a formidable player on the field. Later, he continued his football career at Dickinson State University, where he continued to impress with his athleticism and dedication to the sport. However, after completing his college education, Sikoa made the difficult decision to give up football and pursue a new passion - wrestling.

Professional Wrestling Career

Independent Scene

Solo won multiple titles on Independent Scene

Solo Sikoa wrestled in various independent matches against Façade, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Mr. Anderson. He wrestled in promotions like Arizona Wrestling Federation and Future Stars of Wrestling until 2021.

NXT 2.0

Sikoa made his debut at NXT Halloween Havoc 20210

Sikoa made his debut in WWE on 26th October, 2022 by interrupting Grayson Waller and L.A Knight on a special edition of NXT 2.0 Halloween Havoc. On his in-ring debut of NXT, he defeated Jeet Rama on the 2nd November edition of NXT 2.0.

On the next episode of the weekly show, Sikoa defeated Grayson Waller and L.A. Knight in a three-way match. In the later weeks, he went on to defeat Andre Chase, Ru Fenf and Santos Escobar. His first loss occurred when he lost to Gunther on the 11th January edition of NXT 2.0.

At NXT Stand and Deliver 2022, Sikoa competed in a 5-way Ladder Match for the North American Championship against Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, Santos Escobar and Cameron Grimes. In this match, Grimes dethroned Hayes as a North American Champion.

On 22nd March, Sikoa challenged Grimes for the title but lost. On May 3rd, both Carmello and Sikoa challenged Grimes for the championship ina triple-threat match but neither of them won. Solo made a name for himself by defeating Von Wager, JD McDonagh and Duke Hudson in the upcoming months. During his match against Von Wager, Sikoa was injured and therefore went on a hiatus.

Debut on Main Roster

Solo Sikoa helped Reigns retain his championship at Clash at the Castle

On the Clash at the Castle event, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre were engaged in a highly anticipated match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. During the finish of the match, Drew was about to win the match by pinning Roman Reigns until someone in a black hoodie pulled Reigns out of the ring to break the pin. Later, the man was revealed to be Solo Sikoa.

He made his main roster debut against Drew McIntyre on the 9th September edition of SmackDown. Drew emerged victorious by disqualification after Kross attacked him.

On 13th September edition of NXT, Solo made an unexpected return to the brand and challenged Hayes for an North American Championship Match. Surprisingly, Sikoa defeated Hayes to win the title. He also successfully defend his title against Madcapp Moss on SmackDown in the same week. Unfortunately, Solo was forced to relinquish his championship the very next week on NXT by Shawn Michaels as the match in which he won the title wasn’t sanctioned.

On the 21st October edition of SmackDown, Solo Sikoa defeated Sheamus in a hard-hitting affair. After the match, Sikoa and the Bloodline brutally attacked Celtic Warrior.

At the Crown Jewel PLE, Solo Sikoa made his presence felt and confronted Jake Paul for a brief moment during the main event between Logan Paul and Roman Reigns. Sikoa partook in the Survivor Series: WarGames where The Bloodline chalked a victory over The Brawling Brutes. He would support his brothers at every point including beating down Sami Zayn at Royal Rumble where the latter betrayed The Bloodline.

At WrestleMania Hollywood Night Two, Sikoa played a huge role in the main event. He was initially sent off by the referee for hitting Rhodes. However, he sneaked back into the ring during the final moments and hit Rhodes with a Samoan spike while Heyman had distracted the referee. This allowed Reigns to hit a spear and retain his gold.

Sikoa was set to battle alongside The Usos against Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Matt Riddle at WWE Backlash 2023. At the event, the Bloodline emerged victorious. Thereafter, Reigns shifted his focus to the tag team gold and chose Sikoa as his partner. The two are currently booked to face Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Solo Sikoa’s Movies and TV Shows

Solo Sikoa in Destroyer (2018)

Joseph Fatu made his debut in film industry by starring in the movie The Destroyer directed by Karyn Kusama. He played the role of Taz in this crime drama film of 2016.

Solo Sikoa’s Championship and Accomplishments

Solo Sikoa defeated Carmello Hayes to become the NXT North American Champion

ChampionshipNo. of Reigns
AFW Heavyweight Championship1 time
FSW Nevada State Championship1 time
NXT North American Championship1 time

Solo Sikoa Family

Rikishi (Father)

WWE legend praises Solo Sikoa after Clash at the Castle

Solofa Fatu Jr, also known as Rikishi, was a well-known professional wrestler who made a name for himself with his size, strength, and agility in the ring. He began his career in the 1980s and eventually became a star in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

He is the father of The Usos and also Solo Sikoa.

The Usos (Brother)

PHOTOS: The Usos & Solo Sikoa Together At Sikoa's Wedding - WrestleTalk

The Usos are an incredible tag team in the world of professional wrestling. The two brothers have been entertaining fans with their high-flying maneuvers and dynamic charisma for over a decade. With their impressive in-ring skills and undeniable chemistry, they have become one of the most popular tag teams in the industry.

Throughout their career, The Usos have won multiple championships, including the WWE Tag Team Championship, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, and the Raw Tag Team Championship. They have also been involved in some of the most memorable feuds in recent memory, facing off against other top tag teams and even battling it out with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The two are real brothers of Solo Sikoa and have appeared alongside him countless times in the WWE programming as they are all members of The Bloodline.

Roman Reigns (Cousin)

Solo Sikoa Opens Up About 'Not Being Close' With Roman Reigns - WrestleTalk

Arguably the greatest wrestler of the recent era, Roman Reigns is a name even casuals would have heard of. The man who has headlined WrestleMania 7 times and only the second person to defeat The Undertaker at the event, Reigns has already had a career worthy of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Reigns has held the WWE Universal Championship for more than 900 days and a major credit of it goes to his cousin Solo Sikoa. The latter has been at the side of his cousin ever since making his main roster debut in 2022 and continues to be the powerhouse of Reigns' Bloodline.

Solo Sikoa Net Worth

As per FirstSportz, Solo Sikoa is worth around USD 3 Million as of 2023.

Solo Sikoa Wife

On the 28th of February in 2023, Solo Sikoa tied the knots with Almia Williams. The pair had been dating for several years before getting engaged in 2020. Her wife Almia Williams is currently 31 years old and was born on 22nd of March in 1992. The Street Champion has two children, both sons, named Zion and Za'khi Fatu. Zion was born on November 21, 2018, while Za'khi was born on February 7, 2021.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Almia used to be an AGM (Assistant General Manager) at Hampton Inn & Suites in North Dakota. She was promoted to Guest Service Agent after serving the company for many years.

Solo Sikoa News

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Solo Sikoa is billed at 6 ft 2 inches in WWE. 

Solo SIkoa is the younger brother of The Usos.

Solo Sikoa is a cousin of The Rock.

Solo Sikoa is worth around $3 Million.

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