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Jey Uso


Early Life and Family

Jey and Jimmy Uso come from the prestigious Anoa’i wrestling family of American Samoa. The face

paints they use as a tag team is a tribute to that legacy and also to their uncle Eddie Fatu aka Umaga,

who helped them get trained in WWE. Before that, it is their father Rikishi who trained them in wrestling

since childhood.

Before joining the professional wrestling circuit, Jey Uso used to work as a furniture mover and settler –

a job he shared with his brother Jimmy. In 2009, Jey and Jimmy debuted in FCW together as a tag team

and went on to win the FCW Tag Team Championship. Halfway through the next year, the Usos were

promoted to the main rosster.

WWE Career

Along with his twin brother Jimmy, Jey started out in WWE as a heel when their tag team attacked the

Hart Dynasty on their debut match. This feud with the Harts went on for majority of 2010 and partially in

2011 as well.

Later in 2011, they turned face while fighting The Corre on Superstars in a losing match. Then onwards,

Jey and Jimmy competed for the title of the Tag Team Championships, which they finally win in 2014

defeating the New Age Outlaws. On their way up to the title, they defeated the likes of Prime Time

Players, The Shield and The Wyatt Family.

They would go on to hold it once again before the brand split in 2016 beating the American Alpha. After

the split, the Usos would turn heel again and bring a change in their game and overall attitude, which

would see them gain success. The Usos have defended the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship

thrice ever since and they frequently feud to keep on holding it.

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