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WWE SmackDown 1000 Results, 16th October 2018, Live commentary & updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 17, 2018 02:03 GMT

Join us as we bring you the coverage of SmackDown's 1000th episode!


02:03 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

02:00 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

He just says that at Crown Jewel, DX will Rest In Peace.

On that note, SmackDown 1000 ends. Thank you for joining us on our coverage! 

01:59 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:55 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

After the break, Rey Mysterio hits a twisting Hurricanrana on Nakamura before getting hit in the midsection with a knee. Nakamura misses the knishasa and Rey Mysterio catches him in 619 position. He hits the 619 and the springboard splash! Mysterio qualifies for the World Cup! 

Rey Mysterio def. Shinsuke Nakamura to qualfy for the World Cup

After the match, The Undertaker's music hits!

01:47 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:46 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Rey Mysterio catches Nakamura with a hurricanrana but once again, Nakamura uses his height advantage to knee Mysterio to the ribs. He goes for the Kinshasa but Mysterio ducks. He tries a 619 but Nakamura slides under the ring. Mysterio kicks him down and literally slides through the bottom rope and lands on Nakamura. That was picture perfect! 

01:44 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Nakamura starts strong against Rey Mysterio. He gets him to the group and starts kneeing his ribs. He catches Mysterio and locks him, slowing him down.

01:42 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:40 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:38 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

He's BACK! 

Rey Mysterio vs Shinsuke Nakamura - World Cup Qualifier


01:36 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:36 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:35 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:33 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Sheamus and Cesaro almost finish the New Day when they hit an uppercut-powerbomb combo. Sheamus puts his legs on the ropes but Xavier Woods removes his legs.

An infuriated Sheamus & Cesaro throw Woods into the barricade. They clear the pancakes and THE BIG SHOW COMES OUT! 

HE turns heel for the 987658th time and chokeslams Kofi Kingston through the table! 

Sheamus uses Big E's distraction to his advantage and lands the brogue kick. NEW CHAMPIONS! 

The Bar def. New Day to become the NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

01:26 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:26 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Xavier Woods come close to pinning Sheamus but he kicks out. The New Day come close to finishing him again but Sheamus sends Big E crashing. Cesaro is tagged in while Big E hits the Big Ending on Sheamus.

Cesaro hits Big E with the neutralizer but Xavier Woods saves him from the pin! 

01:24 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Big E is back in control after the break. He drops Cesaro on the back of his head and that looks painful! Sheamus tags himself in, saving Cesaro from The Big Ending. He then avoids the Brouge kick and hits that scary suicide dive on Sheamus.


01:22 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

The Bar are in control and they hug each other after clearing the ring. SMACKDOWN ROLLS ON! 

01:21 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:21 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:20 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:20 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:20 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Sheamus and Xavier Woods start the action. Woods sends Sheamus flying with the hurricanrana. A momentary distraction sees Sheamus take advantage

01:19 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

It's a title match now! 

The New Day vs The Bar - SmackDown Tag Team titles

01:13 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:13 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:11 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

As predicted, the brawl begins and the referees and backstage agents struggle to separate the two rivals. This is some bad blood right here! Charlotte escapes and goes after the champion again! 

01:10 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Charlotte comes out and tells Edge that all she cares about is the title and that's why she ran at Super Show-Down. 

The crowd is still rooting for Becky Lynch

01:10 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

He admits that he still sees a good person in her. Becky responds to him saying that she doesn't like herself, she LOVES herself. She tells him to get out of the champ's ring and make sure he doesn't break his neck again

01:09 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Edge says that she can win all the titles she want and be on all the posters she wants. He says that all those accomplishments and choices leads to her sitting home and looking at her titles, but she won't be like herself anymore. 

01:07 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Edge says that he gets that she thinks he's making the right choices but sacrificing her friendship wasn't the right choices. He said that if there were any friendships blocking his way to the top, he crushed it.

01:06 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Edge says that he sees a lot of himself in Becky Lynch. She thanks him for having the champ on his show. He tells her that he understands more than anyone what she's going through.

01:05 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:05 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:05 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Edge says for one night, he's going to act as a moral compass on SmackDown, which he himself admittedly finds funny.

He introduces his first guest, the SmackDown Women's Champion, Becky Lynch

01:04 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

01:04 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Edge goes back in time and talks about how SmackDown always felt like his show. Which is true. 

The reactions are hilarious. 
Edge: "I married Vickie Guerrero" 
Crowd: Boo
Edge: "I divorced Vickie Guerrero" 
Crowd: Yaaay! 

01:01 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Edge returns to a HUGE POP! The "You think you know me" still gives chills down the spine! 

01:01 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

00:57 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

00:57 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

00:56 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Lana kicks Aiden in the gonads and Rusev assaults him. That ended VERY QUICKLY!

00:55 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Kurt Angle is in the ring doing commentary for the Miz vs Rusev in a World Cup qualifier.

The match literally lasteed like one minute. Aiden English's quick distraction sees The Miz pick up the win.

The Miz def. Rusev to qualify for the World Cup

00:49 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Batista praises Triple H, saying he is the business and he's done everything there is, except beat him. What a tease. What a tease.

They just teased Batista vs Triple H again! 

Batista and Triple H look at each other and embrace as if it were jokingly. Triple H still has a tense look on his face. Oh my! 

00:48 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Batista has huge praise for the men in the ring. He praises Orton despite being roasted earlier. He praises Flair and tells the crowd that there's nothing that the crowd doesn't know that he can really say. He tells him to keep it in his pants

00:47 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

00:45 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

00:45 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

3)The fans around the world whether they've booed him and called him Bluetista or Bootista. He's always wanted to entertain them
4) The guys he shares the ring with

00:43 (GMT)17 OCT 2018

Batista admits that he's a little nervous but he would ignore what Orton said. He said he wanted to be here for four reasons:

1)It's SmackDown 1000
2)It's his hometown of Washington DC!
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