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WWE SmackDown Live Results (20th May, 2022): RK-Bro vs The Usos in a WWE Tag Team Unification Match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 21, 2022 02:09 GMT

What will happen on WWE SmackDown?


02:09 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

02:03 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

That was a strong episode of SmackDown this week, folks. Thanks for following along with us! Full results of the show posted shortly if you missed any of it. We'll see you next week for Monday Night RAW! 

01:58 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:58 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:58 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:57 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

After the match, Roman locks in a guillotine on Riddle as the Usos drive the steel steps into Orton''s face. Roman and Jimmy leave Riddle on the announcer's desk, with Jey going up top for a splash. RK-Bro is crumbled in a heap on the floor while The Bloodline reigns supreme! 

01:56 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:56 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:56 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:55 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Jey Uso moves up top, and Riddle chases for a super RKO. Paul Heyman distracts the ref, allowing Roman to get involved. With Riddle knocked off the top, Jey hits the Uso Splash to secure the win! We've got new Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions!! 

The Usos defeat RK-Bro via pinfall. 

01:54 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Riddle tags in just as Randy takes a superkick from Jey Uso. He hammers Jey with a series of running forearms followed by an exploder suplex. However, Jey gets the knees up on the senton and follows with a pop-up neck breaker for the two-count. 

01:53 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Riddle finally catches Jimmy with a flash knee strike and tags out. Randy Orton is on fire, hitting both Usos with a snap powerslam. A draping DDT spikes Jimmy as does the RKO, but Jey breaks up the pin just in time. 

01:51 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Jimmy and Jey stomp all over the hip and back, with Riddle writhing in utter agony. This match may be over before Randy Orton can get back in the ring. 

01:50 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Riddle's in a bad way as we come back. He's apparently suffered a bruised hip. The Usos plant him with a double spine buster, and continue the punishment as Randy Orton looks on. 

01:48 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Riddle seemed to hit the turnbuckle pretty rough, leading to the doctor coming out. We'll see what happens next. Hopefully nothing serious. 

01:46 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:46 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

The Usos take over as we cut to break, with Riddle seemingly injured and a doctor checking on him. 

01:44 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Riddle trips up Jimmy Uso and goes for an STF. Jimmy quickly gets to the ropes, forcing a break. Paul Heyman is at the announcer's desk, calling himself the Warden of the Uso Penitentiary. Randy Orton tags in and works over the arm of Jimmy. 

01:40 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

We're moments away from crowning new Undisputed Unified WWE Tag Team Champions! The poll tonight showed the majority here believing RK-Bro walk out with the win and all the gold. 

01:38 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:36 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Before the tag title match, Michael Cole addresses the Sasha Banks & Naomi issue. Cole says the WWE Women's Tag Champions "let us all down" on Monday, and have been suspended indefinitely. We'll have a tournament to crown new champions. 

01:36 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Xavier Woods says that next week there's gonna be a six-man tag. Thanks to Ridge Holland, Big E is on the shelf, but he found a third. Kofi's back next week and they vow to put Ridge, Sheamus, and Butch down for good.

01:32 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:27 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

After the match, the Brawling Brutes meet Xavier Woods at the top of the ramp. While Woods is distracted by Ridge and Sheamus, Butch jumps him from behind. 

01:26 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Woods goes for a springboard maneuver but a right-hand leaves him nearly out on the mat. The ref pulls Butch off momentarily, giving Woods enough time to recover and catch him with the Backwoods small package! 

Xavier Woods defeats Butch via pinfall. 

01:25 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:25 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:25 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Woods breaks away from Butch's hold and rocks him with the Honor Roll lariat. Before he can go for a Michinoku Driver, Butch tears at Woods' eyes and follows with a big kick to the mouth. 

01:24 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Xavier Woods hammers Butch with a forearm that sends him to the floor, following with a dive. Butch catches Woods getting back in the ring, though, jumping up and stomping onto the hands of the King of the Ring. Butch synches in a headlock and drives Woods' face deep into the mat. 

01:15 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Xavier Woods challenges Butch to face him one-on-one tonight, without any of Fight Night with him. Last week Butch got the greatest win of his career over Kofi Kingston. Can he repeat success tonight? 

01:13 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Chingona Bomb! Thanks for coming, Shotzi. 

Raquel Rodriguez defeats Shotzi via pinfall. 

01:12 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Raquel and Shotzi are trading elbows and boots, with Shotzi getting the better of the former NXT Women's Champion for a moment. In the corner, Shotzi locks in a figure-4 neck lock, and when Raquel moves to the middle of the ring it's transitioned into a sleeper hold. Raquel finally breaks free and catches a hurricanrana attempt, turning Shotzi around in mid-air for a fallaway slam!

01:09 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:05 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:05 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:05 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

01:05 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Shotzi's looking to take Raquel to the Ball Pit, but I don't like her chances. 

01:03 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Backstage, Shotzi calls Raquel Rodriguez six feet of disappointment for failing to put Ronda Rousey away last week. Tonight, Shotzi's going to prove it. 

01:01 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Kayla Braxton is with the RAW Tag Team Champions, with Riddle and Randy Orton claiming they're incredibly confident tonight. The Usos weren't, according to Orton. No, they were, and are, sweating bullets. What happens to them when they've got to tell Roman Reigns they were hit by the most dangerous letters in sports entertainment, RK-Bro? 

00:58 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

00:58 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

00:55 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Max Dupri, formerly NXT's LA Knight, meets Adam Pearce backstage. Dupri says that Sonya Deville hired him, making it awkward when Pearce reveals she's been relieved of her duties. It's awkward, sure, but Max Dupri has a signed contract. 

00:54 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

A post-match beatdown by Gunther is interrupted by Ricochet. The Intercontinental Champion checks on the former Cruiserweight Champion as Gulak and Ludwig Kaiser look on and slowly take their leave. 

Does Gunther have his eyes on the Intercontinental Championship? 

00:52 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

00:52 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

Drew Gulak is looking to stand up to Gunther tonight and...well, he's definitely got a lot of guts. After that pep talk from Ricochet last week, Gulak hopes to prove he's not one to mess with. Unfortunately, he's trying to prove that point against one of the strongest Superstars in WWE. 

Gunther batters Gulak with a series of chops before driving him into the mat with a powerbomb. Goodnight Gulak. 

Gunther defeats Drew Gulak via pinfall. 

00:51 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

00:50 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

00:50 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

00:45 (GMT)21 MAY 2022

With that said, Corbin takes Madap's trophy and tosses it into the steel steps, breaking the award into pieces. The only part left standing is the actual sculpture of Andre himself, which Corbin raises over his head. 
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