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WWE SmackDown Live Results (30th September, 2022): McIntyre, Gargano, and Owens vs Austin Theory and Alpha Academy

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 01, 2022 07:30 IST

With a week left until Extreme Rules, what's the Blue Brand got in store tonight?


07:30 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:29 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:28 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Gargano spikes Otis on the floor with a slingshot tornado DDT. Owens stuns Gable on the table, and McIntyre takes Theory's face off with a Claymore as he moves in for the slingshot dropkick. 

Drew McIntyre defeats Austin Theory via pinfall. 

07:27 (IST)1 OCT 2022

McIntyre is in and fires up on Mr. Money in the Bank. Theory avoids a Claymore, rolling to the floor to escape the Scottish Warrior. As McIntyre sends him back through the ropes, Otis runs through McIntyre and sends him into the steel steps. Owens and Gargano rock Otis with a series of superkicks before clearing off the announce table. Though Otis is placed on the table, he's saved by Gable. 

07:25 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Back from the break, Gable counters the schoolboy roundhouse with an ankle lock. Gargano escapes and tags in Owens, who lays Gable out with a clothesline and senton combo. Theory is spiked with a DDT, and Gable is dropped with the fisherman's neckbreaker. A cannonball follows, and Owens moves to the top for the Swanton! 1-2-no, Otis just breaks it up!

07:20 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory are starting this bout off. Theory's first father-figure in WWE rocks Theory with the schoolboy roundhouse and slingshot spear. As McIntyre takes out Otis and Gargano sends Chad Gable to the floor, Kevin Owens follows Gable and Theory with a cannonball off the apron!

07:16 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:12 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:12 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:11 (IST)1 OCT 2022

As Maximum Male Models are about to break the record, they're attacked by Max Dupri. The former manager says that they're wasting opportunities, and he's tired of it. "I don't think this was ever for me. Yeah." 

LA Knight is coming back!

07:09 (IST)1 OCT 2022

She leaves Shotzi in the ladder and moves to the ropes for a splash, but Bianca Belair's music hits. The RAW Women's Champion saves Shotzi, but the second her back is turned Bayley sneaks in for another cheap shot. Bianca fights off a Rose Plant into the ladder, countering with a KOD attempt. Bayley escapes to the floor. 

07:08 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Back in the ring, a dropkick and a running splash leave Bayley staggering. Shotzi follows with a bulldog and a question mark kick. A suplex into the ring seemingly jams up Bayley's knee, but the Role Model is able to get to her feet and launch Shotzi off the top rope. Rose Plant connects, and Bayley moves on. 

Bayley defeats Shotzi via pinfall. 

Shotzi pushed Bayley to the limit, angering the former champion. She hits Shotzi with another Rose Plant before bringing a ladder into the ring. 

07:04 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:04 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:03 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Shotzi has Bayley on the ropes early, literally, using a slingshot victory roll to send Bayley into the second rope. After a running splash, she catches Bayley with a roundhouse. Shotzi spikes Bayley on the apron with a DDT and is in full control of this contest.

07:02 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:01 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Bayley, with no Damage CTRL, takes on Shotzi. The green-haired daredevil brings back a surprise, as she's riding the tank again! The Tank Girl of SmackDown is officially back!

07:01 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:00 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:00 (IST)1 OCT 2022

07:00 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:53 (IST)1 OCT 2022

The Ring General believes he's finished after powerbombing Sheamus. The former WWE Champion grabs a mic and says, "Is that all you've got?" Imperium is goaded back to the ring, and Gunther sends his goons in to batter his rival. As they hold him still, Gunther takes the shillelagh and cracks it over the jaw of Sheamus. 

06:51 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Sheamus takes out Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci with a shillelagh before confronting the Intercontinental Champion. He drops the weapon, though, before both men come to blows. Champion and challenger are in a war a week early. Sheamus rocks Gunther with the pump knee strike, but the rest of Imperium stops Sheamus before he can hit the Brogue Kick. They hold Sheamus in the corner as Gunther pelts him with chops and boots. 

06:49 (IST)1 OCT 2022

As Gunther vows to grind Sheamus into the mat until he's dust, the Celtic Warrior's music hits. Unfortunately for Sheam-o, his friends are stuck in Florida tonight. But that's fine, because Sheamus is still here, and he's always ready for a fight.

06:48 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Imperium are out next to talk about their opponents next week. On the final episode of SmackDown before Extreme Rules, Gunther defends the Intercontinental Championship against Sheamus one final time. The next night, they put an end to the Brawling Brutes once and for all. 

06:46 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:42 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:42 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:41 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Kevin Owens walks away after telling Johnny Gargano and Drew McIntyre that they're on the same page. He tells MMM that their pose is wrong, then walks into Sami Zayn. The Honorary Uce stands up and stares his former best friend down. Kevin scoffs, following with, "You need a new shirt, buddy."

06:40 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:40 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:39 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Ronda goes to the mid-section with a kick but takes a bat shot from the champ. She ducks a swing into the post, and plants Liv with Piper's Pit. They both fight over the bat, leading to Ronda launching Liv over the barricade. Security hits the scene just as Ronda is about to swing the bat! They plead with Ronda, begging her not to use the bat. Ronda concedes, but as she walks away she's blindsided by Liv!

06:37 (IST)1 OCT 2022

A discus clothesline takes Ronda down for a two-count, almost derailing her momentum heading into WWE Extreme Rules next week. Ronda escapes a powerslam, picking the leg and locking in an ankle lock. Nattie tries to get to the ropes, but Ronda grapevines around the leg. With nowhere to go and no hope of escape, Nattie taps out. 

Ronda Rousey defeats Natalya via submission. 

After the match, Liv Morgan's music hits. The SmackDown Women's Champion heads down to the ring, title on one shoulder...a baseball bat on the other. 

06:35 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Nattie and Ronda trade submission holds, and Nattie avoids a knee in the corner by catching her for a one-armed powerbomb. 

06:34 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Ronda Rousey and her former friend Natalya are in action next. Rousey is not afraid of Liv Morgan after her showing last week. Tonight, she believes she'll show Liv what extreme really means. 

06:33 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:30 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:28 (IST)1 OCT 2022

We see a "Revel In What You Are" sign behind commentary. 

06:25 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:24 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Ashante "Thee" Adonis fights off Los Lotharios to tag out to the big man. Top Dollah runs roughshod, taking out both opponents with ease. After putting Angel on his shoulders and Humberto in his arms, he slams them both down. Hit Row drop Humberto with the Heavy Hitter for an easy victory. 

Hit Row defeat Los Lotharios via pinfall. 

06:19 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:18 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:16 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:16 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:14 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Oh, okay. No six-man after all. Max Dupri runs into MMM, who promise to "win the title" tonight. Max is excited, assuming they got a match with The Usos. However, Maxine reveals that they're going to break the Canadian record for longest pose. Max walks off upset.

06:13 (IST)1 OCT 2022

06:12 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Gable tries to distract McIntyre but is sent across the ring. As he goes to finish Gable, he's pulled to the floor by Otis causing a DQ. 

Drew McIntyre defeats Austin Theory via DQ. 

As the trio beat down the Scottish Warrior, they're stopped by Johnny Gargano! He's soon followed by Kevin Owens, and the crowd comes unglued! I smell a six-man tag, playa!

06:10 (IST)1 OCT 2022

McIntyre rocks Theory and launches him across the ring with ease with a release suplex. As the crowd gets rowdy, they're shushed by Chad Gable. 

06:09 (IST)1 OCT 2022

Theory seems to have learned a little as of late, as he's not alone. On his way to the ring, he is accompanied by Alpha Academy. 

06:06 (IST)1 OCT 2022

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