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WWE SmackDown Live Results (August 25, 2023): Firefly Tribute for Bray Wyatt

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 26, 2023 02:09 GMT

Check out the live results from WWE SmackDown.


02:09 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Thanks for joining us, folks. We'll see you in a few days for Monday Night RAW! And be sure to hold your loved ones close. Tell your friends you love them. You never know the last time you'll see them.

01:58 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

The lights go out, and the crowd holds up their phones. The fireflies are out tonight. A lantern is left in the ring as smoke fills the area, and a silhouette of Bray is seen in the ring. 

The crowd chants, "Thank you, Bray," as we end the night.

01:57 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

LA Knight finally hits the BFT on Finn, securing a big win heading into Payback next week!

LA Knight defeats Finn Balor via pinfall.

01:55 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Balor plants Knight with the spin-out elbow drop neck breaker and moves for the Coup de Grace again. Knight blocks him, crutching the former Universal Champ on the top rope. 

01:54 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Knight is caught by the shotgun dropkick and is in the drop zone! Coup de Grace! Knight avoids it and hits the Gravy Train powerslam!

01:51 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

After pulling Knight off the second rope, Balor dominates through the break. But Knight avoids an elbow in the corner, catching Balor on the rebound with a neckbreaker. The Slim Jim Superstar is slugging away right now!

01:48 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

LA Knight is taken out early by Finn Balor in the opening moments as we cut to break. WWE cuts to Bray Wyatt's return promo last year, where the fans chanted, "Thank you, Bray! Thank you, Bray!"

01:46 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Finn Balor and LA Knight getting this match means a lot. Knight was the last man to wrestle Wyatt, and Finn Balor and Wyatt's careers crossed on several occasions. 

Graves and Cole mention that, despite how many times Balor and Wyatt fought, we never got The Demon vs. The Fiend.

01:45 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

The last members of the Wyatt Family

01:44 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

01:43 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

LA Knight honors Bray Wyatt- Watch here

01:39 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

"A wise man once told me, 'The next time you see me... RUN!'" What a great tribute from LA Knight tonight. The main event is next, as the Mega Star battles Finn Balor.

01:39 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Knight states that the highlight of The Miz's career was being the background to The Rock and John Cena. That's a deep wound that I don't think The Miz has, or will ever, get over.

01:37 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

"I won't come out here and act like we were best friends, but I'll echo that sentiment. Thank you Bray."

01:37 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

LA Knight says sometimes your greatest foes can turn into your greatest helpers. They went through hell in their feud this year, but he says what Bray Wyatt was doing was getting him ready for anything in this company. 

He says his heart breaks for Bray's family, but he can hear and feel the energy in the building. He can feel the spirit of Bray Wyatt in this building. 

01:35 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Feel that, folks?! It's the unavoidable L! A! Knight!

01:34 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

01:28 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

A picture taken moments before disaster

01:26 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

The Street Profits hit the Revelation on Ridge through the table!!

Street Profits defeat The Brawling Brutes via pinfall.

01:25 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Montez has the table set for Ridge, but the big man avoids the Uranage! He drops Tez with a slam while spiking Dawkins with the DDT! As Butch moves up for a dive, Lashley knocks him to the floor for the Spear!!

01:24 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Ridge is caught by From the Heavens, but Butch breaks up the pinfall with a dropkick! Montez Ford got some insane height there! And Butch is breaking out the weapons. 

Unfortunately, he accidentally winged Lashley, and the big man is struggling to hold his composure.

01:22 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Back from the break, and the Brutes are on top. Bobby Lashley doesn't seem to be helping his team. On the floor, Dawkins lays out Butch with a big shoulder tackle. It's a two-on-one fight for Ridge!

01:18 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

As the four men brawl to the floor, Bobby Lashley's music hits! The All Mighty is all smiles with the crowd, giving high fives out to fans near ringside.

01:17 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Ridge uses Butch as a weapon to hit the Profits. Corey Graves mentions he's using Butch" Like Funk would use a ladder." It's also a bit of a Bray Wyatt moment, as the Eater of Worlds was known to "beat a dude with another dude."

01:16 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

The Profits are rolling here. After taking out Butch, Dawkins hits Ridge with the Anointment, and Tez follows with a rolling Frog Splash. 

Butch is planted with a double flapjack, and these guys are truly reinvigorated after aligning with Bobby Lashley. 

01:13 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

On their way to the ring, Montez Ford looks into the camera and says, "We've got the whole world! The whole world in our hands!"

01:12 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

WWE has posted three QR codes so far tonight for Bray Wyatt. 
1) The introduction of Bray Wyatt to the WWE Universe
2) The Fiend's debut
3) Bray Wyatt winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber 2017.

01:11 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Cody Rhodes remembers Terry Funk- Watch here

01:10 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

The Brawling Brutes are out first. They'll take on the Street Profits in what should be a fantastic match to honor the legendary brawler. Forever the Funker.

01:06 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

"From Texas to Tokyo, Terry Funk was extremely passionate. And I'm so glad that I get to tell you that this next tag team match is a Terry Funk hardcore match!"

Cody Rhodes announces a surprise for us! It's Fight Night!!!!

01:03 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Cody highlights how important "the rub" is and how Funk did just that during his short time in ECW, guaranteeing a new generation of wrestlers were admired by a brand-new generation of fans.

01:01 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

"We get to call ourselves the coolest thing. We get to call ourselves WWE Superstars. But there are very few who earn the right to call themselves cowboys, and both Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt were cowboys in the best of ways."

01:00 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Cody Rhodes begins talking about a childhood story where he hears a man call his father an "Egg Sucking Dog." He asks Michael Cole if that's something that can be said on FOX and remembers seeing the great Terry Funk.

00:59 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Cody says he knows what he wants to talk about tonight.

00:58 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

IYO SKY picks up her first title defense victory

00:50 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Over the Moonsault connects, and SKY picks up a win in her first WWE Women's Championship defense.

IYO SKY defeats Zelina Vega via pinfall.

00:50 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Code Red connects, but SKY falls to the floor outside! As Damage CTRL distracts the challenger, SKY sends her head first into the steel steps!

00:48 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

IYO SKY traps Zelina Vega in a crossface after tossing the challenger off the middle turnbuckle. 

Vega fights out and takes down the champ with a big clothesline. A hammerlock DDT, much like her old friend Andrade, spikes Sky.

00:45 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Can Zelina Vega dethrone IYO SKY in her first title defense?

00:43 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Bayley and Damage CTRL mock Zelina Vega for being tiny, asking Kayla Braxton if they're going to add her for her height problems. It should be known that both Vega and IYO SKY are 5'1"

00:41 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Bayley with the Bray armband

00:38 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Damage CTRL is here, as IYO SKY is set to defend the WWE Women's Championship against Zelina Vega

00:37 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

It's revealed that LA Knight will battle former Universal Champion and Judgment Day member Finn Balor. 

00:34 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

After the match, a QR code is shown on the screen, which leads to a decade-old video, which gave then-fans a preview of the twisted mind of Bray Wyatt. 

00:31 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Rey Mysterio repping the "TF BW" armband which we will see all night

00:30 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Before Theory can cause further damage, Santos Escobar rushes the ring. He lays out Theory and gives Mysterio enough time to finish Waller with the 619 and splash!

Rey Mysterio defeats Grayson Waller via pinfall. 

00:27 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Rey Mysterio hits Waller with a running senton, something we've all seen from Bray Wyatt in the past. 

As he sets up for the 619, Austin Theory's music hits. The #1 contender distracts Mysterio long enough to nearly get rolled up by Waller. 

00:25 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

Mysterio avoids a powerbomb and spikes Waller with a satellite DDT! 1-2-no! Waller just kicks out.

00:24 (GMT)26 AUG 2023

The crowd is fully behind Rey Mysterio, but Grayson Waller has taken over completely here. The Aussie Sensation continues to target the back of the WWE Hall of Famer, launching him repeatedly into the turnbuckles. 
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