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WWE SmackDown Live Results august 7th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 08, 2018 07:36 IST

What will happen in the penultimate episode of SmackDown Live?


07:36 (IST)8 AUG 2018


Here is a summary of the results of SmackDown Live this week:

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair defeated The IIconics
Zelina Vega defeated Lana
The Bludgeon Brothers defeated enhancement talent
Shinsuke Nakamura defeated R-Truth
The New Day defeated The Bar to become #1 contenders for the SmackDown tag team championships

07:33 (IST)8 AUG 2018

It's been Pratyay Ghosh and a pleasure as always to bring SmackDown Live to you! See you next week for RAW!

07:30 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The New Day vs The Bar is official for SummerSlam!

07:30 (IST)8 AUG 2018

After Cesaro tries to tap Big E out with the crossface, Big E outpowers him and flips the position, lifting him up and allowing Kofi Kingston to hit the Midnight express on The Bar for the win.

The New Day defeat The Bar to become #1 contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

07:26 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Cesaro brings back the Cesaro swing for almost the first time since he turned heel last year in June!

07:26 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The Bar come extremely close to finishing the match but Kofi Kingston breaks up the pin in literally the last second! The crowd is goingwild!

07:24 (IST)8 AUG 2018

07:24 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Ultimately, they continue to be unsuccessful. Kofi gets the hot tag and starts getting the better of Cesaro, who rolls out of the ring with an assist from Sheamus. Cue Kofi jumping over the top rope to topple both of the former champions. Kofi then attempts a double stomp on Cesaro but Sheamus breaks the pin

07:22 (IST)8 AUG 2018

After the break, Big E is still down, with Cesaro and Sheamus both attempting crossbody's from the top turnbuckles to try and pin him

07:16 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Sheamus takes out Big E outside and Cesaro then attacks Kofi Kingston too. With Big E the man down, The Bar try closing in on the match by pinning Big E, but he kicks out

07:14 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Sheamus counters and The Bar try to finish things this time, but Kofi knocks down Cesaro and hits Sheamus with an SOS.

07:14 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Kofi manages to tag in Big E who goes right after Sheamus. The two both narrowly escape losing the match for their teams, but Kofi is tagged back in as they go for The Midnight Power

07:13 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Back after the break, Cesaro catches Kofi Kingston when he tries to leap over and after a bit of a power struggle, Kofi topples Cesaro over. While Kofi looks to tag in Big E, Cesaro manages to tag Sheamus in first

07:08 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The two teams went back and forth in the opening stages of the match. Then it was Kofi's speed vs Sheamus' power. Sheamus ended up knocking Kofi out of the ring with a forearm.

07:07 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The New Day vs The Bar (SD Tag Tournament Finals)

The winner of this match will face Harper and Rowan at SummerSlam.

07:01 (IST)8 AUG 2018

It's the tournament finals between The New Day and The Bar to determine The Bludgeon Brother's SmackDown tag title opponents at SummerSlam! 

06:55 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Bludgeon Brothers vs Enhancement Talent

Harper and Rowan just rampage through their opposition tonight. The highlight of the match was Corey Graves' hilarious commentary as he called one of Harper and Rowan's opponents a "Roman Reigns starter kit".

Harper and Rowan finished off with a double team powerbomb for the win.

Bludgeon Brothers def. Enhancement Talent

06:49 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Nakamura follows up with a reverse Exploder Suplex. He follows it up with a Kinshasa and its all over.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. R-Truth

06:48 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Nakamura replies with a spinning heel kick. Truth looks stunned and Nakamura locks in the triangle armbar. Truth reaches the bottom rope and Nakamura gets back to his feet, driving his knee in the side of R-Truth's face.

06:47 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Shinsuke Nakamura vs R-Truth

Truth tries rolling Nakamura up and the fans are behind him. He mocks Shinsuke and follows it up with a hurracanrana followed by an armdrag.

06:37 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Daniel Bryan attacks Miz on the set of Miz and Mrs. He also takes out Miz's bodyguards before Miz hits Bryan across the back of the head with a flower vase.

06:36 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Miz says he's done with Daniel Bryan calling him soft when he's been working night after night while Bryan has been at home crying for the last 2 years.

06:36 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Saxton asks Miz about his match with Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Miz says even though Bryan has been obsessing over him, Miz says he doesn't need a match with Bryan and that he should be WWE Champion right now.

06:34 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The Miz says Miz and Mrs is already more successful than the 3rd season of Total Bellas and the reason he wasn't on SmackDown because he's a star.

06:34 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Byron Saxton is in the ring interviewing The Miz who's on the Titantron.

06:29 (IST)8 AUG 2018

06:26 (IST)8 AUG 2018

06:26 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Zelina Vega vs Lana

A rematch from last week, this week saw Rusev at ringside with Lana. The short match saw Aiden English cost Lana the match once again as he came out to help Rusev in a scuffle with Andrade Almas.

Eglish ended up knocking Lana off the top rope and Vega pinned her following a double knees in the corner.

Zelina Vega def. Lana

06:24 (IST)8 AUG 2018

06:12 (IST)8 AUG 2018

AJ says that a lot of trash talk goes on in the ring but Samoa Joe made it personal last week when he called out his family. He calls out Joe because Joe knows AJ's wife and kid. He says that Joe and himself shared a cockroach infested apartments and stale pizza in the past but now he'd thrown that away.

AJ adds that at SummerSlam, Joe wouldn't be walking out WWE champion but he would be lucky to walk out at all.

06:08 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The fans chant "This is awesome" even before AJ gets a word in.

06:07 (IST)8 AUG 2018

WWE Champion AJ Styles is out next.

06:07 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The Miz informs fans that he will be facing Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. 

06:07 (IST)8 AUG 2018

06:03 (IST)8 AUG 2018

05:58 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Renee Young is backstage with Renee Young. Kofi takes the mic, puts on a wig, and interviews the New Day himself. They're confident of winning tonight and then at SummerSlam against the Bludgeon Brothers.

05:55 (IST)8 AUG 2018

We're back from the break and Becky's on a roll. She hits Royce with an uppercut and follows it with a trademark Bexploder. Becky locks in the Dis-Arm-Her but Kay breaks it up. Charlotte tags herself in and hits a double moonsault. She then locks in the Figure 4 on Peyton Royce for the win.

Charlotte and Becky def. The IIconics

05:50 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs The IIconics

Becky and Billie Kay start us off. Becky tries to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her almost immediately but Kay rolls out of the ring. Becky tags in Charlotte and the latter hits The IIconics with a springboard crossbody.

05:49 (IST)8 AUG 2018

The IIconics get some heat by calling Orlando the saddest place on earth. They then berate Charlotte by saying she lost to Carmella twice. The IIconics then tell Becky they can't see her because she's forever in Charlotte's shadow.

05:47 (IST)8 AUG 2018

05:46 (IST)8 AUG 2018

SmackDown Women's Champion, Carmella, is on commentary for the next match as Becky and Charlotte team up to face The IIconics.

05:41 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Charlotte and Becky are backstage. Charlotte apologizes for sort of stealing Becky's thunder by getting added to the SummerSlam women's title match.

05:39 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Randy Orton kicks off SmackDown. He calls out the fans, saying that they had put Jeff Hardy on a pedestal which had forced Randy's hand. Randy had to prove that Jeff was fallible and he did it last week. He tells the fans that Jeff wasn't a superhero and thet he destroyed Hardy last week to send a message.

03:16 (IST)8 AUG 2018

Last week, Samoa Joe got extremely personal with WWE Champion AJ Styles ahead of their SummerSlam clash for the title. The Samoan Submission Machine accused Styles of being a poor father, choosing to spend more time on the road than at home with his family. Tonight, The Phenomenal One returns to address his challenger. Has Samoa Joe gotten inside the champion’s head? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE
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