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WWE SmackDown Live Results (March 31, 2023): KO and Sami Zayn confront Bloodline members

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 01, 2023 02:01 GMT

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02:01 (GMT)1 APR 2023

02:00 (GMT)1 APR 2023

01:59 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Thanks for joining our coverage of WWE SmackDown! Make sure you join us again tomorrow for Night 1 of WrestleMania 39.

01:59 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns stare each other down as SmackDown goes off the air!

01:57 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Reigns has entered the ring and he circles Cody a couple of times. He takes the mic and wants Cody Rhodes to acknowledge him!

01:52 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Cody now takes a big shot at Roman. He says Roman was a multi-year investment by WWE to project him as 'The Guy,' which only started working in the eighth year. Cody Rhodes says he's Roman Reigns' successor, the next Head of the Table, the next Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Roman's music hits as Cody speaks.

01:50 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Cody says that as an athlete he's never been this prepared for a match but at the same time, he feels wildly unprepared. He thanks the fans on being on this journey with him.

01:49 (GMT)1 APR 2023

01:48 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Cody has a smile on his face and asks the fans what they want to talk about. He says that all his cards are on the table. He adds that he has let no stone unturned ahead of his WrestleMania showdown with Roman Reigns.

01:46 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Cody Rhodes is out next! Days before he challenges Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship!

01:39 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Sheamus nails Giovanni Vinci with the Brogue Kick as Drew McIntyre takes out Kaiser with the Claymore Kick. Sheamus now covers Giovanni Vince for the win.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre def. Imperium

01:38 (GMT)1 APR 2023

We're back from the break and Drew McIntyre is dominating Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser. McIntyre is going for the Claymore Kick and this time it's Sheamus' turn to tag in. Sheamus and McIntyre are arguing as Vinci pushes Sheamus into Drew. A high-low from Imperium but only gets a two-count.

01:33 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Sheamus is setting up for a Brogue Kick but McIntyre tags in. They almost come to blows but Imperium are back in. They toss Kaiser and Vinci out of the ring before turning back to each other.

01:32 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus vs Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser

Drew McIntyre starts things off but Imperium quickly put and end to his early dominance. Sheamus tags himself in and takes Kaiser down with a flying clothesline. Sheamus tries to toss Kaiser out of the ring but he holds on. Sheamus hits Kaiser with 10 Beats as the WWE Universe counts along.

01:30 (GMT)1 APR 2023

We have tag team action next. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre team up to face Giovanni Vince and Ludwig Kaiser of Imperium. How will Sheamus and Drew coexist?

01:25 (GMT)1 APR 2023

01:24 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Rey Mysterio is backstage with Legado Del Fantasma. He thanks them for having his back on RAW when Judgment Day attacked. Santos Escobar says that if Judgment Day interferes again, they will be there to drive them off. Rey hands them all t-shirts and says they're going to do it in style. The Latino World Order (LWO) is back!

01:22 (GMT)1 APR 2023

01:16 (GMT)1 APR 2023

01:14 (GMT)1 APR 2023

01:14 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Natalya vs Sonya Deville vs Raquel Rodriguez vs Shayna Baszler

It's back and forth, and every superstar for themselves. Sonya attempts to pin Raquel and then Natalya but can't. Deville leaps off the middle rope, and Raquel Rodriguez catches her in mid-air and hits her trademark powerbomb. Shayna Baszler gets booted away, and Raquel covers Sonya for the win.

Raquel Rodriguez def. Natalya, Sonya Deville and Shayna Baszler.

01:03 (GMT)1 APR 2023

01:01 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Reed heads to the top rope but misses with the Tsunami. Lashley cuts him down with a Spear and tosses him over the top rope! Bobby Lashley is the winner of 2023 André the Giant Battle Royal.

Bobby Lashley wins

01:00 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Only three superstars remain - Bronson Reed, Bobby Lashley, and Braun Strowman. Strowman hits Lashley with a running powerslam. Reed capitalizes and eliminates Strowman. Only two men left!

00:59 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Bronson Reed now knocks Buch off the apron, but Holland catches him and tosses him back in. Reed throws him out on the other side of the ring and eliminates Butch. Reed is on a roll and eliminates LA Knight.

00:59 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Bobby Lashley now eliminates Dolph Ziggler. Lashley, Bronson Reed and Strowman now face-off before going after each other. The Brawling Brutes have Reed rocked and then go after Gargano. Gargano plants Butch with a DDT. LA Knight sneaks up on him and plants him face-first into the mat. Lashley plants Gargano before eliminating him as Strowman eliminates Santos Escobar. Reed now eliminates Ridge Holland. 

00:56 (GMT)1 APR 2023

We're back from the break as Madcap Moss eliminates Dexter Lumis. Ali tries to eliminate Dolph Ziggler but gets pulled out to the apron. LA Knight blindsides Ali and knocks him off the arpon, eliminating him. Karrion Kross locks in the Kross Jacket as Bobby Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock. Both men now go after each other. Lashley tries to eliminate Kross but he holds on to the bottom rope. Meanwhile, Rick Boogs is eliminated by Bronson Reed.

00:51 (GMT)1 APR 2023

00:51 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Otis eliminates Gallows and Anderson before he gets eliminated by Rick Boogs. Boogs now eliminates Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza.

00:49 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Strowman is going after Ma.Ce but Legado Del Fantasma back him into the corner. Bobby Lashley sends Top Dolla out and eliminates him. He's followed out by Cruz Del Toro. Ma.Ce and Mansoor try to eliminate Otis, but Lumis eliminates Ma.Ce.

00:47 (GMT)1 APR 2023

André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Baron Corbin gets eliminated almost immediately. He can't believe it and is screaming at the referees. It's just a mass of superstars inside the ring at this point.

00:43 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Bobby Lashley is definitely the favorite to win this year's Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Michael Cole reveals that Bobby Lashley got a backstage pep talk from none other than UFC legend Daniel Cormier.

00:34 (GMT)1 APR 2023

00:34 (GMT)1 APR 2023

The Usos are backstage with Solo SIkoa and Paul Heyman in their locker room when Roman Reigns walks in.

00:30 (GMT)1 APR 2023

00:30 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Ford flies over the top rope and takes out all three of his opponents. He rolls Gable back in and hits a Frog Splash but can't make the cover. Ricochet immediately hits a 450 Splash and picks up the win.

Ricochet wins

00:28 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Ford hits Erik with an enzuigiri before taking him out. He follows it with a chop to Gable, taking him down. Ricochet flies off the top rope and takes Ford down. Gable capitalizes and hits Ricochet with a German Suplex. Erik breaks up the cover.

00:27 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Montez Ford vs Ricochet vs Chad Gable vs Erik

Chad Gable and Erik try to join forces early on but it doesn't really work out. Ford gets hit with a superplex off the top rope. Right after this, Gable hits Ricochet with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope.

00:13 (GMT)1 APR 2023

00:12 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Jey doesn't agree. He says it will go the same way as always for Sami and KO. They'll lose the big match, and KO will turn on Sami. Jey adds that after their match tomorrow, they will still be the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

00:10 (GMT)1 APR 2023

00:10 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Jimmy Uso speaks about how he and Jey are blood and real brothers, real family, unlike Sami and KO. Sami responds that there's more to family than blood. He then accuses The Usos of siding with Roman Reigns and choosing blood over friendship, even though Roman was never loyal to them.

00:07 (GMT)1 APR 2023

KO says there's a lot of history between the four of them, and The Usos are people he used to respect a lot until they started to do Roman's bidding. KO says when he looks into The Usos' eyes, he feels they know they will lose their titles tomorrow.

00:05 (GMT)1 APR 2023

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of WWE SmackDown. We're just one night away from WrestleMania 39. The show kicks off with The Usos and the're joined in the ring by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.
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