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WWE SmackDown Live Results (September 29, 2023): John Cena gets a partner, Bloodline member slapped, Fastlane matches made

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 30, 2023 02:00 GMT

Check out what happens on WWE SmackDown Live!


02:00 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Cena and Knight stand tall to close the show.

That's it for Friday Night SmackDown! We'll return for WWE NXT No Mercy at 8 PM EST tomorrow. The main event will see Carmelo Hayes clash with Ilja Dragunov.

01:58 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

BFT to Solo Sikoa and the LA Knight elbow to Jimmy. Cena is back up, and he and Knight stare each other down in the middle of the ring. LA Knight signs the contract! John Cena has a partner for Fastlane!

01:57 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Solo Sikoa begins climbing the top rope to dive off onto Cena, but instead, LA Knight's music hits! The Megastar runs into the ring and lays out Jimmy Uso! Solo climbs down from the top rope, and Knight and Solo brawl! The crowd loudly chants "YEAH" for every strike. 

01:56 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

John Cena goes for the AA on Solo, but Jimmy Uso hits a superkick. The Bloodline is beating down Cena just like last week! The crowd is booing them loudly. The two then clear the announcer's table and lay Cena on it. They're going to try putting him through it!

01:55 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Jimmy Uso's banger theme hits. Solo, Jimmy, and Paul are making their way to the ring. Jimmy says, "Look who finally showed up". Uso points out what he and Solo have done all night. He then says John isn't making it to Fastlane. Cena hits Jimmy off the apron, and there's a staredown with Solo and John!

01:54 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

John Cena brings up being knocked out last week by The Bloodline. He has the signed contract in his hand. He notes that he doesn't have a partner.

The crowd is already chanting for LA Knight. John says he has a choice. He could rip up the contract, or he could stand and fight. "Sacramento, what choice do you think the man who wears the words 'never give up' over his heart is going to make?" 

He said he'll honor the contract and fight alone if he doesn't find a partner.

01:50 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

The Judgment Day returns next week! Specifically, Damian Priest and Finn Balor were pictured.

Dragon Lee will have his SmackDown debut next week, too! Dragon Lee vs. Austin Theory, let's go!

01:46 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

John Cena is next!

01:46 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Asuka cuts a promo in Japanese. Bayley then claims that Asuka wants a triple-threat match with IYO and Charlotte and accepts it on behalf of the champion. SKY insists that's not what Asuka said, but it looks like the match may be happening!

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs. IYO SKY could be incredible!

01:44 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bayley demands a mic post-match. She tells Charlotte that they're going to "end her." As Damage CTRL circles the ring, Asuka's music hits! She runs out and helps Flair, demanding the mic.

01:43 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bayley woos, struts, and hits numerous chops, but that fires Charlotte up! Flair hits a spear and wins!

Charlotte Flair defeats Bayley via pinfall

01:43 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Charlotte climbs to the top for a Moonsault, but Bayley is back up and stops her. The Role Model hits double knees and then a sunset flip into the buckle. Bayley tells the crowd to shut up. 

01:41 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Back from break, and Charlotte is back in control. She hits a crossbody off the top and hypes up the crowd. Flair begins hitting The Role Model with chops. "WOOO" from the public. Big fallaway slam from The Queen. Bayley uses the rope to regain control, but Flair takes over and goes after Bayley's knee. 

01:38 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bayley has a good start on Charlotte, eventually pummeling her on the outside and even hitting a big elbow drop off the apron! Bayley still brings it. She's underappreciated.  

01:36 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Before the match starts, Charlotte Flair cuts a promo, asking, "What happened to you?" She claims that Bayley has become a stepping stone. Charlotte also says that when she defeats Bayley, she will challenge IYO to a match at Fastlane. Bayley jumps Flair as the match officially begins. 

01:34 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bayley is accompanied by Dakota Kai and the WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY. Kai has been documenting her recovery on Twitch. She hopes to return to action in January or February. 

01:33 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

A hilarious vignette aired for Pretty Deadly highlighting Elton Prince's "road to recovery." They are just too funny. I'm also hoping for another vignette for The Unholy Union.

Buch and Ridge Holland saw the vignette and said they wished they did more to them! Too funny.

Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley

01:28 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Going from commentary hyping up Jade Cargill to Charlotte Flair may not be a coincidence. It will be something to watch. 

John Cena has arrived in a nice car, and he's all business in his jorts.

01:26 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Charlotte Flair is on her way out for a match with Bayley. Given the past between the two, this should be a good one. 

01:24 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Jade Cargill mentioned! Commentary revealed her signing. "I can't wait for Jade Cargill" - Michael Cole—still no word on where she will land.

01:23 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Back from the commercial break, a replay is shown for The Street Profits and Bobby Lashley attacking the LWO. While Zelina and Michin have been highlighted, the show has been relatively light on the women's division. 

LWO is shown backstage in medical. Kayla Braxton shows up to ask them about what happened. Rey said the LWO challenges the trio for a match at Fastlane! 

01:19 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits are on the same page now and fully settled in as heels. 

Kevin Patrick promotes John Cena's impending arrival before the commercial break hit.

01:17 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Santos and Rey attempt to shake hands post-match, but Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford attack! The Street Profits want to prove themselves to Lashley, which may have been exactly what was needed. Bobby comes out all smiles, clearly happy with what they did. 

Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde try to come out to help the LWO but are beaten down by Lashley and The Street Profits. Dragon Lee attempts to help, but security stops him from crossing the barricade. 

01:14 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Santos Escobar goes for the Phantom Driver, but Rey Mysterio cradles Santos and wins! Rey retains the gold. The match was fantastic.

Rey Mysterio (c) defeats Santos Escobar by pinfall

01:13 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Both men are fighting on the ropes. Rey hits a big super head scissors off the top! 619, but Santos catches him! Mysterio goes for it again and hits it! 

Mysterio slowly climbs to the top rope but misses the frog splash! They then trade quick pins! This match is GREAT. 

01:11 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Both men still show respect but hit each other hard. Rey attempts a rana but gets caught! The two keep reversing each other's moves, showing their familiarity. Nearfall, but Santos kicks out. Vega still seems concerned, ringside. 

01:10 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Santos Escobar to Rey Mysterio. He then has a modified Torture Rack locked in, running around the ring with Rey bent across Santos' shoulders. Escobar is showing a little viciousness. 

01:09 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Back from the break, and Santos is in control. The Gory Special is locked in, and Escobar could win the title if Rey submits! 

Rey armdrags his way out of it. Both men are going back and forth now. Santos climbs to the top but misses a crossbody! Rey then misses a springboard crossbody, too!

01:04 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Big double knees in the corner to Rey. Santos puts Rey on the top rope and climbs up, but Rey starts hitting back! Santos falls to the mat, but Rey struggles to collect himself and gets kicked. Escobar rises back up to the top and hits Rey with a Frankensteiner! 

01:03 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Santos hits a big superkick and got some boos for it. He then hits a beautiful dive. Both men are down ringside. Santos recovers and hits a moonsault off the barricade onto the Hall of Famer! "This Is Awesome" chants. 

01:01 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Rey hits a big seated senton from the top. Both men then collide with a crossbody. 

A look backstage and The Bloodline's rampage continues, pushing around staff! Kevin Patrick reveals that John Cena is on his way to the arena!

01:00 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Zelina seems concerned ringside, clearly supportive of both men. Rey starts mounting another comeback with a big head-scissors takedown! Rey then jumps from the second rope out of the ring onto Escobar! The crowd loves the WWE Hall of Famer. 

00:59 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Back from break and Santos Escobar is in control. He is working the arm while the crowd again gets behind Mysterio. 

Rey starts his comeback. The pace quickens but Rey is shut down with a big dropkick from Santos!

00:55 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Santos Escobar also greets Dragon Lee. They're putting the stamp on him, and rightfully so. He's fantastic. This match feels big and important.

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar are going back and forth. The crowd is behind Rey but like both guys.

00:51 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

WWE promotes a Top 25 SmackDown Moments countdown show for FOX. Countdown shows are always fun.

Jimmy Uso is shown attacking Ashante "Thee" Adonis backstage. B-Fab yelling to get off him. Security and officials show up just before Solo slams Adonis through a table. Jimmy notes that Adonis "won't be Cena's partner."

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Santos Escobar - United States Championship

The LWO collide! Zelina Vega is ringside. She made her entrance separately. 

00:46 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Rey Mysterio embraces Dragon Lee ringside. That's a big rub!

00:45 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Austin Theory and Dragon Lee got into it ringside post-match! The altercation didn't go too far, however. 

Kayla Braxton is now with Rey Mysterio. He promises to give Santos the fight of his life. Then his music plays. This one looks to be next!

00:43 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Cameron Grimes hits a big deadweight German suplex on Austin for the nearfall! Corey Graves claims Theory and Waller have the potential to be bigger than BTS as a "real pop culture phenomenon."

Waller provides a distraction when Cameron is fighting Theory outside the ring. This allowed Austin to push Cameron into the ring post. A big dropkick and A-Town Down finishes Grimes off.

Austin Theory defeats Cameron Grimes by pinfall

00:41 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Austin Theory vs. Cameron Grimes

Austin Theory tried talking smack to Dragon Lee in the crowd, allowing Cameron Grimes to get the advantage early on. Grimes has been underutilized on SmackDown, so hopefully, he will have something soon.

Despite Cameron coming out hot, Austin turned things around and began to club away at Grimes. Grimes fights back with fists and a big Irish whip. Grimes with a big kick to Theory and a cross-body from the top!

00:39 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Dragon Lee's vignette airs on SmackDown!  And he's in the crowd as WWE promotes No Mercy tomorrow night.

00:37 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Did Austin Theory save that segment? To be determined, but he and Waller make for a truly detestable duo. 

00:34 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Austin Theory and Cameron Grimes will clash when we return from the break!

00:34 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Grayson Waller has now introduced Austin Theory. He had a brief stare-down with Bobby in the entranceway. The Street Profits give Austin a dirty look while Waller hams it up, applauding his partner. 

00:33 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bobby Lashley says he doesn't want to hear from them and that if they want something from him, "prove it." He then walks out. The Street Profits are unsure how to react. 

00:32 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bobby Lashley doesn't seem thrilled that the two interrupted the segment.

00:31 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Waller suggests that he and Austin Theory should be with Lashley instead. Bobby says he knows all about Austin, and he passes. 

The Street Profits interrupt!

00:31 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Grayson says he doesn't know how Bobby fits into his suits and points out the "devastating" loss the pair had last week. 

Lashley says he made a mistake thinking they had the pride to succeed, and he's back to the drawing board.

00:30 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

A replay from last week airs. The drama between The Street Profits and Bobby Lashley is interesting. Will the two be able to get the edge Lashley wants? Will Waller cause more trouble among the crew?

00:29 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Bobby Lashley is making his way to the ring. He looks great in a suit. 

00:27 (GMT)30 SEP 2023

Grayson Waller's over-the-top introduction is always hilarious. "The Dynamite from Down Under, The Moment Maker, The Aussie Icon."
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