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WWE SmackDown Live Results September 3rd 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 05, 2018 07:32 IST

What's set to take place as the blue brand gears up for Hell In A Cell?


07:32 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Andrade is also out and he pulls Bryan out of the ring. Vega and Almas unload on Bryan and Brie but get their just desserts as Brie and Bryan lock in simultaenous Yes Locks.

07:31 (IST)5 SEP 2018

07:31 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Bryan has Miz in the Yes Lock. Brie was about to boot Maryse in the face when Zelina Vega comes out and pulls Brie out of the ring.

07:30 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Daniel Bryan's music hits and Miz looks like he's seen a ghost. R-Truth uses the distraction to roll Miz up for the win. R-Truth wins!

R-Truth def. The Miz

07:28 (IST)5 SEP 2018

07:28 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Miz takes control and hits him with a chopblock. R-Truth almost wins the match with a roll-up but The Miz hits a big boot to the face.

07:26 (IST)5 SEP 2018

The Miz vs R-Truth

R-Truth is sort of dressed like John Cena today. Miz and Truth go back and forth early on till Truth takes control. He hits a running leg drop.

07:17 (IST)5 SEP 2018

R-Truth and Carmella make their way out and Carmella seems to be a babyface for tonight!

07:15 (IST)5 SEP 2018

The Miz and Maryse once again call out Bryan & Brie, knowing that they left the arena. They start calling them cowards and talking trash about them

07:15 (IST)5 SEP 2018

It's main event time. The Miz vs R-Truth

07:14 (IST)5 SEP 2018

07:07 (IST)5 SEP 2018

07:06 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Eric Young tries to roll Rusev up but English breaks up the count. Rusev hits the MACHKA kick to Young and pins him.

Rusev Day def. The Usos and SAnitY

Rusev Day will face The Bar next week to determine the #1 contender for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

07:06 (IST)5 SEP 2018

07:05 (IST)5 SEP 2018

07:05 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Rusev Day and SAnitY are the two legal men as we come back from commercial. Young hits English with a neckreaker but Jey Uso follows up with a Frog Splash. Killian Dain comes in and cleans house until a superkick from Jimmy Uso sends him crashing out of the ring.

06:57 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Rusev Day vs SAnitY vs The Usos - Tag Team Title Qualifier

Jimmy Uso and Aiden English start off the match. Killian Dain pulls English out of the ring and pulverizes him before tagging himself in. He's all over Jimmy Uso and has a headlock locked in.

06:50 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:46 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:41 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:40 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:40 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:40 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:38 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:38 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:38 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Samoa Joe is out next and he calls out AJ Styles' wife Wendy again before going a step further and mentioning Styles' daughter. Styles comes out like a man possed.

AJ chases after Joe with a steel chair but referees try to separate them. Even GM Paige comes out to stop Styles from taking his frustration out on Joe.

06:33 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:29 (IST)5 SEP 2018

R-Truth is backstage looking for Carmella but mistakes Maryse for Carmella. He wants to book a match with Carmella but points at Maryse and says she can't handle the truth.

06:23 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:23 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:21 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:20 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Naomi vs Peyton Royce

This match didn't last long. Naomi rolls Royce up in a couple of minutes and pins her.

Naomi def. Peyton Royce

Billie Kay attacks Naomi as soon as the bell rings catching her with a superkick. Royce and Kay destroy Naomi but Asuka comes to the rescue.

06:16 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:16 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:16 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Charotte says Becky is a better best friend than she is a wrestler and Becky promises to make her regret her words.

06:16 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:16 (IST)5 SEP 2018

06:06 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Becky and Charlotte are in a dual screen interview. Charlotte asks Becky what she wanted her to do, lay down?

05:56 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Almas sends Bryan head-first into  turnbuckle, but Bryan explodes out of the corner and hits his patented running knee strike for the 3-count.

Daniel Bryan def. Andrade 'Cien' Almas

05:54 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Bryan has Almas stuck in the Tree of Woe. Bryan hits repeated kicks to the midsection. He joins Almas on the top rope and tries for the back bodydrop but Almas knocks him off and hits the double moonsault.

05:49 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Almas connects with a high boot but Bryan replies by launching Almas out of the ring and hitting a suicide dive as we head to commercial.

05:47 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Daniel Bryan vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Almas starts off strong and sends Bryan crashing into the barricade, followed by a dropkick to the chest. Almas tries to roll Bryan up but its barely a 2-count.

05:46 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Andrade 'Cien' Almas' music hits and he comes out with his manager Zelina Vega.

05:42 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Andrade 'Cien' Almas and Zelina Vega are out and look to have a rematch against Daniel Bryan. The dream rematch! 

Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Daniel Bryan is NEXT!

05:37 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Bryan adds that Miz and Maryse were just a couple of cowards who just liked referring to themselves as the "it" couple.

05:36 (IST)5 SEP 2018

05:36 (IST)5 SEP 2018

05:36 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella kick things off on SmackDown  Live, being interviewed by Renee Young. Renee shows them a clip of The Miz & Maryse from earlier today, where they called out Bryan BEFORE anyone arrived in the arena!

04:59 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Triple Threat Match set as search for new SmackDown Tag Team Championship challengers continues

Last week, The Bar defeated The Colons and Gallows & Anderson to move one step closer to a SmackDown Tag Team Title Match against The New Day at the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. Sheamus & Cesaro’s opponents will be determined in a Triple Threat Match on this week’s edition of SmackDown LIVE.Will it be a Happy Rusev Day for The Bulgarian Brute and The Drama King, who are seemingly back on the same page? Or will three-time champions The Usos or the unpredictable SAnitY put a damper on the celebrations?

Will Samoa Joe actually go to AJ Styles’ home?

With a WWE Championship rematch scheduled between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe for the WWE Hell in a Cell event, The Samoan Submission Machine has continued to push the Phenomenal One’s buttons to try and throw the champion off his game. Joe crossed the line once again last week, calling the WWE Champion’s wife while AJ watched in the ring, saying he was going to pay a visit to the Styles home this week. Will Joe make good on his words?

How will Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella bounce back?

Last Tuesday, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were the targets of a 4-on-2 attack at the hands of The Miz, Maryse, Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega, capped off with The Awesome One putting Bryan in the “Yes!” Lock and forcing him to watch as Maryse planted Brie into the canvas with a devastating DDT.As their Mixed Tag Team Match at WWE Hell in a Cell rapidly approaches, will Bryan & Brie be out for payback on The It Couple?

What’s next for Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch?

Becky Lynch made her intentions clear on SmackDown LIVE last Tuesday when she blindsided Charlotte Flair and said that she’d be SmackDown Women’s Champion when she has her way.Will The Irish Lass Kicker continue her rampage, or will The Queen get the upper hand on her former best friend?
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