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WWE SmackDown Live Results (September 8, 2023): Jimmy Uso vs AJ Styles

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 09, 2023 02:03 GMT

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02:03 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Thanks for joining us, folks! We'll see you next week for Monday Night RAW!

02:01 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Why is Judgment Day aligning with the Bloodline after mocking them earlier in the night? Could we see them join forces in a WarGames situation?

02:00 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Battle lines are being drawn, as the Judgment Day offers AJ Styles to Solo Sikoa as a sacrifice.

01:58 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

After the match, the Judgment Day attacks Styles on the ramp. They send him into the ring as a peace offering for the Bloodline. 

01:58 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Jimmy attempts to get Solo involved in the match, but Solo turns his back. Styles attacks both mem, then tosses him back in for the Phenomenal Forearm.

AJ Styles defeats Jimmy Uso via pinfall.

01:57 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

AJ hits his patented flurry of blows and spikes Jimmy with a leaping DDT for a near fall. As he moves to the apron for the Phenomenal Forearm, Solo again distracts him, allowing Jimmy to stun him with a superkick. 

01:54 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

AJ finally shakes off Jimmy after a strike trade and sends Jimmy to the floor for a Slingshot Forearm. Back in the ring, Jimmy avoids the Phenomenal Forearm but is dropped with the Ushigoroshi neckbreaker!

01:52 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

"If you remember, Jimmy Uso was the first to tear away from The Bloodline way before Jey Uso ever did."
-Michael Cole, stating the fact that every fan has been screaming about for the past month.

01:51 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Jimmy's in total control here. Solo and Heyman's back up seems to have reinvigorated the multi-time tag champion.

01:50 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Uso catches AJ in the corner with the Umaga hip attack. That one was so rough the ringpost shook. 

01:48 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Solo's here after all...where is the OC, then?

01:48 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Jimmy Uso takes over once we see Paul Heyman on stage with...Solo Sikoa? Heyman said Solo wasn't there tonight, but he either lied or Solo's got a private jet. 

Jimmy bounces AJ's face off the steel steps, and he's in full control as we head into the final break of the night.

01:45 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

The referee momentarily stops the match after AJ punches Jimmy right in the mouth.

01:42 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

AJ Styles rushes Jimmy the second the bell rings. The classic "bulldog" nature of Styles is something Jimmy apparently didn't see coming. The two-time WWE Champion hammers Uso with fists and kicks before taking him down with a Snap Suplex and a Backbreaker. 

01:37 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

That's Jimmy "Not Jimmmy Uso" Uso

01:37 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

"Nobody is ready for Asuka!"

01:37 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Asuka states that IYO SKY stole her WWE Women's Championship, and she never got a rematch. In two weeks, she proves that nobody is ready for Asuka!!

01:36 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

There's no Solo Sikoa tonight, and no Roman Reigns either. With AJ essentially forbidding The O.C. from being ringside, this is a true one-on-one bout!

01:36 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Next up is the main event! It's Jimmy Uso vs. AJ Styles!

01:30 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

"If this is the way it's gonna be, I don't want you three anywhere near my match tonight!"

01:30 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Backstage, AJ Styles is frustrated with The O.C., who weren't there to back him up when Jimmy Uso jumped him. 

Karl Anderson reminds him that he warned Styles not to get involved in the Bloodline business. Styles slaps the phone out of his hand, stating that they're supposed to be there for each other no matter what. 

01:29 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Could the Judgment Day's end come courtesy of the All Mighty and his Profits?

01:26 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

After the match, Bobby Lashley's music interrupts Judgment Day's celebration! Lashley and the Street Profits storm the ring and send a message to the Undisputed Tag Team Champions! 

"The Bloodline is crumbling, but it's not gonna be the Judgment Day that takes over. It's gonna be us."

01:24 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Dom tries to interfere but is caught by Butch for the 10 beats. Balor breaks it up and hits Butch with the shotgun dropkick. Butch avoids the Coup de Grace but is rocked with a Pele kick. Priest tags in and is doubled over with a rugby tackle from Ridge.

Balor breaks up the tag team finish as Priest takes out both members of the Brutes with a pair of South of Heaven chokeslams. Balor tags in for the Coup de Grace, and that's all she wrote.

Judgment Day defeats the Brawling Brutes via pinfall. 

01:21 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

A headlock driver spikes Butch for another two-count. 

01:21 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Priest hammers Ridge, but he won't go down. Ridge catches both of Priest's arms and hits an overhead belly-to-belly. Butch tags in for some tag team offense that earns them a two-count. 

Senor Money in the Bank rocks Butch with a windmill kick, nearly securing the win. 

01:20 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Butch brings Balor down with a Superplex and goes for the Bitter End. Balor counters with the Nightmare on Helm Street, and both men tag out to the big men. 

01:18 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Yes Boy!!!!

01:18 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

The Brawling Brutes dominate early. Ridge spins Finn around the ring by his neck as an incredible feat of strength for both Ridge and Balor's neck. Butch takes out the champs with a dive on the floor.

01:15 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Sorry about the lack of coverage, folks. Thunderstorms.

01:06 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

The Brawling Brutes come down to the ring, and Ridge says he's made a habit of breaking "people like you." 

01:04 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

"We accomplished something The Bloodline couldn't do. We did something even Roman Reigns couldn't do. We took the Undisputed Tag Team Titles from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens..."

01:04 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and Dominik Mysterio are bragging about their recent accomplishments. Senor Money in the Bank and Grand Slam Finn are draped in tag team gold, and Balor points out that they're celebrating the first anniversary of Dominik Mysterio joining Judgment Day. 

The crowd doesn't let him speak at all. These boos are LOUD.

01:01 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Meanwhile, Adam Pearce and Paul Heyman are backstage, with the latter demanding to know who that "RAW trade" is supposed to be. LA Knight interrupts them, demanding a match with The Miz next week. 

Heyman introduces himself to Knight but tells him not to interrupt next time. Or at least knock first. 

"Are we clear?" 

00:59 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Rhea Ripley took part in WWE's Superstar Spectacle in India earlier today, so she won't be joining her Dirty Dom tonight. 

00:57 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

The Judgment Day has arrived, and look at all that gold!

00:54 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Knight and Theory fight to the floor after Theory hits a fantastic running blockbuster on the Megastar. While the ref is distracted, Waller removes one of the turnbuckle pads.

Knight hits the Gravy Train Powerslam, and avoids the turnbuckle. Theory nearly hits it as well, and when he turns around, he takes some Blunt Force Trauma!

LA Knight defeats Austin Theory via pinfall.

00:49 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Maybe not the most flattering image of Theory...

00:48 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Knight sends Theory to the floor, with Waller getting a bit too close to the action for comfort. Theory turns things around, putting Knight on the apron and pulling his body halfway off for an elevated Neckbreaker to the floor! Some devastating offense from Theory.

00:45 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Knight catches Theory with a running Neckbreaker, but the 26-year-old stud takes Knight to the corner and stomps him out. A big Suplex gets Waller and Corey Graves pumped for the two-time US Champion.

00:44 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

As Theory/Knight starts off, Grayson Waller reveals that John Cena will be on The Grayson Waller Effect next week! What a great achievement for Cena!

00:38 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

LA Knight calls Waller a mush-mouthed moron and Theory a cross-eyed moron. Knight's ready for all-comers, and we've got a match! LA Knight vs. Austin Theory is next!

00:37 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Theory reminds Knight that the man who counted the pin at Payback, Cena, fell to him at WrestleMania. In fact, Theory's already beaten Knight as well. As Theory spits facts, Waller mocks Knight's mannerisms. 

00:36 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Waller brings out his new associate, Austin Theory, revealing themselves as the only undefeated tag team on the roster. 

Knight mocks them, telling them to tell it to their moms, and while they're at it, tell 'em Knight said hi. That's gotta sting.

00:34 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

"I didn't need Cena. Hell, I didn't need his endorsement!" 

Knight says he respects Cena, but he needed nothing for him to get that win. Miz is upset about the loss, and Knight is about to give him another chance before he's interrupted by Grayson Waller.

00:34 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

LA Knight is going after The Miz. Despite a win over The A-Lister at Payback, Miz claimed on RAW that LA Knight would've lost without John Cena. 

LA Knight's response? "Nah Nah!"

00:33 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

The Megastar is here!

00:33 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Backstage, IYO SKY says she's ready for Asuka, and that's a challenge for the championship! Asuka's getting a title match!

00:26 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Jimmy attacks AJ after he attempts to choke Heyman, and vows to handle the "AJ Styles business." 

As Jimmy leaves, Paul picks up his phone and gives the command, "Call Roman Reigns."

00:26 (GMT)9 SEP 2023

Heyman walks into AJ Styles after leaving Jimmy hanging. He asks AJ if he has enough issues right now without tangling with him. Not Roman, not Jimmy, but Paul.
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