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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results (September 9, 2022): Karrion Kross attacks Drew McIntyre during his match against Solo Sikoa

WWE SmackDown Live Results (September 9, 2022): Karrion Kross attacks Drew McIntyre during his match against Solo Sikoa

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 10, 2022 02:01 GMT

What will be the aftermath of Clash at the Castle on SmackDown?


02:01 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

So that wraps up the show for tonight folks. Thank You for joining us. Stay tuned for the complete results of the show or switch tabs to check out our live coverage of AEW Rampage.

02:00 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

02:00 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

02:00 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

02:00 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew starts to fade away as Kross has him firmly in his grip. SmackDown goes off air with Drew gasping for the air.

01:58 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew takes out Sikoa with the Claymore but Karrion Kross appears from behind. Kross locks him in the Kross jacket.

Drew McIntyre vs Solo Sikoa ends in No Contest

01:57 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

The Street Profits make their way out and attack The Usos. Ford takes out The Usos and Zayn with a Splash off the top rope to the outside. 

01:56 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew hits the Glasgow Kiss on Sikoa. Zayn distracts the referee leading to The Usos landing cheap shots on Drew.

01:55 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew builds momentum with a series of Clotheslines and an elbow strike followed by a Belly to Belly to suplex. He lands the neck breaker and sets up for Claymore. The Usos try to interfere but they both get knocked out. He attempts to fly over the top rope but Zayn interrupts him. He goes for the Claymore on Zayn but meets Sikoa's superkick on the way.

01:53 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Sikoa hits a hip attack in the corner, shades of Umaga and Rikishi right there!

01:53 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew fights back with a few chops, Sikoa puts him down again with a belly to belly suplex for a two count.

01:52 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Sikoa lands a few punches on Drew 

01:51 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Sikoa sends Drew into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a Samoan Drop.

01:51 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Back from the break, Drew hits a chop on Sikoa.

01:49 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:48 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

The Usos pull Sikoa out of the ring to save him from the Claymore as we head to a commercial break.

01:47 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew hits the Futureshock DDT and sets up for the Claymore.

01:47 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Sikoa returns the favour with heavy right hands. Drew hits a few chops and a clothesline.

01:47 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew goes right after Sikoa and lands vicious blows.

01:45 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Drew McIntyre vs Solo Sikoa w/The Usos & Sami Zayn 

01:41 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:41 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:41 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:40 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:40 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:39 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

In a backstage interview, Drew regrets not winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle. He says Solo Sikoa is the only reason why he isn't the champion right now. He says that actions have consequences and it isn't going to end well for Solo.

01:38 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Strowman delivers the Powerbomb on a 360 pounds Otis. Absolutely incredible display of power from the Monster Among Men.

01:37 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Otis crushes Strowman in the corner. Strowman takes out Otis with a shoulder tackle. He hits a powerbomb on Gable.

01:36 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Strowman knocks Otis into the ropes with a right hand. Gable attempts a sneak attack but it doesn't end well for him.

01:35 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Braun Strowman interrupts Gable.

01:34 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Gable proceeds to make fun of Seattle to loud boos from the crowd.

01:33 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Gable says Otis would've decimated Braun.

01:33 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Gable asks the crowd to Shsshhssh. He says they are here on SmackDown to ruin Braun Strowman's return.

01:32 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Alpha Academy make their way out to the ring.

01:30 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:30 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:28 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:28 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:26 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Top Dolla makes the tag to Adonis and they finish off Maximum Male Models comfortably for the win.

Street Profits & Hit Row defeat Maximum Male Models & Los Lotharios via Pinfall

01:25 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Top Dolla is on his way to go over the top rope before Maxine Dupri stops him. B-Fab and Maxine go at it before Max separates them. Dolla takes out Max with a dropkick. 

01:24 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Dawkins takes out everyone with a Tope Con Hilo.

01:24 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Dawkins runs rampant on all the opponents. Adonis takes out Angel with a cannon ball. Dawkins launches Humberto over the top rope.

01:23 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Adonis manages to make the tag to Dawkins. 

01:22 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Humberto gets in on the action and accidentally takes out Angel with a suicide dive.

01:22 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Off the tag, Angel takes down Adonis.

01:22 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

ma.çé lands an elbow strike to the back of Adonis' head.

01:21 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

Back from the break, mån.sôör has Adonis down in a headlock. He slams Adonis onto the mat before tagging in ma.çé. 

01:20 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

01:17 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

mån.sôör and Adonis kick things off. Adonis hits a shoulder tackle into the corner. Dawkins and Top Dolla hit a splash on mån.sôör in the corner. Street Profits & Hit Row stand tall in the ring as we head to a commercial break.

01:16 (GMT)10 SEP 2022

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