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WWE SmackDown Results, 25th December 2018, Live Updates & Commentary; Huge title change on SmackDown

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 26, 2018 08:32 IST

It's the Christmas special of SmackDown Live and the final one of 2018!


08:32 (IST)26 DEC 2018

That's it for today's Christmas special episode of SmackDown Live. Follow Sportskeeda for the latest WWE news and rumours. Merry Christmas, and we'll see you next week on RAW!

- Mustafa Ali defeats Andrade "Cien" Almas

- Gallows and Anderson and The Usos defeat Sheamus and Cesaro and Sanity

- Samoa Joe defeats Jeff Hardy by disqualification

- Rusev defeats Shinsuke Nakamura to become the new United States Champion

08:32 (IST)26 DEC 2018

08:29 (IST)26 DEC 2018

08:26 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Backstage, AJ Styles and Vince McMahon meet, and the WWE Chairman asks Styles who he is. Vince asks Styles why the former WWE Champion is not competing tonight, and asks where the "real" AJ Styles is. 

Vince McMahon says Styles and him are alike, and that Styles has a "black hole in his heart" and that if he harnesses all of it, he can brutalise anyone in that locker room, and that there's an "animal" inside that McMahon wants to see. 

The WWE Chairman then slaps Styles as Styles lands a huge right hand on Vince McMahon. Incredible! Vince McMahon is on the floor but states repeatedly that he's okay.

08:26 (IST)26 DEC 2018

08:17 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev wins the United States Championship for the third time on his birthday!

08:16 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Nakamura lines up the Kinshasa but Rusev tries to counter with a Machka Kick, but Nakamura gets his own kick to the head.

Rusev then lands his second Machka Kick of the match, and then the pinfall!

Rusev defeats Shinsuke Nakamura and is the new United States Champion!

08:14 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev once again uses his power and strength to throw Nakamura to the floor... and then runs into the ring post, which Nakamura tries to take advantage of. Nakamura goes for the cover, but Rusev kicks out. 

08:13 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev is pumped up and tries to go for the Accolade, but Nakamura counters with a triangle submission. 

08:13 (IST)26 DEC 2018

The US Champ goes to the second rope and lands a knee to Rusev's face; Rusev counters and lands a huge Machka Kick, but Nakamura kicks out of the pinfall. Incredible!

08:12 (IST)26 DEC 2018

08:12 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Nakamura counters himself and then throws him into the steel steps and then the commentary table. 

08:11 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Nakamura rolls out and Rusev follows him and throws him into the barricades. 

08:11 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev lands a huge kick to the back of Nakamura's head, and the US Champ just about kicks out from the pinfall. 

08:10 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev uses all of his power and throws Nakamura off him, but Nakamura strikes back with huge kicks; Rusev, though, counters with multiple lariats and then slams Nakamura, and then a spin kick. 

Rusev goes for the pinfall, but Nakamura just about kicks out. 

08:08 (IST)26 DEC 2018

The US Champ toys with Rusev, landing more knees to Rusev's stomach as he goes in for a sleeper. 

08:08 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Back from the break, Nakamura lands a few knees to Rusev's body and then goes for the cover, but Rusev kicks out at 2. 

08:06 (IST)26 DEC 2018

08:05 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev tries to suplex Nakamura to the outside, but Nakamura lands a kick to the side of Rusev's head, as we head into a commercial break. 

08:04 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev fights back with a few punches, but Nakamura counters once again. He tries to tire The Bulgarian Brute with a sleeper but Rusev counters, and Nakamura counters himself, and then Rusev goes for the pinfall. 

08:02 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Back in the United States Championship match, Rusev wrests back control with a few suplexes. 

Nakamura then puts Rusev over the ropes and lands a knee to Rusev's sternum before going for the pinfall. But Rusev kicks out at 2. 

08:01 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Earlier in the show, it was announced that John Cena will be returning to SmackDown next week, on the January 1st edition of the show. 

08:00 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Back from the break, the US Champ has control of the match, working on Rusev's neck. 

07:57 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev lands some big blows on the US Champion, and then shoulders him to the floor. Nakamura tries to counter and put Rusev in a triangle, but Rusev rolls out, as we head into the commercial break. 

07:52 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Next, Rusev faces off against Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States championship. 

07:47 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Jeff Hardy tries to attack Joe on the outside, but Joe puts Jeff in the Coquina Clutch, as this very personal feud continues. 

07:46 (IST)26 DEC 2018

He then throws himself on Joe on the outside and lands knees on Joe. Jeff Hardy lands blow after blow on Joe's head, and gets himself disqualified.

Samoa Joe defeats Jeff Hardy by disqualification. 

07:45 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Hardy counters with a great sequence that ends with a drop kick, and goes for the pinfall, but Joe kicks out. Joe counters but Hardy lands a Whisper in the Wind, and then the pinfall but Joe kicks out. 

Hardy then lands a Twist of Fate on Joe and then goes to the top ropes, but Joe rolls out of the ring. 

07:43 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Back from the break, Joe lands an enzuigiri and goes for the pinfall, but Jeff Hardy kicks out. Joe now goes to work on Jeff Hardy's shoulder and then the pinfall once again, but Jeff Hardy kicks out again.

07:39 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Jeff lands a few blows right from the get-go; Joe then lands a few punches. Joe then throws Hardy to the floor with a huge elbow, as we head into the commercial break. 

07:36 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Now, it's going to be singles action between Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. The feud between Joe and Jeff Hardy has become very personal, with Joe talking about Hardy's previous issues with alcoholism and substance abuse. 

07:31 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Rusev is backstage, whose birthday it is, and Rusev says he's going to win the United States title later today when Rusev faces US Champ, Shinsuke Nakamura. 

07:30 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Shane tells The Miz that he "better not screw me" and now we have a new tag team - Shane McMahon and The Miz.

It seems that The Miz is now a face on SmackDown!

07:29 (IST)26 DEC 2018

The Miz then asks the crowd if they want to see Shane McMahon and The Miz take team, and get a resounding 'yes'. 

07:28 (IST)26 DEC 2018

The Miz reveals that his dad is the reason why he wants Shane McMahon as his partner. The Miz then says despite all his achievements, his dad isn't proud of him and his accomplishments. 

He then says that his dad is a fan of Shane, and that he asked him to tag team with Shane. 

07:25 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Shane says that the McMahon family are listening - listening to all the fans. Miz says that now that Shane has time on his hands, if he would want to become his tag team partner. 

07:22 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Next we have a special edition of the Miz TV, hosted by Miz, with Shane McMahon as the guest. The WWE World Cup trophy, the tournament which was won by Shane McMahon, is in the ring. 

07:17 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Backstage, Mustafa Ali is congratulated by the rest of the 205 Live Superstars, and is welcomed to the SmackDown roster by Shelton Benjamin, before being attacked from behind by Daniel Bryan. 

07:16 (IST)26 DEC 2018

07:13 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Cesaro is tagged in; Jimmy Uso tags in Gallows who lands big kicks and lariats on Wolfe.

Anderson lands a neckbreaker; Cesaro is thrown out of the ring. Sheamus tags in and the tag team champions double team. The Usos land superkicks all around; Cesaro lands a Brogue Kick. Then Anderson and Gallows get the Magic Killer and the three count.

Gallows and Anderson and The Usos defeat Sheamus and Cesaro and Sanity. 

07:10 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Back from the break, Killian Dain lands a lariat on Jimmy Uso, and Wolfe is tagged in, landing a standing moonsault. 

Cesaro is now tagged in as the tag team champion lands blows to Jimmy Uso's chest. 

07:09 (IST)26 DEC 2018

07:06 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Anderson and Sheamus kick off the match. Sheamus lands a huge kick and tagged it Cesaro, while Jey Uso is tagged in. 

Jimmy now tags in and The Usos double team; Cesaro now tags in Wolfe and Dain is now tagged in. Jimmy lands a few chops while Dain runs through Jimmy Uso!

07:03 (IST)26 DEC 2018

The New Day make their way to the ring spreading some Christmas cheer, and they will be ringside to watch the 8-man tag team match at commentary. 

06:58 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Next, we have an 8-man tag team match, as the team of The Usos and Anderson and Gallows, face off against Sanity and The Bar.

06:55 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Almas goes for the double knees, but Ali moves away; Ali lands a DDT and lands the 054, as well as the pin.

Mustafa Ali defeats Andrade "Cien" Almas

06:54 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Almas stomps with both feet on Ali's body and Almas once again goes for the pinfall, but Ali doesn't want to give up so soon. Kicks out once more. 

06:53 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Ali then lands a kick to Almas' face, while Almas himself lands a huge right, and goes for the pinfall, but Ali kicks out. 

06:52 (IST)26 DEC 2018

Back from the break, Ali has the advantage and goes for the pinfall, but Almas just kicks out at 2. 
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