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WWE SmackDown Results, 27th November 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 28, 2018 08:40 IST

The Phenomenal AJ Styles returns for an action-packed episode of SmackDown Live!


08:40 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:33 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Asuka wins! Thank you for joining us for what we felt was a great episode of SmackDown Live! Good night and see you next week! 

08:33 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:32 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Sonya DeVille and Asuka are the final two and it goes to the apron. They have a war and Asuka hits a knee to the face, sending her out. Asuka wins! What a match.

Asuka wins the Battle Royal - She will join Becky Lynch and Charlotte in a triple threat TLC match for the SmackDown Women's title

08:30 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:30 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:30 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:30 (IST)28 NOV 2018

The Battle Royal has begun! Winner gets added to the TLC SmackDown Women's title match

The IIconics eliminate Lana and then take Asuka on 2-on-1. Asuka throws them both over the top ropes but they hang on. She hits a running hip attack and eliminates them both. She then decimates Carmella and sends her packing with one kick. She's been dominant but Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose attack her. 

Naomi helps her out and she and Mandy Rose are on the apron. She eliminates Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille subsequently eliminates Naomi

08:18 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:17 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Backstage, Shane McMahon is next to the World Cup trophy and is busy texting. The Miz confronts Shane McMahon for not being there for him and helping him beat Kofi Kingston. He says that the World Cup is what bonds them forever. He says they're family now because of it! 

He then dusts the trophy and  tells Shane that he's neglecting it. He then shoves the trophy and tells him to start treating it well. What a hilarious segment

08:13 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:13 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:12 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:12 (IST)28 NOV 2018

He goes back in the ring and gets caught by Orton and the Viper lands a draping DDT. He then attacks Mysterio outside the ring and places a steel chair onto his neck before slamming it onto the steel steps. He tries to remove the mask but the backstage agents pull him away.

08:10 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Mysterio, wearing a neck brace interrupts him. Randy Orton charges at him outside the ring but Mysterio attacks him. Orton eventually gets the better of him and slams him against the barricade before removing his neck brace. Mysterio fights back inside the ring and hits him with a 619 to the side of his body. He then knocks him down and hits him with another 619 before going to get the steel chair.

08:07 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Randy Orton says what he did last week wasn't to disrespect Mysterio's culture. What he did was meant to embarrass him, to humiliate him and to take him off the pedestal that the people have put him on.  

08:06 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:05 (IST)28 NOV 2018

08:04 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Randy Orton is out with Rey Mysterio's mask

08:01 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:59 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:59 (IST)28 NOV 2018

The Miz gets annoyed by Xavier's trombone and knocks him out. The refreee tries to send Big E out, so The Miz takes a steel chair. Xavier grabs it from him and Kofi then hits the trouble in paradise. Kofi wins! 

Kofi Kingston def. The Miz

07:57 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Back after the break, Kofi Kingston hits The Miz with a dropkick but The A-Lister levels him with a DDT

07:53 (IST)28 NOV 2018

The Miz and Kofi Kingston start with a lock up and Kofi flips and takes The Miz tries to charge at Kofi but the New Day member jumps over him. Kofi then sends the Miz outside and teases a suicide dive but bounces on the ropes. Big E and Xavier distract him allowing Kofi to land the suicide dive.

07:51 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:49 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

07:48 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:44 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Joe says that he doesn't believe in second chances when people like him haven't even gotten his first.  Joe continues to trash talk and talks about how he kept letting people down. 

Jeff Hardy says that he can't reign on his parade and challenges him to come to the ring. Joe considers it then walks away.

It looks like Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe will be set up for TLC.

07:42 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:42 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:41 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:41 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Hardy says it's far from a retirement speech, but tells people to stick around to see what's going to happen in the future. Samoa Joe then interrupts him and then tells Shane McMahon to bug off. He says that he was ready to pop a bottle of champagne, but that probably isn't the best idea. 

Shane once again tries to stop him but Jeff Hardy tells him to let him through and stop.

07:39 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:38 (IST)28 NOV 2018

He says he's been through the highest of highs and lowest of lows and through it all, the people have stuck by him. The crowd chants "Thank you Hardy!"

07:38 (IST)28 NOV 2018

An incredible video package is shown, paying tribute to the Charismatic Enigma. The SmackDown roster and the audience give him an ovation, chanting "Hardy". He thanks the crowd and says that he can't believe he did half the stuff that he did. He then asks "What's wrong with me?".

07:35 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:32 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Jeff Hardy's 20th anniversary celebration

The entire SmackDown roster is out. Micheal Cole from RAW introduces him as one of the most decorated champions in WWE history. What a career he's had! 

07:27 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:27 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:26 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:26 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura attacks Rusev before the match and hits him with a kinshasa outside the ring. The referee stops him and Nakamura holds the United States title over him.

Ruusev looks to be Nakamura's next US title challenger

07:23 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:23 (IST)28 NOV 2018

The United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura is out! 

07:19 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:19 (IST)28 NOV 2018

07:18 (IST)28 NOV 2018

Styles then reveals that Daniel Bryan isn't here. He then takes a shot at Bryan, saying that he's probably watching RAW and getting "ideas" from there (implying Lesnar's lack of presence). He then says that the WWE title belongs with him as the crowd cheers him on.

07:16 (IST)28 NOV 2018

AJ Styles says that we don't have to wait for TLC and that they can do it right here right now! 

07:15 (IST)28 NOV 2018

AJ Styles says that the 14 days he's not been as champion felt longer than the 371 days that he was. He says that while he hates losing, it's the way he lost that bothers him. 

07:14 (IST)28 NOV 2018

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