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WWE SmackDown Results, 2nd October 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 03, 2018 07:34 IST

How will Paige reprimand Samoa Joe for his actions last week?


07:34 (IST)3 OCT 2018

07:34 (IST)3 OCT 2018

07:33 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Rohit here and it's been a pleasure bringing SmackDown Live to you. See you this Saturday for WWE Super Show-Down! Good night/morning/afternoon to wherever you are in the world! 

07:32 (IST)3 OCT 2018

07:30 (IST)3 OCT 2018

The Queen comes out to a lot of boos. They get into right away but the crowd is completely behind Becky. Charlotte gets the better of the brawl, but she's getting booed. She stands tall as SmackDown ends, with the crowd chanting for Becky again.

07:29 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Becky Lynch complains that despite being the champion, she's still not getting the respect she deserves. She sees her getting on posters for future events and press releases. She then shows a new poster for Super Show-Down, a phot of her lifting the title over a beaten down Charlotte Flair. She says it's not about Undertaker or Triple H, but her defeating Charlotte again.

07:25 (IST)3 OCT 2018

07:25 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Becky Lynch is out for a big "surprise" in the main event. She's cheered heavily and says that she's been the best part of SmackDown Live. Around SummerSlam, she stopped taking and started giving 

07:17 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Asuka comes back with a dropkick from the second rope. She handles her from behind and transitions into a smooth kneebar. That transition was amazing. She has an ankle lock synched in and Billie Kay tries to help her reach the ropes. Naomi knocks Kay away and Asuka has her chin and neck pressed up. Royce taps.

Asuka def. Peyton Royce

07:15 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Peyton has Asuka pinned down as the crowd rallies for The Empress Of Tomorrow

07:14 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Peyton Royce vs Asuka

The match starts after the break and Peyton Royce is hitting Asuka with a series of strikes. Asuka runs the ropes but gets caught in the gut by Peyton Royce

07:12 (IST)3 OCT 2018

07:09 (IST)3 OCT 2018

07:04 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:59 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:59 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:58 (IST)3 OCT 2018

After the match, The Miz hits Bryan with a skull crushing finale and goes for the post-match beatdown.

06:55 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:55 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Bryan goes for the running dropkick and lands one, but Benjamin follows him and prevents the next. Bryan ends up hitting a hurricanrana on Benjamin before following it up with the Yes Kicks! Benjamin tries to evade it and hit a spin-kick of his own, but misses. Bryan goes for a running knee but The Miz gets sick of it on commentary and distracts him. Bryan knocks him down and Benjamin takes advantage to hit his finisher and PIN BRYAN! WOW

Shelton Benjamin def. Daniel Bryan

06:52 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Back after the break, Bryan is on the top turnbuckle and jumps on Benjamin. The two move to grappling and Benjamin has his clutches on Bryan's back until he fights out. Benjamin still has the upperhand until he runs head first into the turnbuckles

06:48 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Benjamin's really showing furstration as he repeatedly slams Bryan against the barricade and ring apron

06:48 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Bryan counters Benjamin beautifully into the Yes! Lock, getting it locked in, but Benjamin has his clutches on the rope.

06:47 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Lana tells Rusev backstage that there's more to the story, but Rusev doesn't seem to be hearing it.

Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin starts off aggressive, hitting a knee to gut of Bryan. The Yes! man fights back, only to get thrown in the air and struck by Benjamin

06:45 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:37 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:36 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:36 (IST)3 OCT 2018

It's a clip from Aiden English backstage in Milwaukee, seemingly practicing what he was planning to sing that night. It show footage of Lana entering and telling Aiden English "I want you". 

Rusev looks to her in shock and Aiden English says there's more, but he won't show it due to legal obligations. He has a juicy offer from TMZ, and Rusev begins to chase him away. Things are tense!

06:32 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Rusev & Lana are out and they call out Aiden English to man up and show his evidence of what happened in Milwaukee. Aiden English is set to present evidence and tries to give "context", which sounds like stalling. But he presents the footage

06:29 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:25 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:25 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Shelton Benjamin vs Daniel Bryan is announced for later tonight. 

The Miz confronts Benjamin backstage and tells him "You're welcome". He hypes up Benjamin's resume and tells him that he saw his tweet earlier this week demanding the match.  The Miz tells him that he needs to make a statement and Benjamin expresses his frustration at being on the bench. He vows to make a statement against Daniel Bryan

06:21 (IST)3 OCT 2018

The commentators seem disgusted by the assault. Orton looks on, but is he done? The referees are out to tend to Dillinger.

06:19 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Randy Orton vs Tye Dillinger

Right before the match starts, Dillinger begins an attack on Orton. The brawl goes on outside the ring, and Dillinger even manages to slam Orton on the announce table. Orton throws him to the crowd and catches him when he tries to jump pack, hitting a draping DDT from the barricade. He then takes steel steps and teases slamming him with it, but instead removes the covering from the back tehne od the turnbuckles. He's got something more sinister in mind as he puts his fingers in between and pulls it slowly but painfully

06:09 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:09 (IST)3 OCT 2018

06:09 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Cesaro tastes that pancake batter and gives a "Meh" reaction. They pour it into Bootyworth's hat and put it on his head. They then dump the entire batter mix on him. So...the feud is over pancakes?

06:08 (IST)3 OCT 2018

The Bar offers to show a better recipe, so they flip the table entirely! They begin an attack with the New Day and use pancake batter on Kofi's face to cause a distraction. They take out the champions and look towards Mr. Bootywoorth, the man who makes the pancakes every week! 

06:06 (IST)3 OCT 2018

They talk them down for playing with food and acting like children.

06:05 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Big E welcomes us to the pilot episode of NEW DAY COOKS.

Xavier Woods hypes up the Super Show-Down but then moves to a special man - the man who makes their pancakes. 

They reveal Mr. Bootyworth in the ring to be the man who cooks all the magical pancakes. He's about to reveal his recipe, but The Bar interfere

05:59 (IST)3 OCT 2018

05:59 (IST)3 OCT 2018

05:57 (IST)3 OCT 2018

05:57 (IST)3 OCT 2018

The New Day Cooks? 

That's the segment coming up. So basically The Bar smashes pancake/batter on them?

05:56 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Backstage, Tye Dillinger begs Paige for a match against Randy Orton. She first insists he face Nakamura, but he says he'll deal with Shinsuke another time. He  insists on facing Orton, so Paige makes the match, saying "She'll never understand men".

05:55 (IST)3 OCT 2018

Andrade hits R-Truth with a vicious chop but he manages to get Carmella in for the hot tag. She gets the better of Vega and almost pins her before it's broken up by Andrade. Carmella seems furious and tries to kick Andrade, who catches her leg. Truth takes out Almas and Carmella reverses a pin attempt into a Code of Silence, making Carmella tap out instantly.

Carmella & R-Truth def. Zelina Vega & Andrade 'Cien' Almas

05:53 (IST)3 OCT 2018

05:53 (IST)3 OCT 2018

05:52 (IST)3 OCT 2018

05:49 (IST)3 OCT 2018

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