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WWE SmackDown Results, December 18th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 19, 2018 08:33 IST

The year is coming to a close. What will happen on the SmackDown after TLC?


08:33 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:32 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Ali gets ready for 054 splash but Almas interjects. Ali pushes him away and Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Almas. Ali lands the 045 splash and PINS DANIEL BRYAN CLEAN! ALI GETS THE WIN! WHAT A MOMENT!

AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali def. Daniel Bryan & Andrade 'Cien' Almas

08:30 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Styles has the calf crusher locked in and nearly taps Bryan out but Almas breaks the submission. Ali attacks Almas outside the ring, taking him out.  AJ Styles starts getting the better of Bryan but isn't able to put him away. Ali's on the ropes and is ready for the tag. Ali tags in and hits a BEAUTIFUL DDT! 

08:27 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Almas hits the double moonsault but Ali has his knees up. He finally has space and he tags in the former WWE Champ AJ Styles. Bryan is tagged in too and Styles starts attacking Bryan with a vengeance.

08:26 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:26 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Daniel Byan is tagged in and he has Ali in a BRUTAL dragon sleeper. Ali's great ring presence sees him take hold of the ropes, breaking the submission. Almas is back in.

08:25 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Ali and Almas are back at it in the ring and Almas has Ali in a half boston crab. It's interesting to hear how the commentators have mentioned about the McMahon family giving Andrade 'Cien' Almas opportunities. They've mentioned it thrice so far. This could mean that he's in line for a big push

08:22 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:22 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Almas is in control of Ali and he tags in Bryan. The two had a great match last week. Ali fights back and jumps between the ropes and sends Bryan out. Almas and Zelina Vega do the Tranquilo Pose but Ali dropkicks Almas out. Zelina Vega seems shaken and Styles lifts Ali and sends him flying on both Bryan and Almas

08:15 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Styles takes control and tags in Mustafa Ali, the newest member of the SmackDown roster

08:14 (IST)19 DEC 2018

AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali vs Daniel Bryan & Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Bryan and Styles are set to start but the champ tags in Almas. Andrade knocks Styles down and slaps his chest hard. He shows off a bit before AJ Styles starts to fight back

08:10 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:10 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:10 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:09 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:04 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Daniel Bryan is out doing his usual thing, insulting people for their consumption and pollution.

He says Fresno, the place they're in, is the #1 city when it comes to pollution in California. THE CROWD POPS! Yes chants! Gotta love wrestling

08:01 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Daniel Bryan & Andrade Cien' Almas vs AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali

What a main event! It also seems like Mustafa Ali is a member of SmackDown Live now! 

08:00 (IST)19 DEC 2018

08:00 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:58 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:51 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Sanity have a tense confrontation with The Bar and the champions go and attack the two teams that just competited. A statement has been made.

Yep, a Fatal-4-way feud it is.

07:50 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Back after the break, Gallows gets hit with a superkick to the chest but manages to stop Jimmy when he climbs the top turnbuckle. Anderson is tagged in and Jimmy Uso clears Gallows before splashing on Anderson. 

Jimmy gets ready to finish it but The Bar come out for the distraction. He doesn't waste any time and hits the splash but Eric Young, Alexander Wolf and Killian Dain from SAnity break the pin. It's a DQ.

The Usos def. Gallows & Anderson by DQ

It seems like we're in for a potential Fatal-4-way title feud

07:48 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:46 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:46 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Gallows catches Jey in his tracks but the Usos make the tag and clear Gallows from the ring. Anderson, meanwhile, tags himself in, Jey goes for a big jump outside the ring but Anderson intercepts and catches his head with a kick. He's literally stuck between the ropes. That was brutal! 

07:44 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Anderson gets hit with a Samoan Drop and Jey Uso has him in trouble. Anderson kicks him in the face and he hits the backbreaker, but it's just a 2!

07:43 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Karl Anderson starts things off with Jimmy Uso and he tags in Gallows, who elbows Jimmy's shoulders

07:39 (IST)19 DEC 2018

The Usos are out and talking about how The Usos still run SmackDown Live. Gallows and Anderson return and remind us that we haven't seen them since August! The Usos welcome them to the pentientiary and say that it isn't their fault that they slipped through the cracks.

No time is being wasted and the McMahon family sanctions the match.

The Usos vs Gallows & Anderson is next!

07:37 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:28 (IST)19 DEC 2018

The match itself is very short. Miz and Rose get cleared from the ring and Truth and Carmella follow it up with a Dance Break. Mandy Rose interjects and Carmella sends her crashing outside. The distraction led to Miz hitting the skull crushing finale and getting the win.

Miz & Mandy Rose def. R-Truth & Carmella

07:26 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Their opponents are the MMC winners, R-Truth and Carmella!

Miz & Mandy Rose vs R-Truth & Carmella

R-Truth talks about how they won the MMC and how they'll now take out The Miz and MARYSE! What a guy! 

07:23 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:21 (IST)19 DEC 2018

The Miz is out for the tag team match mentioned earlier. It's a MIXED TAG TEAM MATCH and Mandy Rose is his tag team partner!

07:17 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:17 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Jeff Hardy is out to hear "Samoa Joe's apology". Samoa Joe comes out and tells him it isn't an apology but an intervention. Hardy fires back and says that the more he reminds him of his demons the more he realizes that he isnt going back. And also that he and his demons see right through Joe.

He tells Joe that he's projecting his insecurities on him and asks him whether it's the fact that he hasn't won one title on the main roster in two years. Joe just...walks off..and that's it?

07:15 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:12 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:12 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Kayla Braxton is interviewing Rusev and Lana. She asks if it's led him to a US title shot and he says that he hopes the McMahon family is paying attention. He says he is the very definition of a superstar, while Nakamura looks like Sonic the Hedgehog

07:07 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:07 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:05 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:05 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Backstage, The Miz is talking to Vince McMahon and talks about his "rough patch" with Shane McMahon. He asks for his "Blessing" and Vince McMahon says that he doesn't believe in BLESSINGS. He gives The Miz a chance to prove himself tonight and asks him to find himself a partner. Then he tells him that he actually has a partner in mind for him. McMahon slams the door and Miz looks confused

07:03 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:03 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Naomi goes for a springboard splash but Asuka gets a codebreaker! It's two again! Asuka this time takes advantage and locks in the Asuka lock in the middle of the ring and Naomi taps IMMEDIATELY! Asuka retains.

Asuka def. Naomi to retain the SmackDown Women's title

07:01 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:01 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:01 (IST)19 DEC 2018

07:01 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Asuka and Naomi are going counter after counter again as Naomi kicks Asuka's head. Naomi almost lands a moonsault but Asuka lifts her knees and goes for the Asuka lock, but it isn't synched in. Asuka manages to counter and lock it in but Naomi escapes again. Naomi even hits a rear view but it's TWO! That was close

06:58 (IST)19 DEC 2018

They manage to beat the count, entering at NINE! 

06:58 (IST)19 DEC 2018

Back after the break, Asuka throws Naomi back in the ring. She hits a dropkick to her back and the former champion Naomi rolls out again. The Empress begins to push Naomi's face with her boot. She pushes Naomi towards the barricade but Naomi jumps onto the barricade and hits an enziguri. Nice counter.
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