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  • WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Commentary & Highlights, February 12th 2019

WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Commentary & Highlights, February 12th 2019

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 13, 2019 08:34 IST

It's the go-home SmackDown Live to Elimination Chamber, featuring a Gauntlet match!


08:34 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:34 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:33 (IST)13 FEB 2019

AJ Styles waits but Orton doesn't come out. This only means one thing of RKO out of nowhere. Randy Orton pins him with ease and secures the final spot in the Elimination Chamber match.

Randy Orton wins the Gauntlet match and will enter last in the Elimination Chamber

Thank you for joining us for a fantastic episode of SmackDown Live! We'll see you this Sunday for Elimination Chamber, right here! 

08:30 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi REFUSES to take another countout pin, going in at 7. Styles tries going for a hurricanrana and he hesitates momentarily, costing him. Kofi Kingston splashes on Styles' back but it's a kickout by The Phenomenal One! He goes for the SOS but it gets turned into the Calf Crusher. Kofi Kingston gets eliminated at long last.


Kofi Kingston is eliminated

Randy Orton is out last

08:28 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi Kingston knocks Styles down but Styles moves and drives Kofi into the post knee first. He's hurt! 

08:27 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi Kingston has his leg locked in and AJ Styles is doing more damage to it. Kofi reaches down the bottom ropes. Kofi almost shocks the world again with three back-to-back roll-ups, but they're all kick outs. Styles SNAPS Kofi Kingston with a backbreaker to slow the pace down a bit.

08:24 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:24 (IST)13 FEB 2019

AJ Styles, being the classy superstar that he is, waits for Kofi and then insists that he doesn't have to do this.

The crowd chants for Kofi, and he shoves Styles away, telling him that he's been doing this for two long. Styles gladly obliges with a strike, taking him down.

08:21 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:21 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:18 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Styles should say thank you to Joe, but he attacks him and chases him away. 

It's Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles now. How will Kofi keep up?

08:18 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi fights back and takes Joe down with a dropkick. He lands a unique elbow to the face but soon enough, Joe has the coquina clutch nearly locked in but Kofi jumps on the top turnbuckles and flips over. Samoa Joe gets ELIMINATED!

Samoa Joe is eliminated

Joe then attacks Kofi Kingston in bitterness, making him pass out with the coquina clutch on the outside.
AJ Styles is next!

08:16 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Samoa Joe cranks Kofi's head as though he's prying it from his neck. Joe looks like he's enjoying it.

08:15 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Samoa Joe throws Kofi Kingston out and the former NXT Champion is in no hurry to let him get counted out. Kofi will not quit. He's walked in before 10! 

08:15 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:14 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Joe, a little frustrated hits a senton to Kofi's back but it isn't enough. 

Joe then slams the ring in anger.

08:12 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi takes out Joe on the outside with a crossbody. Joe somehow found Kofi's knees to the face. They almost get counted out but enter simultaneously at 8. Joe lands a powerful lariat and Kofi kicks out. What a performance!

08:11 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:09 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi Kingston has been in the Gauntlet match for 38 minutes+. He faces a dangerous Samoa Joe, who's fresh. It looks like Samoa Joe knocked him out with an enziguri, but SOMEHOW Kofi is fighting back. Joe isn't frustrated, he's smiling. He knows he has Kingston in the palm of his hands.

08:04 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Hardy takes Kofi to the top ropes but he fights back and hits a crossbody to Hardy, who almost turns it around and misses the Trouble in Paradise. He hits the SOS and pins Jeff Hardy!

Jeff Hardy is eliminated

Samoa Joe is out next...Oh no

08:02 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:02 (IST)13 FEB 2019

08:02 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Jeff Hardy gets the crowd to chant" Delete" while he works on Kofi's midsection. He goes for a jumping dropkick to the ground but Kofi almost turns it into a winning combination.

08:01 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Jeff Hardy sends Kofi Kingston into the barricade and then in the match.

07:55 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi then gets taken out by Rowan and sent into the timekeeper's area. Rowan gets sent out and Kofi Kingston comes back in.

He hits the trouble in paradise to PIN THE WWE CHAMPION!

Kofi Kingston eliminates Daniel Bryan

Jeff Hardy is out next!

07:54 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Bryan tries to jump on Kingston but eats a big dropkick. Rowan attacks Kofi while the referee looks away, and Big E and Xavier Woods retaliate. The chaos sees the 2 New Day members getting sent away by the ref!

07:52 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Bryan has Kofi in the LeBell lock but Kofi manages to reach the ropes on time. Bryan hits a jumping knee to Kofi on the outside. How much more can Kofi take?

07:51 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Back from the break, Daniel Bryan thought he had submitted Kingston, but failed to do so. They start exchanging strikes to the chest.

07:48 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Bryan tries to hit the dragon suplex but Kofi falls right on top of him. This match rolls on!

07:47 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Bryan has Kofi trapped in the tree of woe and kicks him a few times before hitting a baseball slide. Not a whole lot of lustre behind that kickout

07:46 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi fights back and hits a summertime senton on Bryan but doesn't get the pin. They're both struggling.

Daniel Bryan evades Kofi's charge but gets splashed on. Bryan then moves, stunting the momentum of Kofi.

07:45 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Bryan has Kofi caught on the top rope and he jumps from the top turnbuckle to knee Kingston down. Bryan has Kofi down and it should only be a matter of time before he takes him out. 

Bryan attempted a jumping headbutt but THANKFULLY missed!

07:44 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Back after the break, Bryan dropkicks Kofi from behind. The crowd rallies for Kingston. It's two decorated veterans battling it out. Kofi is showing his fighting spirit. Bryan drives Kofi mid-section first on the top ropes

07:43 (IST)13 FEB 2019

07:43 (IST)13 FEB 2019

07:38 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi escapes and tries to cover Bryan but fails. He then locks his head and almost gets sent in the ring, but hangs on. Bryan charges and Kofi sends him out. He leaps outside and takes out the champion!

07:36 (IST)13 FEB 2019

It doesn't take long for the WWE Champion to start taking control himself. He takes Kofi's arms from behind and has his legs locked, hyperextending his spine. My god, Bryan is GOOD!

07:34 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Daniel Bryan charges at Kofi Kingston, who tries to pin him with a couple of armdrags. Kofi takes control, trying to work the match in HIS pace. He then slams his body against Bryan's hand

07:34 (IST)13 FEB 2019

07:33 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Kofi fights back and Daniel Bryan exits the ring for a mini pep-talk with Rowan. Kofi is dancing while The New Day cheer him on

07:32 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Daniel Bryan takes some time to star things off and soon takes down Kofi Kingston to try and start building a methodical pace on the ground.

07:26 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Big E teases going, then Xavier. The decision is then revealed - Kofi Kingston will be at the Elimination Chamber

Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan kicks off the Gauntlet match

07:25 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Bryan says he doesn't want to compete in the Elimination Chamber, but he must win the match and stay WWE Champion. He's interfered by The New Day. Which one will replace Mustafa Ali?

07:23 (IST)13 FEB 2019

07:23 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Daniel Bryan says that the people need someone like him as WWE Champion to show them how to live their pathetic lives.

07:22 (IST)13 FEB 2019

Danie Bryan is out and his titantron is the recycle sign as well

It's time for the Gauntlet match. Daniel Bryan kicks things off! 

07:19 (IST)13 FEB 2019

07:17 (IST)13 FEB 2019

07:17 (IST)13 FEB 2019

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