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  • WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Commentary & Highlights, March 19th 2019

WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Commentary & Highlights, March 19th 2019

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 20, 2019 02:02 GMT

It's the third last episode of SmackDown before WrestleMania!


02:02 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston has been denied yet again...What a disappointing end. What will happen next week?

02:01 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston manages to hit the SOS but Bryan didn't even need 2 to kick out. This really looks like it's over for Kofi.  Bryan starts charging and hitting running dropkicks. Kofi nearly rolls Bryan up but the champion escapes on time.

Kofi tries to splash on Kofi, but he misses and Bryan starts stomping his skull. Bryan mocsk the WWE Universe with "Yes" chants for the first time since his heel turn and the crowd chants "NO". He hits the running knee and it's over.

Daniel Bryan def. Kofi Kingston

01:59 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:59 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston goes tries to fight back against Bryan, who's fresher than ever.

Bryan hangs Kofi upside down in the tree of woe and kicks his body to "NO" chants. He hits a top turnbuckle backdrop but it's not enough!

01:57 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:57 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Vince congratulates Kofi and says he's going to long as he can defeat one last opponent. 

Xavier Woods and Big E are told to leave the premisis. And the final opponent is DANIEL BRYAN. NO!!

01:55 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:55 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Big E and Xavier Woods are out. And of course Vince McMahon is out. Waiting to see what happens now.

01:54 (GMT)20 MAR 2019


Kofi Kingston eliminated Randy Orton to cement his spot at WrestleMania!

01:53 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston hits the crossbody but nearly gets rolled up. Orton hits a draping DDT

01:48 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston avoids an RKO and hits the TROUBLE IN PARADISE! He struggles to get to him and Orton rolls outside the ring. SO CLOSE!

01:47 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Back in the ring, Orton continues to control Kofi Kingston. Kingston starts to fight back and takes Orton down.

01:44 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Randy Orton is outside near the timekeeper's area with Kingston and taunts him, calling him stupid. Kofi sends Orton into the steel steps!

01:39 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:39 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:38 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Randy Orton is out next, but Kofi Kingston is still on the floor. He's basically here to pick up the scraps. How will Kofi do it?

01:37 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Joe, in pure shock, goes for the coquina clutch. Multiple referees separate him, while he gets checked on. He's been put to sleep...

01:37 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston uses a double-leg takedown on Joe and takes a moment to breathe. He misses a splash and eats a chest slap to Joe. Joe goes for the muscle buster but Kofi rolls out and ROLLS JOE UP! HE PINS HIM! HE PINNED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION!

Samoa Joe is eliminated.

01:35 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

More and more members of the locker room are watching the match together, with the likes of Carmella, Ricochet, Nikki Cross, Otis, Tucker, Mustafa Ali,etc. joining in. Kofi has really earned their respect.

01:34 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi charges at Joe but he eats a brutal clothesline that sends him flying. It looked like Kofi's eyes rolled to the back of his head. Lights out but he kicks out!

01:33 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Samoa Joe is naturally in complete control of Kofi. The United States Champion holds Kofi and points at the WrestleMania sign, taunting him.

Kofi starts firing back, but it's not at a 100%. Joe hits the irish whip and an enziguri, trying to pin him.

01:30 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:26 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Samoa Joe is out next

01:26 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:26 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:25 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Big E and the rest are cheering him on backstage, but Rowan continues to  decimate Kofi.

01:25 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Rowan starts torturing Kingston and bulldozes through him on the outside. Like a fool, he takes a steel chair and smashes it on Kingston's back, Disqualifying himself

Rowan has been eliminated.

Rowan bear hugs him and slams him against the ringpost.

01:23 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:22 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kingston counters a neutralizer attempt into an S.O.S, eliminating Cesaro.

Cesaro is eliminated

Rowan is next. And for some reason they're playing the Bludgeon Brothers' theme song instead of his own.

01:21 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:21 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:20 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Cesaro has Kofi in complete control, putting him in a sharpshooter. Kofi escapes but Cesaro transitions into a suplex.

01:17 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:16 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Cesaro tries to methodically work against Kingston and even catches his jump mid-air and transitions straight into a breakbreaker. SmackDown rolls on!

01:15 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:14 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

The Usos are with Xavier Woods and Big E, watching and eating pancakes. Kofi nearly rolls Sheamus up and beats Sheamus with a Trouble in Paradise.

Kofi Kingston has eliminated Sheamus

Cesaro is next
. He goes right for the uppercut!

01:13 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston is still unable to take Sheamus out. The former WWE Champion pulls Kingston's body towards the ropes and then hits the Irish backbreaker. He puts the clover leaf but Kingston escapes and nearly pins him.

Sheamus proceeds to kick Kofi square in the face, but it isn't enough.

01:07 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

01:07 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Sheamus catches Kofi and slows the pace down. He tries to pin Kofi but is unable to. He considerably slows down the pace

01:04 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Kofi Kingston takes Sheamus out of the ring and then splashes on him, giving Cesaro a staredown.

01:03 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Sheamus begins the action with Kofi Kingston. He shoves Kofi to the corner of the ring. The crowd begin the "You look stupid" chants, but he doesn't seem bothered.

Sheamus has Kofi in a headlock and he breaks it up by stomping the calves of Sheamus.

00:58 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

00:56 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

When he continues to rant, The New Day interfere. Kofi Kingston is out with The New Day. Woods and Big E give him a hug and a pep talk. Something special is about to happen!

Kofi Kingston vs Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Cesaro & Rowan - Gauntlet match

00:54 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

00:54 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

He calls Kofi a B+ Player. Damn. What a throwback. Incredible storyline.

00:54 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

Bryan says that Kofi Kingston doesn't deserve to be in the WWE title picture and that he's earned NOTHING

00:53 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

00:47 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

00:47 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

AJ Styles is being interviewed. He admits that Orton is built for WWE, but Styles has come a long way since joining the company. Styles vows to tear the house down at WrestleMania. He also wishes Kofi luck.

00:45 (GMT)20 MAR 2019

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