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  • WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Commentary & Highlights, March 5th 2019

WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Commentary & Highlights, March 5th 2019

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 06, 2019 08:34 IST

It's the first SmackDown Live of March! Who will answer R-Truth's open challenge?


08:34 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Thanks for joining us on SmackDown Live! See you this Sunday night for Fastlane!

08:31 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Becky Lynch stands tall to end the show!

08:30 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:30 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Becky says that she has nothing to lose, and Charlotte gets infuriated and starts attacking Becky Lynch, taking her down and slamming her knee. She starts shoving the crutch against Becky and slams her knee with it. 

Becky snatches the cruch and hits Charlotte's legs with it. She then locks her arm into the dis-arm-her and relentlessly tries to rip her arm out before the referees come in the ring to seperate them. Charlotte smiles as she escapes the ring and Becky shouts "On one good leg"

08:27 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Becky says that she'd be lying if she said that her knee wasn't hurting. She says that it's a price worth paying to be in her head and "Ronnie's weird little head"

08:26 (IST)6 MAR 2019

In our main event segment, Charlotte calls out Becky Lynch, who's still on that crutch. 

08:25 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:20 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:20 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:16 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:16 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Bryan catches Ali with the knee and nearly stomps his head into oblivion, but KO makes the save and hits the stunner on Bryan again

08:15 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Mustafa Ali returns from injury to make the save! He sends Bryan out of the ring and goes after Rowan.

Rowan nearly catches Ali and sends him through the announce table, but Ali attacks him and sends him into the ringpost.

08:14 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Rowan dropkicks KO, sending him out of the ring. Bryan is talking all sorts of trash about KO, and he wastes no time to attack the champion. Rowan stops it and sends him into the steel steps before flattening the champion.

Bryan starts attacking him too and its a DQ.

Kevin Owens def. Rowan by DQ

08:12 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Kevin Owens vs Rowan

Rowan starts off strong, taking down Owens

08:12 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:08 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:07 (IST)6 MAR 2019

AJ Styles is being interviewed and says that what happened with Kofi Kingston was a mistake. Randy Orton once again interjects and asks him whether he's seriously talking about someone else getting a title shot. He takes a shot saying "No wonder it took you 15 years to get here"

08:05 (IST)6 MAR 2019

08:04 (IST)6 MAR 2019

After the match, the two turn back to find Asuka. Asuka kicks DeVille's head in and throws her against the screen on the ramp. She does the same to Mandy Rose, making a statement.

08:04 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Naomi gets distracted by Sonya DeVille and SQUASHES Naomi in seconds!

Mandy Rose def. Naomi

08:02 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Mandy Rose vs Naomi

The grudge match rivalry is renewed.

07:56 (IST)6 MAR 2019

It looks like Mandy Rose is in action next!

07:55 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:54 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:54 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura attack them from behind and The Bar join in. 

It's 4-on-2, until THE HARDY BOYZ come out to make the save! They take out The Bar outside and then take out Nakamura & Rusev. All the chaos outside sees The Bar catch Jeff Hardy's dive. Ricochet then jumps on ALL of them and the two babyface teams stand tall!

07:52 (IST)6 MAR 2019

BLACK MASS OUTTA NOWHERE! He tags Ricochet and dives on Sheamus outside.

Ricochet hits a 630 on Cesaro for the win!

Aleister Black & Ricochet def. The Bar

07:51 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Cesaro is tagged in after the break and Ricochet has to drag himself to make the tag. The Dutch Destroyer starts to take the fight to the tagged-in Sheamus, hitting him with a knee to the face and nearly pinning him before Cesaro breaks up the pin.

Cesaro manages to tag himself in and takes control of Black with the help of Sheamus.

07:51 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:48 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:47 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Aleister Black & Ricochet vs The Bar

The Bar talk trash about the duo, calling them "NXT's shiny new toys".  Sheamus and Ricochet begin the action, with The One and Only taking it to the former World Champion multiple times. Sheamus then knees Ricochet outside the ring

07:46 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:42 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:40 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:40 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:38 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:38 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:36 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Aleister Black is out!

07:34 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:33 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:32 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Joe catches R-Truth in the coquina clutch. Mysterio gets a 619 on Joe and Truth nearly pins the legend like last week. Andrade interjects and Mysterio evades him and splashes onto Truth.

Zelina Vega takes out R-Truth outside and Carmella takes out Vega.  Mysterio and Andrade go at it and Mysterio gets a 619 and nearly finishes him but Joe interjects and hits a senton.

He then plants Andrade on the mat and gets the pin!

Samoa Joe def. R-Truth, Andrade and Rey Mysterio to become the New United States Champion!

07:29 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Andrade does the double backflip splash and Joe breaks up the pinfall attempt. Truth starts his strikes on Joe.

Truth hits a corkscrew on Mysterio and a spinebuster on Joe. He backdrops Mysterio on Joe, and Truth channels his inner Cena. He hits a double 5-knuckle shuffle

07:28 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Andrade is in control after the break and hits the 3 amigos. He goes to the top turnbuckle and looks to go after Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio channels his inner Eddie Guerrero. He has Mysterio outside and tries to suplex him, but R-Truth has Andrade on his shoulders. Joe comes in and Mysterio launches himself onto him.

Andrade fails to get a roll-up pin and then begins to splash on them all before getting slammed down. Andrade dropkicks Joe out and then powerbombs Mysterio!

07:26 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:23 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Samoa Joe headbutts Andrade and takes Mysterio back inside, where he brutalizes him. He sends Andrade out and launches himself outside like a rocket!

07:18 (IST)6 MAR 2019

Joe is quick to throw Andrade and Truth out of the ring. He takes Mysterio down and tries to pin him but fails.

07:18 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:17 (IST)6 MAR 2019

R-Truth (c) vs Samoa Joe vs Andrade vs Rey Mysterio - United States Championship match

07:17 (IST)6 MAR 2019

07:14 (IST)6 MAR 2019

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