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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live (4th June 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 05, 2019 02:11 GMT

What will be Goldberg's response to The Undertaker?


02:01 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Thank you for joining us on a good episode of SmackDown Live! We'll see you this Friday for Super ShowDown!

01:58 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:58 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:57 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:57 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Or rather, the gong hits. Goldberg turns around, realizing that The Undertaker is behind him. They're face to face and Goldberg doesn't flinch for a second. But the gong hits twice and then...he's gone.

01:56 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

And then The Undertaker's music hits!

01:56 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

He acknowledges The Undertaker saying that he didn't want "the family man" Goldberg, but he wants the a**-kicking icon Goldberg that went 173-0.

He says Undertaker is right. He left the family man Goldberg at home. He guarantees that at Friday, Undertaker will get the a**-kicking Goldberg. He says The Undertaker is Rest In Peace!

01:54 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

The crowd chants "Gooooldberg" and he tells them "Don't do this to me again". He says it's been 20 years since he's wanted to get in the ring with The Undertaker. And he finally gets it.

01:53 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:53 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

It's time for Goldberg! He looks older. Maybe it's the thicker beard

01:51 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

It's time for Goldberg! He looks older. Maybe it's the thicker beard

01:51 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:45 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:43 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

It looked like we were going to get Andrade vs Apollo Crews, but Andrade jumped Crews before the match. Finn Balor makes the save and starts taking Andrade head on, but Zelina Vega momentarily holds Balo's foot, allowing Andrade to take advantage. He hits a hammerlock DDT and stands tall heading into Super ShowDown

01:38 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:38 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:35 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:35 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

He compares himself to a Lion which stalks its prey. He says his primary function to dissect and dehumanize people. He wants to show people that life is full of pain, suffering and agony

01:34 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:33 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:23 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Carmella hits a cool hurricanrana on Flair from the top turnbuckle. It's only two. The crowd gets behind Carmella, who hits the Bronco buster on Alexa Bliss. Flair takes her down and gets the figure-8 locked in, but Bliss hits a Twisted Bliss on Flair, breaking the submission up. She goes for the pin but Carmella breaks it up. Flair hits a Natural Selection on Bliss, but Carmella once again breaks it up. A distraction from Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille helps Bliss pick up the win.

Alexa Bliss def. Carmella & Charlotte Flair to become the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women's Championship

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss is now confirmed for Stomping Grounds

01:19 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:18 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:17 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille walk in but don't interfere per se. Carmella goes to the outside, where she's taken out by Bliss. The 5-time champion turns around and gets chest-slapped by The Queen.

01:16 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Alexa Bliss hits a sunset bomb on Charlotte Flair but Carmella breaks it up. Carmella gets the code of silence nearly locked in on Flair, but Flair counters her and takes her down. Bliss comes firing back, but Flair once again gets the better of her. She doesn't see Carmella to the side, as she superkicks Flair to the gut and then the head

01:15 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:14 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Carmella vs Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss - #1 contender for the SmackDown Women's Championship

01:14 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:09 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Just like on RAW, Shane hits a spear and says "OOOAHH", taunting The Big Dog

01:08 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Dawson charges at Reigns, who eats a superman punch. Wilder gets slammed against the entrance screen and eats a superman punch himself. He gets ready to approach Shane McMahon, but unsurprisingly gets jumped from the side by Drew McIntyre, courtesy of a Clamore kick

01:07 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Shane McMahon says he wants to "neuter" The Big Dog. The Revival are praising him and soon after, The Big Dog Roman Reigns comes out

01:04 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

The crowd starts with light "CM Punk" chants. He tells The Revival that the prior night was incredible, praising Dash & Dawson for taking out The Usos and Roman Reigns

01:03 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Shane McMahon is out to address Roman Reigns. And The Revival is with him

01:01 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:00 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

01:00 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

00:56 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

00:56 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Elias takes care of Truth in seconds and wins the title back for a second time.

Elias def. R-Truth to become the new 24/7 Champion

After the match, the lumberjacks surround Elias, who manages to roll away amidst the chaos. He comes across Truth, who pins him...under the ring? Truth is champion again!

R-Truth def. Elias to become the new 24/7 champion

00:53 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

R-Truth (c) vs Elias - Lumberjack match - No  other superstar is allowed to pin Truth for the duration of the match

00:50 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

R-Truth talks to Shane McMahon on Carmella's phone (which he's been using to text Shane McMahon). Shane tells him that he has a proper 24/7 title match next. Carmella asks what stipulation it is and seems surprised.

Meanwhile, Elias is out with an electric guitar

00:48 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

00:48 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

00:47 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

00:46 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Alexa Bliss interrupts again when her coffee comes, but Bayley slaps it out of her hand. When the tensions start to rise, Carmella comes out. Speaking of Ms Money In The Bank, the first of three comes out - Carmella.

She's followed by Charlotte Flair, who says that Shane McMahon has announced a match to determine the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women's title at Stomping Grounds

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss vs Carmella in a #1 contenders match is announced for tonight

00:44 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

A Moment of Bliss w/ Bayley

Alexa Bliss asks the backstage technician to change her coffee. She wants to wait until her coffee comes back. Bayley seems a bit puzzled. Alexa Bliss tries to bait her, questioning her value as SmackDown Women's Champion. Alexa Bliss questions Bayley, implying that she only had "one good night". Bayley insists that not only was it not just one night, but it took years leading up to one good night. She tells Bliss that a lot of things have changed since they last met - and rather than looking at the past, she's looking at the future

00:38 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

00:38 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

00:35 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Backstage, Shane McMahon says that anything Roman Reigns does, Shane McMahon can do better. He's set to go out to the ring later and call out Reigns, questioning whether we'll see The Big Dog or a scared little puppy.

00:32 (GMT)5 JUN 2019

Unsurprisingly, Woods and Kingston get jumped from behind by a bitter Ziggler.
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