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WWE SmackDown Results, November 20th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 21, 2018 08:45 IST

How will SmackDown respond to the clean sweep at Survivor Series?


08:45 (IST)21 NOV 2018

A shocking end to SmackDown as Orton held Mysterio's mask like a trophy. Good night/morning/evening/afternoon from wherever you're reading this. We'll see you next week for RAW! Thanks for joining us! 

08:32 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:31 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Orton hits one more RKO and pins Mysterio clean.

Randy Orton def. Rey Mysterio

After the match, Mysterio gets attacked with a steel chair and its put through his neck before he's sent into the turnbuckles.  Orton takes Mysterio's mask off.

08:30 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Orton gets caught enjoying too much and Mysterio finally gets control. He lands a barrage of attacks and even lands the 619 but Orton slides out of the ring. Mysterio goes for the under-rope slide but gets caught in an RKO. WHAT?

08:27 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Orton once again tries to go after Mysterio's mask and rips it in half! Mysterio tries to go for the jump but misses.

08:25 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:23 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:23 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Mysterio wraps Orton's back but The Viper lands a back elbow. Mysterio sends Orton to the ropes and he's in 619 position but Orton wisely rolls out and Mysterio stops right there as well. Orton catches Mysterio when he tries to backflip and then attempts to remove his mask! 

Complete disrespect by Orton as the main event rolls on.

08:20 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:14 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:14 (IST)21 NOV 2018

It's time for the main event. 

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio

08:13 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Daniel Bryan says that he willingly took the beating from Brock Lesnar so he could emerge a new man. He continues to emphasize on what he said months ago: "If you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you".

He then goes to Greg Hamilton and tells him to announce "Your WWE Champion. The NEW Daniel Bryan". Hamilton obliges.

08:08 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Bryan talks about how the time away made him go to doctos across the countries to get cleared. He says that while the crowd gave him the biggest YES chants ever, they weren't there for the struggles. They weren't there for the pain. They weren't there when the therapists told him to move on and how it affected his family.

08:07 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:07 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:06 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Daniel Bryan says he doesn't expect people to understand his explanation but isn't for him. He says the betrayal wasn't last week, but 3 years ago when he retired. He said unlike the people, he didn't accept failure. He's constantly referring to himself in third person. Interesting.

08:04 (IST)21 NOV 2018

It's interesting to note that WWE hasn't confirmed which brand Lars Sullivan will be on.

08:03 (IST)21 NOV 2018

08:03 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:57 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:56 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Sonya DeVille tags herself in and Asuka attempts a jumping knee on Rose, who moves out of the way. DeVille and Rose have a tense moment together and Asuka takes advantage and kicks DeVille, while Naomi hits the rear view on Rose. Asuka lands an amazing transition into an Asuka lock and that's it! 

Asuka & Naomi def. Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille

07:54 (IST)21 NOV 2018

After the break, Mandy Rose is in control of Naomi. The crowd chants "We want Asuka" and DeVille, who was tagged in gets hit with an enziguri. Naomi finally tags in Asuka, who fires on all cylinders. Asuka hits the knee to the face followed by a dropkick. She lands a shining wizard but Rose kicks out.

07:51 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville get sent out of the ring.  Naomi tosses Rose back in and she does a sunset flip, trying to pin her. Naomi leaps over Mandy Rose, who doesn't realize that DeVille was tagged in. DeVille then hits a spear on her.

07:49 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Asuka & Naomi vs Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille

07:48 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:41 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:40 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:40 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Kofi Kingston tags in and begins to clean house, bringing it to Sheamus. Big Show finds himself hanging on the ropes and Big E kicks the ropes, sending Big Show through the table. 

Sheamus then takes a turkey to attack Kofi (what?). Kofi avoids and sends Sheamus outside. Xavier then picks up the Turkey and Kofi goes airborn, sending Sheamus through the table. 

Big E then hits Sheamus with a Turkey..and pins him. What on earth are we watching?

The New Day def. The Bar and Big Show

07:34 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Xavier Woods starts the match against The Big Show and just runs into him only to get knocked down. Xavier Woods begins to get decimated by Sheamus and Cesaro as well.

07:30 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:26 (IST)21 NOV 2018

The New Day don't seem pleased that their Survivor Series victory doesn't count, proclaiming they're the 1 and 6-1

07:23 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:23 (IST)21 NOV 2018

The New Day vs The Bar & Big Show  - Thanksgiving Feast Fight

07:19 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:17 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:17 (IST)21 NOV 2018

The Miz & Shane McMahon vs The Bryant Brothers

The Miz starts ragdolling the two jobbers bu then GETS PINNED! WHAT?? 

The Bryant Brothers def. Miz & Shane McMahon

07:14 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Shane seems flattered but doesn't really take it.  The Miz tells him if he's a true McMahon he'd agree. Miz then calls out 2 jobbers called The Bryant Brothers! 

07:13 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:12 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Miz begins sucking up to Shane McMahon and is acting like a babyface. He keep saying "We" for the things Shane did at Survivor Series. The Miz offers to be a tag team with Shane McMahon! 

07:09 (IST)21 NOV 2018

07:08 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Miz TV with Shane McMahon

07:02 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Rey Mysterio takes on Randy Orton for the first time in 12 years! 

07:02 (IST)21 NOV 2018

06:59 (IST)21 NOV 2018

06:59 (IST)21 NOV 2018

06:59 (IST)21 NOV 2018

The Queen makes an emphatic statement by continuing the beatdown on Kay and Royce.

06:58 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Charlotte vs Peyton Royce

During the commercial, the match started and Peyton Royce had the knees up to take control. Royce went for another knee but missed. The Iiconcs once again tried to distract the referee to get cheap offence in, but Charlotte caught her.

The Iiconics double teamed on her and the match ended in DQ.

Charlotte def. Peyton Royce by DQ

They continued the beatdown but Charlotte double speared them and evened the odds, single handedly smashing their heads on the commentary table.

06:51 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Charlotte finishes Kay in short order with a natural selection.

Charlotte Flair def. Billie Kay

Flair seems to be extra cocky and challenges Peyton Royce to a fight. Kay seems to tell her to go fight her, but Royce appears to have second thoughts.

06:49 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Charlotte Flair vs Billie Kay

The Queen starts strong. She almost locks in the Figure-4 but sends Kay out. A momentary distraction from Peyton Royce allows Kay to hit the big boot on the outside. Kay starts taking control of the match
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