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  • WWE Superstar Spectacle Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Superstar Spectacle (26th January 2021)

WWE Superstar Spectacle Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Superstar Spectacle (26th January 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 26, 2021 22:00 IST

WWE Superstar Spectacle will feature ten Indian talent.


22:00 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Well, this was a huge show and a good way to welcome WWE to India. Thanks for joining us, I've been Anirban. Join us again for AEW and NXT later in the week. 

21:58 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Mahal hits a big knee to McIntyre and the Champion tags in Saurav. Saurav takes out both Bollywood Boys with Big Boots and throws them around the ring. He hits a huge elbow to Sunil Singh. Claymore to Jinder from Drew.

Saurav and Rinku hits their double team from the ropes on Sunil and that's it.

Drew McIntyre and Indus Sher defeat Jinder Mahal and Bollywood Boys

21:57 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:57 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:57 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Jinder hits Saurav, but Rinku takes advantage and tags in Drew. Drew comes in flying and hits Mahal with a Belly to Belly. Another one sends him flying across the ring and then a neckbreakjer. 

21:54 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Jinder and The Bollywood Boys work on isolating Rinku. 

21:53 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Rinku's charge is avoided by Sameer and Jinder finally comes into the match. He goes after the arm of RInku.

21:49 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Indus Sher take the punishment to Sameer hitting him with the double arm drag. 

21:49 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Rinku is in and he is dominating early on. Sameer is in all sorts of pain. 

21:48 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal face off early. Jinder tags in Sunil Singh, who tags in Samir. Samir slaps McIntyre and he's not happy. he throws him against the ropes and takes the beating to him. 

21:46 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Drew McIntyre introduces two friends of his own for the match.

Indus Sher!

Rinku and Saurav.

Now, it's time for Jinder Mahal and The Bollywood Boys vs Drew McIntyre and Indus Sher

21:44 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Drew McIntyre has heard enough and is out. 

21:44 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:43 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:43 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Jinder Mahal comes out to interrupt Ric Flair with the Bollywood Boys. 

21:40 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:40 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Ric Flair is out now to wish the WWE Universe a happy Republic day!

21:38 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:37 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Charlotte Flair hits the Natural Selection on Natalya, allowing Sareena to get the pinfall.

Sareena and Charlotte Flair defeat Natalya and Bayley

21:35 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Natalya focuses on Sareena with a ground and point. Charlotte takes out Bayley on the outside, and Sareena almost gets the rollup win. 

21:34 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:34 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Natalya and Bayley work to isolate Sareena and force her into a leglock

21:34 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Natalya comes in and takes Sareena down, but is rolled up for a near-fall. She fights back and hits a neckbreaker on Natalya. 

21:32 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Charlotte hits a neckbreaker on Natalya and throws Bayley over her head. She works with Sareena who comes in and hits the armdrag. She then hits an armdrag. She went for and hits the exploding Butterfly Suplex. 

21:29 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:29 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:27 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Natalya and Charlotte meet each other in the ring to begin the match. Things are looking good for Charlotte to begin with. 

21:26 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:21 (IST)26 JAN 2021

It's time for the Queen.

Charlotte Flair and Sareena Sandhu vs Bayley and Natalya

21:14 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Street Profits join New Day in introducing the dancers as they put on a performance for the fans. 

21:09 (IST)26 JAN 2021

New Day come out and introduce a performance of Bhangra for the fans. 

21:04 (IST)26 JAN 2021

21:04 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Jeet Rama falls from the apron thanks to Omos and Styles lines up the Phenomenal; Forearm and it connects.

AJ Styles defeats Jeet Rama

21:03 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Jeet's leg is hurt and that may be something that costs him. AJ focuses on the leg, but Rama hits a huge suplex. 

21:02 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Jeet manages to control some part of the match but that control does not last too long.

Styles was able to slip away from Jeet on the top rope and that cost him as he fell into the turnbuckles. 

AJ puts Jeet into a Calf crusher and he almost has to tap out. Thankfully he can grab Styles and get out of the move. 

20:59 (IST)26 JAN 2021

20:59 (IST)26 JAN 2021

20:59 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Rama showcases his ability hitting several shots and a German Suplex getting better. He hits a Vertical release suplex as well. 

20:54 (IST)26 JAN 2021

20:54 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Jeet takes AJ Styles down and works on his arm. He is reversed by AJ who takes some form of control back. 

AJ Styles has the advantage early on as he is able to throw Jeet out and hit him with a forearm, jumping out.

Rama is no layabout and fights back as well, showing his technical prowess in the ring.

20:48 (IST)26 JAN 2021

20:47 (IST)26 JAN 2021

20:47 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Now, it's time for the next step.

AJ Styles vs Jeet Rama

20:45 (IST)26 JAN 2021

Dilsher hit Cesaro with a Big Boot and Rey Mysterio hits the 619. Dilsher walks Mysterio to Cesaro on his shoulder and finishes him.

Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, Dilsher Shanky, Giant Zanjeer defeated Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and King Corbin

20:40 (IST)26 JAN 2021

20:39 (IST)26 JAN 2021

There's no stopping these giants as they are tossing their opponents around like they are nothing. Ricochet hits Ziggler with a Suplex, but then is later used by Zanjeer as a weapon and thrown on to Ziggler, Corbin, and Shinsuke on the outside. 

Rey Mysterio was isolated for a small while by the opponents, but that didn't last long. He was able to tag in Ricochet who came in with his high flying offense. 
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