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10 most notorious street fights in MMA

Sudhir Bose
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Such a list would be without a soul if Donald Cerrone wasn’t in it
Such a list would be without a soul if Donald Cerrone wasn’t in it

Those of us who, as kids, punctuated our consumption of violence with National Geographic or Animal Planet might recall the Anglerfish – a deep-sea dweller that uses a fleshy growth from its head as bait to lure witless prey into its Lovecraftian mouth.

The Anglerfish is a representative of evoultion at its most arcane; but its meals, the opposite. The same could be said about those who pick fights with martial artists. It is a singular dumbassery that induces a person to think that they can take a professional fighter head on.

On the street, size can be a deterrent. However, because of the prerequisite for some fighters to stay light, the absence of the same enticed these bullies into what they thought was going to be an easy kill, but ended up backfiring humiliatingly. 

Just like those fail montages that make us ponder the heights upto which human moronocity can rise, there are more than a few of these instances. What stretches the jaw further is the fact that on more than one occasion, it was the fighter whose tail was firmly between his legs. 

Despite mass perception, fighters are professionals who leave that aspect of their trade behind the cage doors. Most certainly, there are numerous incidents where fighters eschewed confrontation and walked away and they haven’t made their way to our eyes and ears. But for now, let’s take a look at all those times they decided to do away with diplomacy and unchain their inner beast.

#10 Randy Couture and Dan Henderson take out FIVE BOUNCERS!

Henderson and Couture (centre) re-encted their Atlanta beatdown, on this episode of The King of Queens
Henderson and Couture (centre) re-enacted their Atlanta beatdown, on this episode of The King of Queens

Today, Randy Couture and Dan Henderson are two of the most recognised and distinguished faces in MMA. But one evening in 1995, they were just a couple of guys bar-hopping in Buckhead, Atlanta. 

From what we’ve seen in UFC, both of them are temperate professionals who’ve never flown off the handle. But threaten them with a baseball bat and see what happens. That’s just what one of the bouncers did when he mistook Couture and Hendo for drunks. This is from an episode of the erstwhile show, MMA Weekly Radio, with Frank Trigg and the late Ryan Bennett

Couture chased the man into the bar and ragdolled him over tables and chairs. Hendo, who was still outside, merked two men on his own, one of whom he hunted for a whole block and literally left a trail of blood in his wake.

Their friend and witness to the carnage, Aaron Crecy and another man polished off the last two bouncers. The whole gang, including a girl who was with Hendo, then hightailed it to his car, jumping over fences and walls to elude the police. 

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