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10 of the worst injuries in MMA history

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UFC 232 Jones v Gustafsson 2
UFC 232 Jones v Gustafsson 2

MMA is unlike any other combat sport. Injuries are bound to happen in the brutal world of MMA. Blood, broken noses and cringeworthy swellings are a common sight in most matches, yet there are other injuries that stood out and are a tad more painful and gruesome.

These injuries are sometimes caused by the careless behavior of fighters that unfortunately even led to the end of a handful of careers Fighters like Frank Mir had a no-nonsense approach and the fighters ultimately fell victims to terrible circumstances. Some injuries were that bad that it just can't be unseen.

These ten unforgettable ones surely make the cut:

#10 Frank Mir vs. Tim Sylvia

Frank Mir
Frank Mir

Frank Mir is undoubtedly one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Known for his crafty submissions, Mir has caused serious injuries to his opponents while in his prime.

When Mir took on Tim Sylvia for the vacant heavyweight title back at UFC 53, he was merciless in breaking Sylia's hand with the help of an armbar. Frank is also infamous for his 'tap or snap' approach, as he broke Sylvia's hand like a twig after the latter refused to tap.

The referee had to intervene and thankfully stopped the fight. It took Sylvia several months to recuperate from the injury as it required several rods and a multitude of stitches to put his broken arm back together again.

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