10 things you didn't know about Joe Rogan

The man who does a little too much!
The man who does a little too much!
Nishant Raj

Joe Rogan is a man who has donned multiple roles in life and dabbled in various pursuits of his with utmost confidence and elan. A man known for putting his heart and soul into self-development, age doesn't seem to slow Joe Rogan down.

While we're aware of his passions outside of the UFC, most notably his podcast and stand-up comedy, here are 10 lesser known facts about him:

#1 He was supposed to fight Wesley Snipes

The fight that didn
The fight that didn't come through

In the year 2005, actor Wesley Snipes’ finances were in doldrums and the Blade star was brainstorming of ways to make a quick buck. That’s when he challenged Joe Rogan to a one-off fight inside a cage. Joe Rogan acquiesced to it and was reportedly training hard for it.

The match, however, never materialized, as Snipes realized that he had gotten himself into hot water with the instinctive intention of fighting the well-rounded Joe Rogan and forfeited the proposal. The non-event would ultimately plummet Snipes into further depression, resulting in 3 years worth of jail-time for tax evasion.

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Edited by Kishan Prasad
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