4 Things You Missed From UFC Fight Night 136: Moscow, Hunt vs. Oleinik

UFC Fight Night 136 had several hidden incidents that you might have missed!
UFC Fight Night 136 had several hidden incidents that you might have missed!

UFC Fight Night 136: Moscow is finally at an end, and the fighters for UFC Fight Night 137 are already gearing up for their show next weekend. Before moving on from UFC's debut in Russia, however, it is important that we take a look back at the event from a different perspective.

The competition may be done, but there were some important occurrences that went unnoticed, lost in the 'bigger' moments of the night. Some of these need to be looked into before proceeding any further, while others might have repercussions and effect the future of the UFC Mixed Martial Arts Promotion as a whole.

The Main Event of the night saw Aleksei Oleinik pick up the all-important win, while in the co-main event, Jan Blachowicz won a fight which puts him in prime position for a bigger run in the coming year.

Without wasting any more time, let's take a look at 4 things you missed from UFC Fight Night 136: Moscow.

#4 Undiscovered Kajan Johnson?

UFC 215: Nunes v Shevchenko 2
UFC 215: Nunes v Shevchenko 2

Kajan Johnson was one of the most unexpectedly impressive fighters on the UFC Fight Night 136: Moscow photos. He was set to fight on the Preliminary Card for the fight, and faced Rustam Khabilov.

The fight saw him launch in hard and fast from the very first night, with his first headkick hitting Khabilov hard, although the Russian fighter seemed to absorb the blow as if it was nothing.

The second round was even better for Johnson, as he kept the pressure up on Khabilov with submission attempt after submission attempt. Rustam Khabilov looked very uncomfortable throughtout, and did not seem like he could gain an advantage, despite raining down some blows on him.

In the end, Khabilov won the round by Split Decision, something that left the audience spluttering indignation. Johnson had looked the far better fighter, and while Khabilov won, there have been rumours that perhaps the venue being in Russia might have had something to do with the Russian Fighter's win.

#3 The Blachowicz Train:

Jan Blachowicz took on returning Nikita Krylov
Jan Blachowicz took on returning Nikita Krylov

Jan Blachowicz took on the returning Nikita Krylov in a fight which saw both of the fighters seemingly pushed to their extreme in the 2nd Round. Blachowicz got the win with the D'Arce Choke on Krylov in the second round to bring the fight to a quick end.

The win saw Jan on a four fight winning streak, which was highlighted again and again, and then he sparked even more conversaton by calling for a fight against Daniel Cormier, and in his absence, one against Gustafsson.

However, there remained a question after the fight which might be of real interest, but was forgotten at the time. With a loss pouring cold water all over the big return that he had visualised, what's next for him?

Prior to his eventual loss in UFC 206, he had quite a winning streak going. Will this loss mean that he leaves yet again? Or will we see him soon, with more preparation, looking to make a mark yet again on the UFC scene?


#2 Arlovski to retire?

UFC 225: Whittaker v Romero 2
UFC 225: Whittaker v Romero 2

Andrei Arlovski did not turn up for UFC. The man who fought on the second fight of the main card, was a shadow of the man who Arlovski had been. A former Heavyweight Champion, Arlovski looked more out of place in the UFC Octagon yesterday than any other fighter.

His performance was sad to see as none of the previous fire of the champion seemed to have turned up to take on Shamil. While still looking acceptable in the first round, the last round saw him break away on more occasions than can be accepted to rest, with accusations of eye pokes and groin blows.

He struggled to last the whole 3 rounds, and even though he did, he failed to land even one telling blow. Perhaps, after a full and fulfilling career, it is time for 'The Pitbull' to put his fighting gloves away, and take a well-deserved rest.

#1 Mark Hunt's Performance:

UFC Press Conference
UFC Press Conference

Whatever be the case with Mark Hunt's status with UFC after that fight, people have been quick to jump on him following the fight. He was unable to pick up the win, and found himself having to tap with a Rear Naked Choke locked in by Oleinik.

During the fight, he was controlled the early portion of the first round with severe lowkicks which left Oleinik scrambling. It was the moment that he went off his feet that it was over, with 'The Boa Constrictor' using his vast grasp over submissions to end the fight.

While it was a fast loss, it was not the worst fight for Hunt. He showed that his fist and legs still have a lot left in them, and if he uses them properly in the future he will be a formidable opponent for anyone. He does not need to retire yet, despite being 44-years-old.

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