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5 Best Ronda Rousey UFC fights

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521   //    10 Aug 2018, 21:34 IST

UFC Hall Of Fame: Official Class Of 2018 Induction Ceremony
UFC Hall Of Fame: Official Class Of 2018 Induction Ceremony

Ronda Rousey was recently inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2018. Although currently a part of WWE, her contributions to the sport of Women's Mixed Martial Arts during her time with UFC is unparalleled. She is now making waves with WWE and has shown once again, that dexterity does not have to be exclusive to any one field.

She is set to take part in her second Women's Title Match in WWE at SummerSlam, on the 19th of August. On the previous occasion, she had been second away from locking the then champion, Nia Jax, into her Armbar. Unfortunately, that time the opportunity was taken away from her when Alexa Bliss interfered to cash in the Money in the Bank contract which she had won earlier in the night. This time, she will look to make the most of her opportunity, as she is facing Alexa Bliss in singles competition, without much of a hint regarding the possibility of outside interference.

Whatever be her future achievements in WWE, her accomplishments in UFC has made sure that she is now a legend. Linking the worlds of UFC and WWE inexorably, her contribution to both worlds is astounding.

In this article, we will take a look at some of her best fights during her time with UFC. Without any further ado, let's get into it.

#5 Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche (UFC 157):

UFC 157: Rousey v Carmouche
UFC 157: Rousey v Carmouche

UFC was far from progressive when it came to booking women on their cards. Dana White showed resistance, saying that he did not feel that there was enough depth to have a women's division in UFC. All of that changed with Ronda Rousey.

Seeing Rousey fight outside UFC, and her power and ability, Dana decided that the time had come that women were given a place in the UFC. She was signed as the first-ever woman on UFC and given the UFC Women's Bantamweight Title.

Her first title defence came at UFC 157, where she faced Liz Carmouche. Being the first-ever Women's Champion in UFC meant that she was under a lot of scrutinies. Add to that the fact that it was the first ever Women's Match on UFC, and the hype for the bout was through the roof.

When the time came, Carmouche proved to be much more of an actual opponent for her than had been expected. The fight saw her left with a dislocated jaw, and she was almost caught in a neck crank. She managed to get out of it and used her ability on the ground to win the bout by submission with an Armbar.

There were only eleven seconds left in the first round, but at 4:49 minutes into the match, Carmouche submitted marking the first ever Women's Championship defence in UFC.

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