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5 Best Trash Talkers in UFC history

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Two of the best trash talkers in UFC history: McGregor and Sonnen

Accept it. Just admit that it's true.

As much as one would like to call themselves a purist or a connoisseur of the sport of mixed martial arts, we simply cannot help but give in to the animalistic tendencies that first attracted us to the sport.

No one starts watching mixed martial arts because they see the art in it right away; like sipping fine wine, you don't get what is "fine" about in the beginning. But as you develop your palate and start finding a signature taste to be more soothing and engaging, you start getting what the fuss is all about.

It is all about experimentation, trial and error and constant re-evaluation. Course correction is the name of the game.

After almost a century of the inception of commercial prize fighting, fighters now cannot afford to rely merely on their technical skills. The information age demands a new set of skills.

The ability to communicate coherently and effectively, spew out byte sized pieces of content for the audience to conveniently chew and digest and then later spread like a virus are now vital. To create compelling narratives, exciting angles and yet a very deeply relatable persona which would act as an anchor for the whole endeavour is no small task to undertake.

It is a tough job indeed but a few fighters have mastered the art of selling a fight, with their own unique quirks and style.

Here are five of the best trash talkers in the UFC.

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