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5 Best Trilogies In UFC History

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Cain Velasquez vs JDS 3
Cain Velasquez vs JDS 3

MMA math is a bit complicated. We may think that fighter A is better than fighter B because they beat them, but fighter C could beat fighter A while fighter B could probably beat fighter C. It goes by the old saying "Styles make fights".

But there have been multiple occasions in the past where fights were so close that they needed a rematch, or the loser of the first fight would avenge their loss in the second attempt. In any case, this calls for a trilogy, and through the years, we've seen some of the most incredible trilogies of all time. (Most definitely not Chuck Liddell-Tito Ortiz).

Either way, all we can do is commend the fighters who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment and their pride. We've seen wars, comebacks, resilience, heartbreak and a whole lot of things that have made for an absolute emotional rollercoaster. Without going any further, let's take a look at the five greatest trilogies in UFC history.

#5 George St. Pierre vs Matt Hughes

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Matt Hughes was the Welterweight king at the time, and he put the title on the line again Canadian up-and-comer Georges St. Pierre. GSP had looked up to Hughes, so much so that he didn't even make eye contact with him when the referee was giving the instructions.

Hughes would easily defeat GSP in the first fight, submitting him with an armbar in the very last second of round one. They would meet at a later date in UFC 65, with Hughes defending the title again. This time, GSP was a different fighter altogether.

GSP would get his revenge, finishing Hughes via TKO in the second round and capturing the Welterweight Championship. GSP would lose his title to Matt Serra in his very first defence.

The third time he met Hughes, it was for the interim title in UFC 79. It all came full circle as GSP submitted Hughes in an armbar in the very last second of round two!

Final result: GSP 2-1 Matt Hughes

GSP would avenge his loss to Serra as well, uniting the titles at UFC 83.

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